Spirit Guide Commentary on NDE Research Results


(Note: Spirit guide commentary is in bold)

(385) Once we enter into the light and blend with God, we become God. Light can be divided into parts with each part remaining to be the Whole. Each part is wholly God. We are all a part of the light of God. When merging with the light, we cease to exist as a personality but every bit of our personality is available for reincarnation.

That is a true statement. We would add this. Oftentimes when we say that these statements are true we could go into much deeper discussion but we say they are true as far as they go and are willing to accept that as a simpler form of what the statement is. In this case, that is a true statement which could require much deeper and further discussion but we are willing to accept that as is for now.

(386) For the soul who wishes to ascend to the highest heaven, reincarnation is to be avoided.

We are not quite sure we understand that statement but if we understand it to mean that if one wants to reach the higher form of evolution and consciousness one should not reincarnate. If that is the way that statement is supposed to read, we do not agree with that statement.

(387) If a person dies and merges completely into the light, another reincarnation is improbable. However, it is more usual for people to have earthly attachments and not merge completely with the light. Such souls may have characteristics of their personality they do not want merged with the light.

That is not a true statement at all.

(388) People are given the choice of reincarnation, of being revived, or of remaining in the light.

That is a true statement regarding reincarnation in that a person, as discussed earlier, is given choice to move into higher levels of consciousness and oneness. If one says "I do not choose to go back to earth and learn additional lessons" one is willing to accept the level at which their consciousness has connected to their oneness. This is a level of energy vibration and light that one will remain at in Heaven. If you mean being revived as a NDE, choice is not usually given to stay in the light. One must go back and complete their purpose. This is one of the rare times of no choice.

(389) The process that determines the number of destinies a soul can chose from before reincarnating to earth is an astrological process based on the eight planets of our solar system revolving with the earth around the sun. This is the fundamental concept behind astrology: the position of the planets influence the destiny of the soul reincarnating to earth.

We do not agree with that statement at all.

(390) Before reincarnating to earth, the soul must "drink" from a "River of Forgetfulness" to forget all pre-birth memories.

If on earth you choose to look at it that way that is fine. There is an energy vibrational level one will move from in spirit to become human form again. However you choose on earth to look at this--as drinking from a fountain of water or dimming the light--it does not matter as long as you accept that you are lowering your vibrational energy from spirit to return to earth as a human.

(391) We have lived and died many times. The reason we don't remember our former lives is because our vast soul memories are not transferred to our baby brains at birth. All we know in this life is what we have learned, most of which is a partial memory of things we learned in past lifetimes.

We would say that that is a partially true statement.

(392) At the beginning of each lifetime, we are cleared of all past prejudices, learning blocks and wrong teachings, and are ready for a fresh start - just like a new term in school - and, like school, when we have learned enough of life's lessons, we graduate and don't have to come back to this earth any more, except as volunteers to teach stragglers.

We would say that that is a true statement as far as it goes but is one of those statements that requires a very in-depth discussion and we are not ready at this time and do not know if we will be ready at a future time to continue with that.

(393) If we choose not to reincarnate to earth, there are schools in the afterlife where one can advance spiritually. However, spiritual advancement can happen much faster here on earth. Between earth lives, with the great knowledge of our Higher Selves, we choose the next life we are going to live and how much divine justice we are going to meet and settle.

We would say that that is a true statement unless a spirit soul says enough then it remains at that state of consciousness.

(394) If we abused people in one life, our Higher Self would probably cause us to reincarnate into a situation where we'd get abused to make us realize the misery we've caused others.

On earth you call that your karma. One can overcome their karma both in their current life and from past lives if they are willing in their earth life to make large spiritual steps, if you choose to call it that, to move into a higher level of energy vibration and there is much more than just being willing to. It is a complete change and evolution that goes on within the individual as they are living their life on earth presently. So not always does one have to return to a life of abuse and misery.

(395) The only way to bypass this law of cause and effect (or "karma") is to develop so much unselfish love that paying our debts to society will serve no purpose - much like a college student challenging a course they already know.

Again as humans you need to have these visualizations of events taking place and if you choose to visualize it in that manner we would say that is fine for that is basically what we have just said to you.

(396) Reincarnation is not a linear thing. It is an opportunity to reach the goal of true self-realization of knowing we are a soul, a part of God, yet also the Whole. It is the opportunity to evolve through many personalities.

That is a true statement.

(397) Reincarnation is a process where we reexperience those difficulties we were unable to overcome during past lives.

That is a partial true statement and requires additional discussion at a future time.

(398) We are to live on earth in such as way that we will not need to return to earth after death.

As that statement reads, one would look at that as what action one takes in life and how they live their life on earth. The clearer statement of that is how one lives within themselves on earth and projects that inner knowledge and inner light in the life they are living on earth. It is just not the outer experiences that one looks at in their development and evolution of their consciousness, it is the inner knowledge and wisdom that is experienced by an individual. That is the truer sense of one's lessons.

(399) We return to earth freely to clean up the "mess" we and others made from previous lifetimes.

That is a partial truth, yes. But not just to "clean up the mess", but the reason to return to earth is to continue one's own inner growth. This is not just a selfish motivational factor of one's being, it is the truth of one's being. Inner knowledge of one's self is what evolves into an understanding of the oneness of everyone everywhere and that there is no separation between man, woman, child, plant, animal--that we are all one and what one does effects all others and the energy vibrations that one moves in.

(400) Reincarnation involves returning to earth with aspects of our previous personalities and even aspects of other soul's personalities as a new personality.

We do not connect with other souls' activities or energies within our own reincarnating experience. Only until we have reached a level of understanding that we are all one does that affect our own energy vibrations. This is something we think we should come back to at a future time.

(401) We prepare for future lifetimes during the life we live now.

That is a true statement.

(402) There is a heavenly process which connects souls with bodies to be reincarnated.

We would say that this is not a true statement unless you mean that process which a soul that is about to reincarnate to earth understands the lessons it will be learning and why it will be learning these lessons so that it can return to heaven at a higher vibrational force. The spirit that is about to return to earth has an understanding of its own evolution and looks to experiences that will help it to evolve and therefore it picks the family and environment it will be living in and lessons it will be experiencing on earth. If you choose to call that a process, yes there is a process, but it is based upon the individual spirit and the avenues it is given to go back to earth to experience and how it will choose and where it will choose to go. This is a very complicated experience to describe to you but generally each individual is given many different scenarios to choose from for the lifetime lessons it will learn on earth. And unfortunately there are times when you get "cross-wired" in heaven as well because you are dealing with individual spirits. This is very confusing for us to try to explain to you in your human forms of communication. We will be glad to go back over this question with you at a future time if it has not revealed a true answer to you.

(403) Some people who commit suicide are given the choice of either being revived from death or staying in the light with the option of being reincarnated at a later time to reexperience everything that led them to the point of suicide in order to overcome it.

That is a partial true statement and requires a much more in-depth discussion.

(404) All who enter the third heaven must remain there until brought back to this physical world by Jesus.

That is not a true statement.

(405) Jesus had many incarnations on earth and we can experience full knowledge of all of them after death.

Christ did experience many incarnations into life prior to his last one that is so well known as stories in the Bible have explained his life. He has not returned to earth since that life.


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