Spirit Guide Commentary on NDE Research Results


(Note: Spirit guide commentary is in bold)

(161) The future is not fixed but is based on events that happen right now.

We would say that that is a partially true statement. As each individual makes the choice to come to earth as a human being there are many givens in their lives before they become a three-dimensional being again. But there are many forces of energy that are out there that can interfere or conflict with what the individual originally thought would be taking place even though that thought is not a conscious thought in their life any more. Free will can change many events and as God the highest power He will not intercept an individual's free will no matter what direction it is taking. So the best laid plans of men and mice can go astray.

(162) Heaven is filled with God's harmonious music. This music is the harmonious vibrations which from which matter and energy was created. One of God's creations was "Lucifer" who was the chief musician in charge of music and worship. Lucifer desired to rule the universe, thereby creating disharmony in heaven. Lucifer was subsequently banished to earth. The souls that fell to earth and disfigured it until the earth became void and uninhabitable. This is the condition of the world as it is approaching today.

As we understand this statement, God is the Creator of all. God even created Lucifer. Lucifer had choices that he made as well and he did fall from grace with God, though that is difficult to explain because no one ever really falls from grace with God. God is ever-loving, ever forgiving, ever accepting but because Lucifer chose to challenge God and Lucifer was not as powerful as God, though very powerful, he realized his mistake and that he would never be able to be the higher power or the Creator. And in retaliation to God the Creator he has become a negative energy and a power that is very, very strong and again because people have free choice they often choose to fall within that lower energy level. As you see your world today you see the demise of morality and values. You see the degradation of individuals who turn to other sources as their power. So what you are seeing with the earth at this time in human terms is a split between the good and evil and this will continue until there is a confrontation. But "Lucifer" does not control the path one takes, each individual is responsible for their own choice or path.

(163) Christ's return will restore the earth to the original paradise it was meant to be. While on the cross, Jesus told the thief he would be in "Paradise". Paradise is the third heaven, a "holding tank", a temporary heavenly school where souls are taught how to rule with Christ in the coming Kingdom of heaven on earth. In Paradise, souls are given a portion of the Mind of Christ.

We do not agree with this statement at all. Not all individuals believe in Christ as a savior and this does not mean that they are not spiritual. Christ was a very powerful teacher. Christ was the epitome of what humans could be if they chose to accept that strength and that power of energy that is in them but they do not believe it is possible. Yet Christ walked the earth to show that it was possible. All souls are given the mind of Christ because all souls are one with God just as Christ was. We all have that ability within us at any given time if we would choose to accept it. But on earth you earthlings do not choose to accept it. Even in Heaven we as spirit souls can choose to accept more of that mind thought and prime power to become stronger spirit beings as well. One is never separated from the Christ experience or from their God-self. Only because they choose to be are they. Paradise is just another human element of words to describe something. Individuals go through stages when they leave the earth as you have been told before. Heaven itself is the Paradise. Life after earth is what you bring with you to heaven but there is no Paradise. Heaven is heaven and could be described in many different ways. If individuals are comfortable using the word Paradise, we believe that it is a very shallow definition and a very low level of conscious thinking but if that is a path that helps an individual to accept the difference in life after life after on earth who are we to say no to that.

(164) When the time comes for heaven to come to earth, these souls in Paradise will descend with Christ from the third heaven to the first heaven around the earth. These souls will be given new resurrection bodies. Those living on earth at the time will rise to the first heaven to meet them. Then, Satan will be banished and these souls will return with Christ to rule on a renewed earth.

We do not agree with that statement at all. We would say that there are not a first heaven nor a third heaven and that there will not be any souls coming from Paradise. We do not believe that heaven will come to earth. Earth is going to continue and, though it will go through many dramatic changes, earth will become a much more loving spiritual place for humans to be living. Earth will continue to be a life school and lessons and purposes to be learned for the spirit to progress in its oneness with God will continue to happen on earth. "Satan" is the negative energy that is in everybody. There is no one Satan. There was a Lucifer who became this negative energy and allowed another door for people to make choices to walk through but as far as Christ and Satan being in combat, a battle of ways, that is only man's way of describing and judging themselves. We would like you to understand that the above statement is a Christian point of view and in itself is a topic which could take pages and pages of discussion.

(165) In the future, there will be much turmoil. Wars, the fall of many cities, the rise of new cities, a volcano that explodes and puts many U.S. cities in darkness, the collapse of the U.S. government, people killing for food and water, a giant explosion in the earth's atmosphere that destroys much land, a new type of human being, young and of a peaceful nature, fewer cities, eventually people in content.

There are many things in this statement that are true. How this comes about and to what degree continues to depend upon the evolution and raising of consciousness of the individuals on earth. We feel that without a doubt you are going to have many earth changes, much destruction and there will be a different way of life after all the earth changes have taken place. There will be struggle and there will be some difficulties for survival for many people but it will be a short lived time and on the other side of that will be a way of life that humans only dreamed of being possible but will be a reality.

