Spirit Guide Commentary on NDE Research Results


(Note: Spirit guide commentary is in bold)

(100) The totality of our actions, good and bad, determines our destiny. When we do bad things to others, bad things will eventually happen to us. When we do good things to others, good things will eventually happen to us. If we do only good things we will eventually run out of bad things due us and only good things will happen to us, and vice versa. This spiritual law forces us to learn life's lessons whether we want to or not.

Essentially the words that you are using reflects the word of one's "Karma". One could have been the most evil being on earth and could have had a spiritual experience which totally turned their life around. As they turn their life around and begin to live their life in the light of love and in the light of their spirit they can begin to surpass their past transgressions. Many people do not believe this to be the case but one can evolve from one extreme in their life to another extreme. There are those who continue to reincarnate who are extremely slow about learning life's lessons and it takes them many lifetimes before they stop knocking their heads against a brick wall, so to speak, before they begin to get it. The lessons learned vary in time as well as evolution for everyone.

(101) The more knowledge of the spirit we acquire while on earth, the further and faster we will progress in the spirit after death.

That is a true statement but only if one lives their life from spirit. One can have knowledge but it is most important to live from the "knowing". Knowledge is not being and by saying it is most important to live from the knowing, also is saying "be the knowing". Knowledge can be intellectual but knowing and being are the actions of spirit.

(102) Life is significant. It determines how far we can go into the light after death.

That is what life on earth is about. It is about going to school to learn how to evolve your spirit soul so that it learns to connect to the oneness of all.

(103) Life is not about pursuits but about people.

This is a statement we would like to come back to.

(104) The many dimensions of the afterlife can be realized within us during our lives on earth. We can carry these realities with us after physical death.

We do not believe that statement makes any sense. There are truths in it but it feels confused.

(105) The best thing to do while on earth to make it better for ourselves after death is to develop along the lines of unselfish love.

That is a true statement. Unconditional love is what we all are hoping to achieve for ourselves as well as to all others.

(106) The way to heaven is to love so unselfishly that our soul vibrations will rise high enough to fit into heaven.

That is not a totally true statement and one we would like to come back to.

(107) By doing good to others, by improving our minds, by learning to cope with physical life, we earn our right of safe passage back to God. In doing this, we magnify and honor God.

This is a partial truth but there is nothing that keeps you from entering through the door of God. Even the worse person on Earth enters back through the door of God. But there are levels of existence with God and those levels are made through free choice both here on earth and in heaven. The levels that you enter are determined by your choices and your free will that you have chosen to experience and by the conscious level of your inner being and connectiveness to God the Creator.

(108) Our earth lives are gifts from God, a rare privilege, given for us to learn to give and receive love.

We would like to come back to that question at another time.

(109) Life is a road full of lessons teaching love. When love is learned, you will have an eternal paradise within you.

We would say that that is true but not as the love that you on earth generally seek. It is a love that is not needy, it is a love that is not demanding, it is a love that comes from a depth within, that you feel whether you are with someone or are experiencing solitude. It is not love as generally you speak of love and romance in your world. It is love that is felt from the heart. Love is a term so blatantly thrown around in your world as the answer to all things and experienced from many different perspectives. Love is total acceptance, non-judgmental. The love that one is talking about entering in heaven is the love one continues to open and expand their being to encompass all things and all people. This is the goal of the spirit soul as it returns each time...to be able to move from the confinements of love as you humans seem to do with love by putting expectations on it, blaming, making excuses for judging and finding fault with...to move in total accepting unconditional love of all to the oneness.

(110) We are here to learn. The purpose of our life is to love.

This is true if you can accept the love from the spiritual love and how that love encompasses all and everything and is non-selective.

(111) Heaven is our true home. Here on earth, we are in school.

That is true.

(112) It is love, not religious dogma or ritual, that creates spiritual growth and saves us from a hell of our own making.

That is a very true statement, but there is more learning in Heaven as well, experienced much differently than on earth and not nearly as difficult.

(113) The highest purpose of our earthly connections is love.

This is true but unconditional love--flawless love--and you on earth don't understand that.

(114) There is only one truly significant work to do in life, and that is to love: to love nature, to love people, to love animals, to love creation itself, just because it is.

That is true but it is only a partial statement. One must, as we have said before, first learn to love from within so that the love that one gives comes from deep within from self love and accepting of all including one's self.

