Spirit Guide Commentary on NDE Research Results

In the study area of Near Death Experiences, an important part of an NDE website was introduced as follows:

Research Conclusions--The creator of this website, Kevin Williams, has analyzed the various messages that have been given experiencers by spiritual entities in NDE's described on his site. He organized these into 13 categories in the year 2000 version of his website and the results provided a very thorough picture of the afterlife. The 2003 version contains a much more extensive analysis of research findings, linked to the home page.

Because of the great breadth and diversity of these findings, they are an excellent starting point for a commentary and discussion of the afterlife. A medium and his collaborating interviewer, who have chosen to remain anonymous, have made a significant contribution to this afterlife website with other-world assistance. They spent several months transcribing dialog from their two spirit guides, who provided commentary on each of the research findings as they existed in April 2000 on the Williams website. These extensive results can only be found at this web location. The spirit guide commentary is given in bold type under each of the original research findings, located in the same 13 categories as linked in the below table, and with a concluding statement prepared by the guides. In a number of cases, the spirit guides decided to defer commentary until a later date, as they noted. These have been included in the Afterlife 101 book on this site.















  Spirit Guides' Statement

Primary Reason to Read This Work

Over 400 research findings and spirit guide comments are found in the above linked pages. They deserve careful consideration as a unique intersection of two sources of information about the afterlife, one from spiritual messages received by NDE experiencers while out of their bodies and the other from spirit guides channeling through a medium. They are generally consistent with most of the other material contained in this study sequence and are a major contribution to definition of a model of the afterlife.


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