Spirit Guide Commentary on NDE Research Results


(Note: Spirit guide commentary is in bold)

(24) The earth is a living divine being named "Gaia" complete with it's own aura. Gaia is designed for humans to live on forever to play, learn and grow.

This is a partial truth. In the spirit world there is no need for names and identification such as the name you have said Mother Earth is, but it is true that your earth, your planet is a living entity.

(25) Life tries out different shapes and then returns from where it came.

This is true.

(26) Beings (non-human) of a higher vibration also live on earth and are caretakers of the earth. They are actually part of the earth itself.

This is partially true. There are other beings that inhabit your earth but, because of your limiting yourself to your three dimensional world, you do not see or experience them. We would not say they are the caretakers of the earth for, if they were, they would be failing at their mission. They are here to be of assistance in many cases regarding your earth but you as humans are the ones who are to be the caretakers and you are failing dismally.

(27) The earth is a part of God's "throne".

God does not need a throne because God is everywhere and everything. God is not a being in energy or a form that sits on his throne and oversees everything because God is already a part of everything. Therefore there is no need for a throne for God because God is part of it all.

(28) Everything has a divine purpose: every grain of sand, every rock and plant.

This is true.

(29) Everything on earth has its purpose and everything fits into a pattern which will, in the end, work out for justice and good. Difficulties are nature's way of teachings lessons that won't be learned otherwise.

Again we say this is a partial truth but you as humans insist on learning your lessons through difficulty and making choices that create those difficulties and struggle. It does not have to be that way. You can learn your lessons through harmony and peace and ease.

(30) This earth is only a temporary place for our schooling and our true home is the spiritual universe.

This is a true statement.

(31) Compared to existence in the spirit, earthly city life is an artificial three-dimensional existence in which each person sits by themselves in a little box similar to a prison cell.

We totally disagree with that statement and find that it is one we would like to have much deeper discussion on in a future time.

(32) Life on earth is "rigged". No matter how much we try, we can never fully satisfy our selfish desires.

That is not a true statement. That is one coming only from a human perspective. As one evolves in their spiritual evolution that is not the truth at all. Again this is a statement that we could have further discussion upon if you so choose.

(33) The universe runs according to a perfect plan. This plan is working itself out in the universe in perfection. There are no "accidents" in the universe. Nothing in life or death is an accident.

This is partially a true statement though when you see what you call tragic events or illnesses or deaths upon your earth again it can be due to the intervention of another energy that was not expected to happen but none-the-less there is a reason or purpose for it occurring.

(34) There is a reason and a purpose for everything that happens in the universe, no matter how bad it appears. That purpose is already known to our Higher Self. Nothing can happen in the universe before it's time.

We would say that this is a partial true statement but there is more explanation that could go with that at a later date. We would say to you that you are asking questions that are not in your world just black and white. They require further explanations and understanding so that is why there are many times we feel that we cannot give you a complete truth at this time.

(35) Everything is not only connected together; everything is also one.

That is the truest statement of all and if you as humans would begin to understand that statement your entire world would change immediately.

(36) Everything in the universe is intimately connected. For example, the beating of a single butterfly's wings affects the weather in America in some way.

We would say that is a true statement and that the beating of a butterfly's wings does not just affect those in America but is an energy vibration felt around your whole earth and perhaps the entire universe. That is the link to the oneness that would help everyone to understand what one experiences affects all others.

(37) Other worlds with intelligent life exist in the universe similar to our own.

There are other worlds that exist in the universe. There are not any others that are similar to yours. Most are much more evolved than earth in every respect but not all are as spiritual as others and none are as beautiful as earth.

(38) Spirit beings inhabit the planets of our solar system.

Spirit beings inhabit the many parts of the whole universe that the Creator has designed and made. Again, you as humans seem to think you are the highest level of intellect and developed being whereas that is not near the truth.

(39) The universe is filled with life on other planets.

This is true.

(40) There are many universes and God has authority over them all.

This is true.

(41) Everything is really "veiled" spirit.

Again we are not quite sure of your human terminology here. Everything is one and one is all God is, or spirit is, and that is the desired evolution of all beings from all places to achieve.

(42) Physical reality is like a "land of shadows". Spiritual reality is the true reality of which physical reality is only a shadow of spiritual reality.

This is a true statement but we would say to you that you as human beings have chosen this life so though there is more to life than being human it is your reality now and as you live in that human reality you have the opportunity to evolve spiritually into what is the true reality but as long as you live on earth as a human being you are living the human reality. This is so often misunderstood and not accepted by those who believe you are spirit and spirit only. As you do not accept your human reality you do not respect it and you do not give it the merit of the importance it is as your spiritual teacher. For in your human reality it becomes your teacher so your spirit can evolve higher as well.

Your human reality is not necessarily a shadow. It is a representation of how you choose to connect with your oneness with God. You in your human form can be a co-Creator of your life on earth and, as you become this co-Creator, your spiritual reality is expressed in your feelings and your actions and gives you the sense of freedom and independence in your physical form that you always seem to be searching for. So, though we have said that this is a true statement your physical reality is not necessarily a land of shadows. It moves from a land of shadows into the light as you progress in your interconnection with all.

(43) Heavenly beings are always with us but we can't see them or hear them. You can only "see" them with your heart. They whisper things to us to help us to do what is right because of their great love for us.

This is a true statement. But not only to do things that are "right" but to aid in our continuing evolution in oneness with God.

(44) All of God's creation is in anguish over the spiritual darkness and separation that exists.

We do not believe that is a totally true statement. Again, you as humans think that you have to live in anguish. You just need to turn your heart to the love that is. Free will to live in darkness or to turn to the light, to live in anguish or peace.

(45) We are to leave the earth a little better than we found it.

We would hope that this would be the truth for everyone.

(46) All the physical rules for human life are nothing when compared to the unitive reality of living in the light.

What that statement is saying to you is that as humans you have set up laws, you have set up taxes, you have set up ways that are supposedly honorable in society to live. Those are your physical rules and earthbound ties. As unifying with spirit and oneness you would find that those were not necessary, that you would be able to accept the faith and trust that God has created all of your needs before you have even asked them to be fulfilled. But you cannot live in unity as one and accept that as the truth so you have made individual laws, taxes, society acceptable life and values.

(47) In comparison to life after death, life on earth is like a passing fantasy or a brief dream.

This is a partially true statement and one that should be discussed in depth at another time.


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