(115) We all play an important role in the development of other personalities around us.

That is a true statement.

(116) Love is supreme. Anything we do to show love is worthwhile: a smile, a word of encouragement, a small act of sacrifice. We grow by these actions.

That is a true statement.

(117) All events in our lives are significant. Even the events we consider insignificant will bring us to places of great awareness and love.

That is true for often things that you see as insignificant can often be a very major experience in another's life.

(118) By giving love, we receive and experience a tremendous love from the universe.

That is true.

(119) Above and beyond anything else, we must first learn to love ourselves non-judgmentally and unconditionally. Then we will actually love all people and all things the same way.

That is true and is the big lesson of life for all move towards oneness from there.

(120) We can help others to change by changing our own lives.

That is partially true. By changing our own lives we can become an example to others but it is the free will of another to go in the direction that they choose to go and it is our role to love that person unconditionally regardless of the path they choose to take. That does not mean we have to love the actions that person takes but to love the individual themselves unconditionally.

(121) There are only two things we can take with us at death: love and knowledge. This is why it is best to learn about both as much as possible.

We would say that is partially true but it depends on the knowledge you wish to take with you. If you are speaking about an inner knowledge and the knowledge of spirit and its connection and your reason for choosing a human life, that is the knowledge that is important to take with you in the afterlife.

(122) The only good thing we can take with us from this life is the good that we have done to others. All of our good deeds and kind words come back to us and bless us a hundred fold after this life. Our strength will be found in love.

That is partially true but if one goes around doing things in their life on earth for others as a way of collecting kudos to take to get into heaven, that is not coming from the inner part of a person. If you do what you do for others out of love and unconditionally, expecting nothing in return, in this life or in the afterlife, you will experience the evolution of your own spirit soul.

(123) Our destiny is determined by our conscience, our ability or willingness to absorb the light of God. We have the ability to grow forever unless we choose to accept a finite level of darkness.

That is a true statement.

(124) All it takes to change the world is to change one person which, in turn, will cause a chain reaction of change from one person to another.

This is another true statement.

(125) In order to become one with God, work must be done to remember and find the truth. The truth is this: our true self is a spirit and our spirit is one with God. In the search for truth, all paths lead to love.

It is a true statement except that it left out that we are all one with God, meaning that we are all one and the spiritual path is connecting to that oneness.

(126) Love is the power of life. All creation springs from God's love and all creation has the capacity to love in return.

That is a true statement.

(127) Love is too immense and profound to ever be fully understood or experienced in this physical world. Love is God.

That is a partial true statement as far as it went but again you have chosen to incarnate as this human being and you can experience love as a human part of you as well as the spiritual part of you. This is a statement we would like to come back to at a later time.

(128) Love for God is the greatest love there is. Then we must love ourselves because we cannot truly love others unless we first love ourselves.

This is true.

(129) Love is the only thing that matters. Love is joy.

This is true.

(130) We must learn to love others, to have compassion and to forgive them.

This is true as far as it goes but does not talk about the unconditional love and the acceptance of all of us as being one.

(131) Only love is truly real. Remembering love makes everything else appear real.

This is a statement we are not clear on. We would like to come back on this later.

(132) The most important thing we can do in life is to love others as ourselves. Loving ourselves is very important. To know these things is not enough. We must express that knowing by actually living them.

That is true and the degree to which you love yourself will be the degree to which you love others and will receive that love.

(133) Our lives are a golden opportunity to live a spiritual life in a world of darkness.

We are not sure we understand that statement. The darkness though is only what you make it. Those living human lives here on earth do not have to be living in darkness at all. It is their choice if they do. And there are many who live life as a human on your earth in light and love and see beyond this world to a brighter and more loving experience as well.

(134) Imagination is the key to reality. We create our own surroundings by the thoughts we think. Thoughts are deeds.

It is a true statement. Thoughts are power. Your thoughts are what create your experiences. This is a very powerful lesson and experience for those on earth to learn and we would like to go into great depth on that on another time.

(135) If we learn to use what we have, we will receive more. This is a spiritual law. We will be given all that we are prepared to receive.

