Spirit Guide Commentary on NDE Research Results


(Note: Spirit guide commentary is in bold)

(69) Light is God. Jesus shines a tremendous amount of life. We are also the "light of the world".

There is a Light of Spirit that you all will hopefully one day attain to become a part of. Christ was a highly evolved spirit who chose to come back to earth to be a teacher. Earth was not ready for such dimension and power as Christ was able to show humans on earth at that time. There have been many other teachers and there are contemporary teachers who have had much of the power as Christ did. Because of your structured religions many of these teachers are unacceptable as truth. But each individual has their own light to shine that helps light the entire universe.

(70) Jesus appears sometimes in near-death experiences to help people to not be frightened before they face God.

This can be very true. Christ can appear to many of you and has. Because you in your American world choose a religion of Christ as your savior you choose to have a visual image of this divine human being and he is there as this divine light to help you move both within your earthly world and to help you in your transformation to the spiritual world. But there can be many other divine lights that will help in that transformation. It can be a loved one who has already crossed over. It can be a teacher one has had in this life who was there as Christ was in other lives. So, as one makes the transformation from humanness to spirit there can be many to greet them.

(71) In the afterlife, love is light. The reason Jesus can be seen emanating such tremendous light is because of the tremendous love emanating from within Him.

This is a true statement but goes much deeper than love. It goes into again the aspect that there is no separation from anyone; we are all one. And that love is what is to bring us together in the oneness.

(72) Jesus can appear in an near-death experience even if the person does not happen to believe in him.

We would say that if Christ appears to one as they are making their transformation it is because the spirit within that being has made a connection with Christ either through his earthly teachings or through his prior spiritual life. But Christ does not appear to a being unless that being has some connection with the identities of Christ and the Christ spirit. But that is not to say that a spirit will not be met by their own spiritual teacher, i.e. Buddha, etc.

(73) Jesus has a great sense of humor as many near-death experiencers have testified.

This is absolutely true. God/Spirit has a wonderful sense of humor and only wishes that you human beings were able to understand the value of the sense of humor and laughter in all situations.

(74) The mission of Jesus in this world was to teach love.

That is a partial truth. The mission of Christ in this life he chose to experience on Earth was not only to teach love but to teach that all human beings have the power within them to overcome their needs, their fears, their lack of faith and trust. It was through Christ that mankind would be able to see that there does not have to be any fear in life at all but to accept the love and the oneness. Unfortunately, man had not evolved enough to be able to accept this or the power that is within them at the time Jesus was on earth.

(75) We must obey the commandments of Jesus to attain heaven. The commandments of Jesus is summed up this way: Love God with all your heart and love others as yourself.

We would say that the commandments are man-made. They are not of Christ and they are not of God. But we would say "love man as yourself" is true for you are all one and as you do unto the others it is done unto you. That is the rule that would bring together all discrepancies that man feels between one another.

(76) Jesus is the "door" through which everyone on earth will return to God. Of all the knowledge humans have, there is none more essential than knowing God.

This is a partial truth. Jesus is not the door through which all humans will return to their spirit and to their evolution of God. To return to God is a choice that each individual being has at what level they will return and what they will feel on the other side. Jesus is not the answer to that. You within yourself are the answer to that. Not all beings accept Jesus as Christians do but that does not keep them from their oneness with God.

(77) Jesus is the being entrusted by God to ensure that souls on earth evolve.

That is not a truth at all.

(78) Jesus came to the earth to show humanity the God that the Father created us to be. Jesus went to the cross to show humanity it must die to their egotistical, self-centered and materialistic desires in order to allow the spirituality within us to gain control.

This is a statement which requires much more in-depth discussion from us. For now, we would say that is not a total truth.

(79) Jesus' purpose was not limited to teach us how to reach heaven, but also how to create heaven on earth.

We believe that is the truth but Jesus was not been the only teacher teaching that.

(80) The reason why there are so many religions is because each of us is at a different level of spiritual development and understanding. The various religions are necessary because there are people who need what these religions teach.

We would say that from a total human point of view that might be valid. But you must understand that religions are man-made. And they are man-made to control man. Man does not need religion if he would turn within himself. Religions give support and like-minded people the right to think that theirs is the right way and the only way. Until man can turn within and find that God is within him and he is within God religions will control much of man's spiritual concepts, which is totally contradictory to the oneness of us all.

(81) Religion is a stepping stone to further knowledge.

We would say not though it might be for some individuals and again it is up to the individual soul and spirit which stepping stones it will choose to take. Religion tends to hold the individual back from taking a further journey beyond the religion into the personal soul's journey.

(82) Religions are cultural institutions only. Love is universal. Love is God.

That is a true statement.

(83) So-called "evil" does not really exist, at least not in the way it is thought of on earth. What passes for "evil" is really ignorance (i.e. darkness). Light is knowledge of higher spiritual realities and darkness is ignorance of higher spiritual realities. Our ignorance causes us to make mistakes for which we must learn from. In the end, those who make the most mistakes will learn the most.

That is a partial truth statement and one we need to come back to for it is much more detailed than being able to say this is white and this is black.

(84) God does not care about a person's religious affiliation, only their heart. The true definition of "sin" is believing you are separate from others and God, then acting accordingly.

We would say that is pretty much a partial truth. In God's world there is no sin.

(85) Our religious affiliation is unimportant to God. What is important is how we show our love for God by the way we treat others.

