Spirit Guide Commentary on NDE Research Results

Death Experience

(Note: Spirit guide commentary is in bold)

(210) The only thing we take with us at death is the love we have given away while on earth.

This is not true. You take all experiences with you from earth because they have been your classes and your lessons that have helped your spirit to evolve.

(211) Death is one of the most important lessons that must be learned by those who are affected by it.

That is a silly statement for everybody is affected by death.

(212) Consciousness continues on after our brain is dead and not functioning.

That is a very true statement.

(213) The state of "limbo" is the state of being in a coma.

Not only is it being in a coma it is a state of many souls who have gotten stuck between heaven and earth, and in that state of limbo or "stuckness" one does not experience feelings or emotions, just an existence of nothingness. Though they are able to see and experience events they have no attachment to anything.

(214) Death really means not believing life continues when physical life ends.

Those that do not believe in a life after life are faced with the thought of death and a nothingness. When they die that is what they will take with them in a life after death on earth. Depending upon their level of acceptance of love in their life will determine how they will enter into life after life. There are those who believe there is absolutely nothing and will be met by nothingness and yet there are those who question and they will be met with love and an opportunity to see that life does continue. Those that go into heaven thinking there is an absolute nothingness and there is no experiences after life on earth are then given choices once they have crossed over. And the majority of the time these individuals do see that life goes on, but there are a few who cannot and will not see that and those are usually the lives of individuals who are not going to evolve any further in life no matter what, because that has been their choice.

(215) Death is a process similar to waking up from a dream.

We think at one time it probably would have been that but more and more people are evolving and becoming consciously aware that there is a life after earth and realize that they will be moving into a continued existence and choose to embrace that existence. And in this life they will be given other opportunities to come back to earth school and evolve into a higher consciousness.

 (216) Death means breaking through the barrier of space and time.

Oh yes, that is true because there is no space or time on the other side of earth but it means more than that. But that is a partial truth.

(217) At death, the spirit leaves the body. In traumatic deaths, the spirit may leave the body even before death occurs.

That is a true statement.

(218) At death, our spirit body leaves our physical body and for a time is connected together by a "silver cord". This cord is about an inch wide and sparkles. It is attached from the back of the head of our physical body to the navel of our spirit body. If this cord is broken, returning to physical life is impossible.

Again this is just a human earth description in trying to help people visualize their connection to their spirit guides and the difference between heaven and earth. There is a cord of power and love that connects you to heaven and earth at all times but it is not experienced the way it was expressed.

(219) When we leave our body, our spiritual awareness becomes more acute. On earth, our physical body acts as a filter to suppress this acute spiritual awareness.

That is a partial truth. It is the individual that holds themselves back from moving into their higher spiritual being. That door is open to any person who chooses to walk through it at any time to reach the Christ-conscious level of consciousness. But we hold ourselves back from that. And yes, the spirit does evolve more after it leaves earth and goes to heaven and becomes more aware of its spiritualness as you have been told in previous communications with those who have crossed over. But remember that spirit evolves at a faster pace going through earth school and continuously seeks that higher evolution through reincarnating into different human lives.

(220) At death, we lose our body. Nothing else is lost.

This statement requires much deeper discussion.

(221) Our senses and our sense of awareness are tremendously greater when we are outside of our physical body.

This is a true statement.

(222) Birth is a sleep and a forgetting. Death is awakening and remembering.

This is a true statement.

(223) Death is actually a "rebirth" into a greater life of understanding and knowledge that stretches forward and backward in time.

This is a true statement to a certain degree except in death there is no time. There just is an existence of whatever you choose to be at the conscious level you return to heaven with. Then one eventually progresses into a complete spiritual being.

(224) Time stops when we die. Past, present and future become the "eternal now".

This is a true statement.

(225) Our life on earth can be thought of as one channel on a radio. At death, it is as if someone spins the dial on the radio to a different channel. The previous channel is still there, but we are now experiencing a different channel. That is all death is - a change to another channel. We go to that channel where our speed of vibration fits a particular channel on the radio dial.

Based on your human description and your human needs to describe things that is a very accurate description.

(226) During our near-death experience, the prayers of our loved ones can cause us to return unwillingly from the paradise of the afterlife.

That is not a true statement. Earthbound love can keep you from moving forward at times in your transition from earth life to spirit life because the bond between the most recently departed and those on earth can still be so strong and one spirit can ask the earth being to help them move on by releasing them. But when one is in an NDE the love one is feeling for those who are praying for them can be a strong desire to return.