(166) In the future, increasing natural disasters will happen: more hurricanes and floods, more earthquakes and volcanoes, governments breaking up, wars. Following this period of upheaval, the planet will grow peaceful, humanity and nature better, people will become more spiritual.

That is a true statement.

(167) The future will be like this: No nuclear war will occur.

We are not so sure that is a true statement. The possibility of that is still up in the air so to speak.

(168) Out of all the wars that mankind tried to start, God has allowed only a few of these to happen, to bring people to their senses and stop them.

That is not a true statement. There have been many wars and God does not interfere.

(169) For the next 200 years, God will rescind some of our free will in order to have more divine control over events in order to bring heaven to earth.

We do not believe that that is a true statement. Coming to God the way individuals choose to come to God is the whole point of having free will and not to have God step in and take that direction towards Him away from an individual's choice.

(170) People will live in such peace and harmony and love that communication will be telepathic, travel instantaneous and the need for clothing and shelter eliminated.

That is not a true statement either. The life on earth will become very loving and very accepting and very peaceful and harmonious. But life on earth will continue to be a life school. Just as life for ET's is their life school as well, what you are describing makes it sound as though Heaven has happened on earth, and that will not be the case though life will be better on earth than it has been before.

(171) People will be able to control the weather and grow plants through loving communication.

That is a statement we would like to come back to later.

(172) But first, if current trends continue, a massive worldwide economic depression will occur.

We believe that is a very true statement besides the economic devastation that your earth will feel, and it will be a global event. You will feel the many weather global events as well and the destruction of many governments.

(173) There is a 20 year period from 1992 to 2012 when things will be greatly accelerated on earth. All these things will be manifested by great earth changes: earthquakes, floods, tidal waves, great winds. There will be certain areas that will be particularly affected - the areas of the east coast, which will be a surprise regarding earthquakes. Japan will slip into the ocean. There will be something akin to 3 days of darkness, but not from a nuclear war, but from natural earth disasters with smoke from volcanoes that would block the sun.

We would say that pretty much everything in that statement is true.

(174) The Pacific Rim is really going to take a beating from earthquakes. Icebergs will break up and move into warmer waters. The melting of them will raise the water table. The water will not come in and swallow up all the land, it will leave areas where there will be large islands. America will not be destroyed.

That is a true statement.

(175) There will be earthquakes along the Ring of fire in the Pacific. A one world government will rise and the concentration camps will appear. There will be diseases and germ warfare. These will not last. There will come another time of peace and another time of joy and we will be safe.

That is a partially true statement. We cannot say at this time what all will take place and one-power one-government for all we believe is eventually the way it's going to be for life existing on earth. What happens with the two elements that choose to be that one power is yet to be determined and that will determine the other events that will happen to your earth besides the natural destruction that will happen.

(176) There will be an increasing incidence of earthquakes, volcanic activity and generally massive geophysical changes. There will be resultant disturbances in weather patterns and food supplies. The world economic system will collapse, and the possibility of nuclear war or accident is very great. All of these events are transitional rather than ultimate, however, and they will be followed by a new era in human history, marked by human brotherhood, universal love and world peace. Though many will die, the earth will live.

That is a very true and accurate statement.

(177) There are going to be a lot of upheavals such as earthquakes and volcanoes occurring in the next few years, which are going to get increasingly worse. These activities are a reflection of all the social upheaval and violence that is going on all over the world at the moment.

We agree with that statement.

(178) The seismic activity is going to increase terribly and the United States is going to start suffering some great seismic problems. There will be a tremendous upheaval in the world as a result of our general ignorance of "true" reality.

This is a partially true statement and one we would like to come back to later.

(179) We are breaking the laws of the universe, and as a result of this we will suffer. This suffering is not due to the vengeance of an indignant God, but rather like the pain one might suffer as a result of arrogantly defying the law of gravity. It will be an inevitable educational cleansing of the earth that will creep up upon us.

We believe that that is a true statement and we believe that you as humans are blind to the fact that it is creeping up on you right now, but it will take one large massive event to occur for all to experience it before they realize what the consequences of their past experiences have created.

(180) Humanity is being consumed by the cancers of arrogance, materialism, racism, chauvinism, and separatist thinking. Sense will turn to nonsense, and calamity, in the end, turning to providence.

This is true but one of the main elements left out is the fear and it is the fear that is driving all the other that you explained.

(181) At the end of this general period of transition, humanity will be "born anew," with a new sense of their place in the universe. The birth process, however, as in all the kingdoms, will be exquisitely painful. Humanity will emerge humbled yet educated, peaceful, and, at last, unified.

We believe that that is a true and accurate statement.

(182) The poles of the earth are going to shift. The earth will stretch and groan while giving birth to a new consciousness. Every so often in the history of the world this happens and is inevitable in order for the earth to bring forth a new state of evolution.

