Spirit Guide Commentary on NDE Research Results


(Note: Spirit guide commentary is in bold)

(48) We are immortal. We are eternal. We are indestructible. We always have been. We always will be. We can never be lost. We are immortal beings and have been alive forever.

That is a true statement which we cannot explain in more detail at this time.

(49) The core of our being is perfect love.

That is a true statement and if you all were willing to accept it you would never have to return to Earth's school to learn that lesson.

(50) We have always been a part of God; but, while lost in selfishness, we have forgotten who we really are.

That is a partially true statement. You are always a part of God but while lost in what you on earth call your fears, your selfishness, and your lack of oneness you separate from your Creator and from your spiritual being. We would say that while lost in selfishness as you move from infancy in your human life you begin to lose that natural connection and understanding that you have brought with you from the other side. And as you begin to move forward in this life you begin to expect more love, more attention, more of everything and this is what we call losing yourself in selfishness until you are able to turn that around and see what you can give back. Oftentimes this happens to children on earth when they have gone though traumatic experiences. Instead of falling into a deep hole and retreating they realize they can move forward and give more back. But generally speaking this loss of selfishness does not begin to happen until much later in life. You as humans are so busy with your lives, striving to achieve your education, your professional position and taking care of your families, that you get lost in the activities and therefore get lost in the selfishness of doing instead of knowing how to be. We find that there is beginning to become a change in those events on earth, that many young families are turning to or seeking and turning a more important part of their life into connecting with their spirit self and helping their young children to understand their creative spiitual self as well, but this is a very slow process. Though you are never really separated from your Creator, from God, that connection is always there. How you choose to consciously connect with that and when you choose to connect with that is part of your learning process on earth.

(51) We already know everything. We have just simply chosen to forget most of it in order to come to earth.

We would say that this is a partially true statement for if you knew everything your spirit would not have to continue to evolve. So as you evolve and move into your higher consciousness you become aware of who you really are.

(52) We are an inseparable part of the Light. As creations of God, we are perfect love.

That is true.

(53) All humans are connected to form a single being. We are different aspects of the same being.

That is true.

(54) The solar system is our real "body". We are much bigger than we imagine. We are the conscious part of this solar system.

This is not a true statement for you are part of it all. There is far more than the solar system.

(55) We are intricately connected to all that exists throughout eternity.

That is true.

(56) We are not becoming God, so much as, God is becoming us.

That is not true. How can God become us when he is the Creator himself?

(57) We have a physical body, a mental body and a spirit body.

That is true.

(58) We are all collectively bonded to each other while on earth, united in one supreme purpose: to learn to love one another.

That is a partially true statement but as we learn to love one another it is important to love ourselves just as much. Because of the different levels of spiritual consciousness one brings to earth, the perspective of each individual human being cannot see that as the truth.

(59) Humans were not meant to die on earth. "Death" is a man-made term that means very little in the afterlife. In order for us to appreciate, benefit and learn all we can from physical life, we must seemingly have to rediscover what we knew before, only in physical ways, and discover how to return to God.

Man dies, spirit does not die. Death is a manmade word. Spirit is just transformed from one level of energy vibration to a higher level of energy vibration. The vast majority of humans are just becoming aware that their purpose on earth is to evolve spiritually. We have said before that just because a person on earth is a good person does not mean that they have evolved spiritually. The purpose of spirits returning to earth as humans is so that they will become aware that there is more than the three dimensions of earth. So that they will become aware that they are more than what they have or what they see or what they do. They are spirit. Until a human begins to explore their inner being and begins to ask of themselves how am I connected with all of this, how am I one with all of this, how do I evolve to know that I am more than this humanness, then they will continue to return to earth in different forms of a human body. But a spirit can finally say, I have gone to school enough, I do not choose to move to higher levels. This is where I accept my spiritual existence and will not return to earth school again.

(60) The reason humans die physically is because they have fallen away from nature and violated its laws. To survive, humans must relearn the harmonic balance with nature. This is the next goal for humanity.

We believe that this is only a partially true statement and we would find it to be one to be discussed further.

(61) All souls are equal at the soul level. The soul doesn't evolve, the personality does.

We would say that this is not a true statement at all.

(62) Humans have a group soul, but have also evolved to have an individual consciousness. Animals have only a group soul and reincarnate in groups. The races of humanity are actually personality clusters. Nations and cities also form their own cluster. Families have group souls.

We would say that this is much too complicated of a statement to address at this time.

(63) In a struggle between humans and angels, humans often win.

There is no struggle between humans and angels. Humans are given free choice and free will. Though humans are given guardian angels and angels as teachers and guides, the angels do not do battle with the humans they are with. They cannot be in battle for they accept the fact there are no battles, only free choice and free will and will do as much as they can to guide and direct an individual but have to accept the fact that if that person is not open to their guidance there is nothing they can do.

(64) We are a being of light encased in a physical body.

That is true if you choose to look at the form of energy being light. You are a form of energy encased in a physical body.

(65) All thoughts and experiences are recorded in our subconscious minds and in every cell of our body.

That is true.

(66) For heterosexuals: A woman is half of a whole entity. A man is the other half. A man is half of a whole entity. A woman is the other half. For homosexuals: A woman is half of a whole entity. Another woman is the other half. A man is half of a whole entity. Another man is the other half.

There is no male and there is no female. You are basically one. In spirit there is no discerning between male and female, between gay and heterosexual or bisexual, or white or black or purple or any other design of differences that you choose to make in your humanness. In spirit there is no difference; you are one energy vibrating at different levels. You are always a part of the whole and are a balanced energy of it all. There is no separateness.

(67) Our children are not really ours, but God's. They are placed in our care to help them live the life they choose.

This is a true statement. There is nothing that is really yours. The land that you live on is not yours. Nothing that is three-dimensional in your earth life continues to be important in your spirit soul life. As you live in your three-dimensional world as a human being you find that you seek to have ownership of many things. Ownership is not an experience of spirit. It is true that the children are placed in the care of the parent. But as this spirit has decided to come into this earth it has chosen the parents and the experiences that it is going to gain from these parents. There are many people who are not prepared to become parents and look to a child as a magical tool to heal all that is wrong in their life. And what they find is that they are not prepared any more to help a child than they are prepared to help themselves at that time. A child knows this, a spirit knows this before it accepts that life with that parent and knows that it is going to have life lessons that would be more difficult with this set of parents than with another one. You on earth put much in the value of being a parent but little in the value of accepting all the responsibilities that are required to be a parent. It is true that it takes a village to help raise one child. That village can be just your immediate family or it can reach out to much of an extended family. Helping a child to move through life with love, forgiveness, no judgment or blame, is what is really the role of a parent. Unless a parent understands those things in its life they cannot help a child to move into adulthood with the ease that you as humans would like to see it experience but it is moving through the experiences it needs to learn its lessons.

(68) Our planet has evolved to a point where we are all globally linked and could become one people.

We believe that there will be a time when you will all experience life more as one people though when that does happen there will be less human beings living on earth than there are now are.


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