That is a true statement which requires additional information, in that the level of your consciousness of your ability to see that you are one with God the Creator, that all can be yours is the level to which you are willing to receive. This is a difficult concept to grasp for many would say would say look at (name removed of public figure) who has received it all and yet as you can see there is much missing in his life. It is not the ability to receive the material things as much as it is the ability to receive the inner peace. Many people are striving to achieve, achieve, achieve and in doing so are losing and going farther away from the real purpose of being on this earth. As one does grow within their spirituality they are able to accept and receive much of the goodness they are seeking. There then becomes a time when they have realized there are no fears and there are no needs for all is fulfilled based on their trust and their faith and accepting it is already there for them.

(136) Mistakes are an acceptable part of being human. We are to make all the mistakes we want. Mistakes are how we learn. The key is to try and not make the same mistakes again. God loves us the way we are - mistakes and all. When we make mistakes we should seek forgiveness, learn from the mistake, let go of guilt, and try not to repeat it. There is not necessarily only one right choice. There are a spectrum of possibilities from which we can choose.

That is a true statement but does not mean that one should feel that they can go and blatantly make mistakes based upon their desire to achieve something. Many mistakes are based on a need and on fears. When we say that this statement is true we do not mean that we are to make all the mistakes we want. We say that the statement is true that God loves us just the way we are. It is true that when we make mistakes we should seek forgiveness. We should seek forgiveness for those we have transgessed against and we should seek God's forgiveness which is automatically there but unless we ask for it it is not something that is just there. We need to go through the process of asking for forgiveness and we need to understand the forgiveness that is within ourselves. We need to forgive ourselves as well. Again we will state that we are not to make all the mistakes we want on earth. Humans should learn from their mistakes and move forward and not expect that because God is a forgiving God that it is okay to continue consciously to make the same mistake over and over. That is not learning one's lessons. Learning the lessons one came to earth with is to understand the patterns which create the mistakes and move forward from there as well as the ability to forgive, and for one to move on from the mistake with forgiveness and without guilt.

(137) In the spiritual universe, "sin" is not seen in the same way as it is here. In the spirit world, all things are learning experiences. We are here in this world to make mistakes, to learn and grow from them.

That is a partially true statement and requires a much deeper indepth discussion.

(138) Judgment, blame and shame distorts or destroys one's sense of self.

That is an absolute true statement.

(139) We don't have any right or knowledge to judge anyone else, in terms of that person's heart relationship to God. Only God knows what's in a person's heart.

That is a true statement.

(140) Because we lack complete knowledge here on earth, we are in no position to judge another human being.

That is a true statement. One can be an observer of other's actions but one should not judge that individual on their actions.

(141) Forgiveness of self is where all forgiveness starts. If we cannot forgive ourselves, it is impossible to forgive others.

That is a true statement.

(142) Life's goal is happiness. Otherwise there would be no point in living. But if we look for happiness, it will elude us. The hardest and most important lessons we have to learn is that cheerfulness is our greatest virtue, and that the happiest we will ever be is while we are helping someone else. If we look after others, God will look after us - and do a lot better job of it than we can.

That is a partially true statement. God always looks after us and if we would allow him and get out of His way we would all be living in a much safer happier existence but always doing for someone else does not mean you are always going to find happiness. Happiness comes from within and you are not always happiest when you are doing for others. There are many other times when one can be experiencing pure joy and delight in their life just by being.

(143) Worry is the most foolish thing anyone can do because it builds undesirable images and acts like a prayer for things you don't want to happen. For example, worrying about cancer is like praying for cancer, and worrying about accidents is like praying for them to happen.

This is a partially true statement but the word should be fear not worry because that is the basis for all things that go awry in an individual's existence. What your thoughts are are what you help create in your experiences on this earth.

(144) Seeing is not believing. Believing is seeing.

That is a true statement.

(145) Life on earth changes us. It strips away a naivete, an innocence, and infuses our eternal selves with maturity and wisdom.

We would say that could be the experience of life on earth but is not always the case because it is the choice of the individual to accept that as truth or non-truth. It is up to the individual what they will do with the life they have been given on earth, what they will accept and what they will reject, what they will believe and what they will fear.

(146) Be thankful each day for this gift of life. Many people go through life never really appreciating it.

That is a very true statement.

(147) The purpose of life is joy. Self-awareness is the prayer of the heart, and to pray without ceasing is to play. Play with the joyful abandon of the child, absorbed in the light of each moment. Live for the pure joy of being. Happiness is holy. Know thyself.