We believe that that is an accurate statement. But before that happens there will be many other earth changes taking place.

(183) There may be a pole shift ... there are going to be polar changes ... it's not going to kill all the races off, but we're going to have to start again from square one ... There's going to be a larger land mass.

That is a true statement.

(184) There are going to be very severe droughts in many countries. Others are going to suffer from freak storms that will cause tidal waves or flooding to happen as a result of unnaturally heavy rainfalls ... All in all, the weather is going to be very unpredictable from now on, in fact these disturbances in the weather patterns have already started.

That is a very true statement.

(185) The weather is going to go crazy. We will just as likely have snow in the middle of the summer as one hundred degree weather. There will be droughts in other countries.

When it has become that extreme you will know that it is close to reaching some of its most destructive forces.

(186) There are going to be serious food shortages around the world due to droughts in many places. This will push the price of food up so that many people will have to start going without things that they have always taken for granted.

That is a true statement.

(187) We'll start getting more droughts, which will bring about shortages in crops and the shortage in crops will cause food prices to rise, which will cause a strain on the economic situation, which is already going downhill. Also at the same time ... because of the shortage of food and the failing economy, there will be a strengthening of arms which will cause tension ... These kinds of hostilities and (increasing) inflation will start more hostilities.

We see that as a probable turn of events happening.

(188) After the darkest hour passes away, during which time all the former things of this world have disintegrated and decayed, a new consciousness will emerge and humanity will evolve in a new form. A Golden Age will arrive in which people will live in love and harmony with each other and all of nature.

This is a partial true statement but we see that the form of man is not going to change. He will continue to be as he is but he will be able to see beyond his three-dimensional world and will be living in the world that he does not believe could ever exist.

(189) At the end of this general period of transition, humanity will be "born anew", with a new sense of their place in the universe. The birth process, however, as in all the kingdoms, will be exquisitely painful. Mankind will emerge humbled yet educated, peaceful, and, at last, unified.

We believe that that is a very true and accurate statement.

(190) After the disasters, raising children will be the chief concern. People will garden with almost no physical effort. The importance of knowledge will be replaced with the importance of wisdom. Humans will receive anything through prayer. Death will be better understood.

It is a pretty accurate statement. Though raising children will be more elevated than it is now and much more emphasis on a finer child-rearing process than what you are currently experiencing on earth will take place but it will not be the main focus of life on earth. What will be important to understand is that humans will then begin to embrace their life within the universe and with life of other parts of the universe. But the most important change will be the awareness that one carries the power within and will live from the inside out instead of outside in.

(191) It will be a safer world; with more trees; with population controlled; with changes in politics, money and energy; with longer lifespans; with more of an understanding of death.

That is a very accurate statement.

(192) Humanity is living in the "Laodicean" church age. This is the final age described in the Book of Revelation as the age before a coming new age of Christ's reign on earth.

We do not agree with that statement at all. Again it is based upon only one spirituality and that is the spirituality of Christianity and that is not the only way to one finding their inner true self. There are many paths that one takes to God.

(193) God is currently recruiting an "army" that will shake the established hierarchy of organized religion. Though these "soldiers", God will produce miracles before the second coming of Christ.

Again that is a statement based on Christianity only. There are many teachers that God has placed on this earth from many different spiritual backgrounds. Some are teachers who have become quite popular with the masses of people and some are teachers that are just teaching and learning within their own home and family and friends. There will be many people God has chosen to help bring about these earth changes and should Christ return to earth, it will not be under man's auspices of religion but as a teacher from God only and for all people, and not for any religion. We believe that you will see Christ having a second coming on earth now just by what you are doing for you are embracing the Christhood, the Christ power and Christ will come in many different ways, not as one individual with open embracing arms but as many individuals with open and embracing arms.

(194) History is in the final moments before the second coming of Christ. There is currently a war between the forces of darkness and the forces of light going on in this world.

That is true to a certain degree but it is not actually taking place yet in the way it will in the future. At this point the forces of light are slowly becoming more obvious and evident to the masses but the forces of darkness or negativity have more control at this time , especially over younger people. As far as the second coming of Christ--it is not the return of any one individual but the creation of Christ-like power and energy that individuals begin to accept and embrace within themselves.

(195) Christ is going to return very soon.

The Christ energy is already returning as we have mentioned before. Again, that is a statement based on man's religion and not based on man's spirituality. We do not see one individual as Christ, a holy man, returning to earth but Christ's empowerment and force of love will come to be there in many individuals.

(196) Some women are informed of future children they will have once they return to the physical from a near-death experience.

Yes, this is true.

(197) Nothing is absolutely fixed and everything depends on how we choose to use our own free will. Even those events that are already predestined can be changed or modified by a change in our own way of relating to them.

That is a very accurate statement.


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