You on earth have this terrible misconception that by treating others with goodness and kindness you are going to open the door to heaven for yourself. This is a partial truth but, until one turns within, one has not moved into the journey of their spiritual being. Helping others does not necessarily mean that you are helping yourself. And until you can find and heal yourself, you cannot truly fully give to others because you are not giving from a God-place at a conscious level. We know this must sound very strange to you to hear it in this terms but finding love within oneself is the love that turns around and goes out to others as God's love. Just by doing things does not mean you are embracing what you are doing from the love of God. Many humans do many things because they think that's what they have to do but are not doing it from a place of spirit within their own being.

(86) God created different religions because of the different lessons different people need to learn.

That is a total untruth. God did not create religion. Man created religion. Religion only points to the separateness of man and his lack of desire to find oneness. As you know through your many past centuries of history many men have killed in the name of religion.

(87) There are really only two "true" religions: the religion of love and the religion of fear.

Religion is a man-made word. Love and fear are feelings which open one or limit one to their spiritual evolution. God gives free will in how one lives their life.

(88) The gods of one faith are the angels, saints, or supernatural beings of other faiths. There is only one God who is worshipped through many different teachings of many different religions.

We would say that is a partial truth. We would like to go further with this at a later time.

(89) God is behind all monotheistic religions.

We would say that the answer to that is true but again religion is a man-made concept. God is so often used to manipulate man in religion.

(90) The most important thing is to really live what our religion teaches. We must put it into practice. Whatever we practice becomes a part of us, whether good or evil.

The latter sentence is true. Religion again is used to manipulate man. We would say that there is only one real spiritual rule and if it was followed, then all life would be lived from beauty and harmony and that rule is: love your neighbor as you love yourself. So learn to love yourself and you will love your neighbor and life will be much more beautiful for all.

(91) Those religions which claim some singular relationship with God, claim superiority over other religions, or exclude people for various reasons, go against God's law that we love one another as we love ourselves.

This is true.

(92) The only purpose of our existence is to dedicate our lives to be faithful to God in all things.

This is not true. It is important to love yourself and as you love yourself you are loving God. If you love yourself through God then you love all other things but many people in the name of God commit murders and have wars and put themselves above other religions. If people do not begin to understand that love comes from within themselves and goes out unconditionally they do not begin to understand that God is one and loving yourself you can learn to love all.

(93) If we are not really trying to reform ourselves, becoming all good like God is, and not living God's teachings, then we are on the road to a much more painful afterlife. The key is striving to live the Golden Rule: Do unto others as we would have them do unto us.

The life after this life is never more painful than what you experience as humans. What we say to you is that what you are feeling, what your fears are, what your doubts are, what your sense of lack is, what it says where your conscious level is. This is the same thing that goes with you in life after life and you are shown these weaknesses and these flaws and these doubts and these fears from a much different aspect once you are on the other side so that you know that when you are to come back to reincarnate these will be lessons for you to overcome. Of course as you reincarnate you do not realize that you have been given the visions you have for the new life you have chosen.

In this statement it is said the key is striving to live the golden rule, do unto others as you would have them do unto us. That is an important statement but that statement can only be lived from that level of consciousness that the individual is living from because there are so many different perspectives of life. What might appear to be harmful to one or discomfort or annoyance would not appear to be so by another. How this rule should be accepted is by learning to love from within ourself, forgive from within ourself, and have acceptance. That is how we would do onto others. Until we understand the love we experience within ourself is expressed outward, not only in our actions but in our words, it is not easy to do unto others as we would do unto ourself because we often are more harmful to ourselves that we are to others.

(94) The Bible is true, but it has to be read spiritually in order to understand it. If we read it prayerfully, it talks to us and it reveals itself to us.

There are many truths in the Bible. But the Bible is not the final word. The Bible has been abused and misused for a very long time. It has been translated by different speaking people into different languages and meanings have been lost and meanings have been added in that were not there. But there are many truths there and as one begins their spiritual journey if they will allow themselves to be open to hearing from their heart and hearing from the voice within they will be given the truth. But many people do not understand they can do the journey from their heart if they were only willing. Again the Bible has many truths and helps many people in many ways but far too many great truths have been omitted by man. So it is important that man have other teachers than just the Bible and these teachers can be anyone or anything that teaches the oneness of God all through unconditional love.

(95) The best religion is the religion that brings us closest to God.

Again we say that you as a people continuously use the word religion which is manmade. It is your spirituality and your inner self that you are hoping to connect to. You can follow many paths to this inner journey and your oneness to God.

(96) There are no such thing as "sins". The only thing that has any meaning in the hereafter is what we think and what is in our heart.

This is partially true and this is a statement we need to come back to and discuss in depth.

(97) Insincere prayers of repetition have little, if any, light. These, having no power, are not heard. There is no prayer greater than that of a mother for her children.

This is not necessarily true. There are many people who do repetitive prayers who really believe they are communicating and touching Christ or God or many of the saints. These are souls who are on paths to become higher spiritual beings but have not evolved enough to trust their own thought and their own inner voices and in other lives their souls will advance in their spirituality. But there are those who just say the words and do not say them from the heart and they have no meaning.

(98) A high majority of Christians are living a deceived lie believing they are worthy of heaven because they go to church but do not live a true Christian life.

This is true but it just does not apply to Christians only. It applies to every theological belief there is or religion as you in your world call them. There are many people who participate in such but do not live the life only to project a façade of caring.

(99) A true Christian lives their faith 24 hours a day every day - not just at church.

It does not matter again what religion you are. A true spiritual being does live as much as they are capable of living their spiritual life 24 hours a day.


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