Spirit Guide Commentary on NDE Research Results

Spirit Guides' Statement

We are the spirit guides of A* and B* and at their request we have responded to statements which have been given to us to clarify both reincarnation, life-inbetween-life, and other spiritual questions that those of you on earth have and to help clarify some statements and visions that have been given to others as we see them.

We would like to say that the statements that we have made are coming from the conscious level of spirit as A and B know. There will be those of you who will read these statements and will not agree with them at all. That's not to say that you are right and we are wrong, or that we are right and you are wrong. It's just to say this is how we perceive the consciousness of A and B and what they know and can experience with us, their spirit guides.

Where they are willing to be open and to listen to ideas that are even beyond their level of consciousness but which they know would be how they would be experiencing the afterlife, there are many of you who will be at the same level of consciousness and open to receiving these messages as A and B have been. But we do understand that there are those of you who will not agree with these and again we say that is okay for what your consciousness is is how you will perceive what the afterlife and the death experiences are like for you. That is the message we have tried to get across over and over again--that what your consciousness is is how you will perceive the afterlife and your death experience from earth.

We have tried to help establish a basic foundation for those of you seeking your spiritual growth and that foundation is self-inner-knowing, self-inner-love, self-acceptance and self-forgiveness. We feel that once you have been able to work from a foundation of self-love and self-knowing that what you do in the outward world is far more valuable than if you do it just to be doing it and not coming from a place of self-knowing and self-love. We have tried to establish that it is good for those of you to do good on earth but that is not the lessons and purposes for all of you. The lessons and purposes of coming back to life is to again receive this inner self-knowing so that you can connect to the Oneness that all is. We hope that this will help as you go about reading these statements and these responses.

We have tried to word these statements from a human understanding but we would like to remind you that there are many other universes with beings who too are seekers and that what we have described to you on earth most often applies to them as well.

Also, the word level appears many times throughout this document. There are no levels in heaven, only the awareness one allows themselves to be opened to in accepting their oneness to all.

We have done this in love and hopefully in helping to expand your awareness of what you are more than what you see. We hope that you will read this with open minds and do question, for as you question, you expand in your own consciousness and in your own growth.

(* Note: A and B are the humans whose spirit guides have collaborated in preparing these responses. Their names have been deleted to preserve their anonymity.)


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