This is a partial true statement as far as it goes but there are many things that should be added to that. But that is the way it would be lovely for all individuals to live their life.

(148) Right is helping and being kind. Wrong is not only hurting someone but not helping when you can.

That is not a true statement and really requires a much more indepth discussion.

(149) Suffering exists, not as a "cross" God gives us to carry like Christ, but comes from ourselves as a challenge to help us grow and stay compassionate.

We would say that it is true that it is a choice. What it does to you does not necessarily reflect those words of becoming compassionate. Suffering can pull one down until one forgets all things except their fears and doubts and can lose themselves within the suffering. Suffering is a choice that an individual makes and the ability to pull themselves from it is a reflection on how they are willing to accept their own inner strength and desire to not continue the suffering.

(150) The only meaningful existence is to serve God's creation with a warm and loving hand of generosity and compassion.

That is not necessarily true because you have an expression within your world called tough love. At times one needs to release the sense of always giving in generosity and compassion and use tough love so that an individual will know they have to stand on their own and not expect to receive continuously without doing their part.

(151) No one can truly fathom the great truths of life until they finally unite with eternity after death.

That is a true statement.

(152) Our earthly selves are constantly in opposition to our spirits. By overcoming our earthly nature and through serving others we grow spiritually.

That is a true statement. When we say that this is a true statement it is a true statement in that our earthly selves, our ego, our personalities are often in conflict with our spiritual selves. Until we begin to embrace our own inner self, our inner knowing of who we are-- that we are truly spirit--this is a constant battle that does go on. It is not true that by overcoming our earthly nature and by serving others that we grow spiritually. It is true that we gow spiritually as we connect within ourself with this deep love. This is a statement we have made over and over again. It has to do with your inner self, your inner knowing connecting with your spirit self. One can become closer and closer to their spirit self and still have many earthly nature desires for their own comfort as well as helping to give comfort to others as they live this earthly life.

(153) Our most severe challenges will one day reveal themselves to be our greatest teacher.

That is a true statement just as our most cherished experiences will.

(154) We need negative experiences as well as positive experiences on earth. Before we can really know joy, we must know sorrow.

That is a true statement.

(155) Fear is the opposite of love. We cannot truly love God or others if we fear them.

That is a true statement.

(156) A price of suffering must be paid for every act of harm.

That is not a true statement and requires further discussion.

(157) The physical body can be a limitation during our spiritual development on earth.

The only limitations an individual has is the limitations that they put upon themselves. You as humans live in a three dimensional world and so you put that limit of three dimensions on you. You have the capability of moving and experiencing beyond your three dimensional world to experience spirit as you continue your human life but you do not experience the full being of spirit until you are spirit again.

(158) God never gives more challenges in life than can be handled. Rather than jeopardize someone's spiritual progression or cause more suffering than can be endured, God will bring that spirit home, where they can continue progressing.

That is true.

(159) Suicide is the worst thing a person can do. The consequences of suicide are worse than any reason for doing it. Life is suppose to be difficult and we cannot avoid the hard parts. God has done it. We receive only what we earn.

That is not a true statement and requires a further discussion.

(160) Suicide destroys the web of connections of people on earth, possibly drastically altering the lives of millions, for all of us are inseparably linked, and the negative impact of one decision has the capacity to be felt throughout the world.

That is true but as well as a negative impact it can also carry a positive impact. We say that this is true about as negative an act as suicide in that it can affect many lives in a positive way--for it can lead to an understanding of people becoming more aware of the agony that others in their life are going through. Becoming aware of others in your life and what they are experiencing can prevent additional suicides. So though it is quite painful and many more lives are affected by death through suicide, it can move the energies to help prevent such future experiences for others. And the love and compassion of people surrounding those lost souls can help them feel less hopeless and move into a more positive productive life on earth. Those remaining loved ones on earth from those who have committed suicide have a choice as to how they will experience that departure of that loved on. That in itself is a lesson for those left on earth, whether they are going to live in guilt and pain or if they will turn this around to become a more positive experience and help others. The role of those who have been left on earth and their emotional connection to the one who has committed suicide can play an important role in how one who has committed suicide will be able to progress on the other side in heaven. And so though you think your role is over with the one who has crossed over to the other side, you on earth continue to play a very big important role in their life.


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