(227) The dark void found in many near-death experiences lacks love. Those who get stuck in this dark void might not recognize this fact. To escape this void, one must be convinced their body is dead and one must think of love.

We would like to come back to that for a much more in-depth discussion.

(228) Traveling through the tunnel in the near-death experience is traveling through the various afterlife dimensions. The tunnel itself winds around on a wheel like the Rotarians use.

That is not a true statement. We will come back to that for further discussion.

(229) In the tunnel connecting this world with the next, humans as well as animals travel through the tunnel.

This is true.

(230) The tunnel experience after death may create recollection of birth.

We do not believe that is a true statement at all.

(231) The tunnel in the near-death experience is the pathway to God.

There has always been a pathway to God for every individual. This tunnel is just a means to help the individual being who is crossing over from one environment into the heaven environment so that they are not overwhelmed by the expanse of what they are going to be experiencing because their tie is still with the earth and still very three-dimensional. And that's the only reason for the tunnel--to help, not overwhelm a spirit that has so many ties to earth at the time of death.

(232) The tunnel is a porthole to the place where all souls go if they choose.

Well, as we said, a tunnel is like a porthole. The soul does not have a choice. All souls are going to go through this tunnel, whether it is a tunnel of light or a tunnel of darkness for them, they will see a tunnel. Choice is not involved in this because they had made the choice to transform from human to spirit no matter what their level of consciousness is and their belief in death and life after death on earth. So there is always the tunnel and how they experience that is what their earth consciousness was about death.

(233) The tunnel is the result of traveling at a high rate of speed past the stars in the universe.

That is a partial true statement. Again it is a way for humans to move from being human to being spirit and not being overwhelmed by all that they would be able to see and experience if they were not so confined by the tunnel. The tunnel is a means of protection and guidance as the individual is crossing from living to "death" as you would call it, though it is really vice versa.

(234) If one exits the tunnel and experiences the tremendous love and knowledge there, they will never forget the experience.

At one time we would have disagreed with that statement because it was not possible for an individual to come back from the other side and retain that experience on the other side but as you evolve in your consciousness on earth it is now possible because there are more people who accept that as a way of existence. So the individual who is coming back from a close encounter with life on the other side is now able to bring back and express the experience they had.

(235) At death, when we leave our physical body and face God, we become pure mind. Our minds becomes "naked" in that our thoughts are there for all to understand perfectly.

That is a partial truth in that there is no need to hide anything in heaven. Your thoughts in heaven are different than your thoughts on earth. There still is a certain amount of respect given to an individual soul so they are not transgressed by all other souls or spirits. But there is really no need for anything to be hidden in heaven.

(236) Death makes us more alive. We are more dead now while alive on earth than we are when we are dead.

That is a true statement, a very true statement.

(237) We have been on display our whole lives. Our entire life is one huge examination. After death, we are graded on everything. We grade ourselves. God does not judge us.

That is a true statement.

(238) The purpose of the life review is to make an informed choice of returning to life or becoming a part of the light of God.

That is not a true statement. The purpose of the life review is for you to see how every single action, thought and word and deed that you did affected the entire world for you vibrated at a different energy level at various times in various experiences and that vibration affected the evolution or the slowing down of the evolution of consciousness of your entire world. Becoming a part of the light of God works in various stages depending on the consciousness of the individual crossing over. But God always has the light there for us. It is just again whether we choose to walk in it or not.

(239) The life review is witnessed by all in the light.

No, the life review is a very private experience between you and your higher self and your Creator. It is not something that is to be experienced by any other individual spirits or souls except your own spirit guide who has experienced it all with you on earth. This time your spirit guide will help you see your earth actions and thoughts from the life lessons you learned or did not learn and how that affected all consciousnesses, not just yourself or those closest involved.

(240) During the life review, aspects of a person's life may be found to be not compatible with eternity in the light. During the life review, we learn how to correct this. During our life review, we will see ourselves, our entire lives and past lives completely from God's perspective.

That is a true statement but we see it also from the perspective as individual soul and spirit then, seeing what lessons that we learned or did not learn and had to keep repeating (until hopefully we got it) and what experiences we had--how they affected the lessons and our ability to move from one level of consciousness to another level. We also see our life experiences from the perspective of all the others involved in that experience and how it affected them.

(241) During our life review, we will instantaneously experience every thought and feeling of everyone we have ever known during our entire life. Some near-death experiencers describe the life review as instantly "becoming" everyone we have ever known.

That is a very accurate statement. We would say to you it is not just everyone you know, it is everyone you have touched, whether it is a grocery clerk you have chosen to smile at or a receptionist you have chosen to snap at, or whatever experience you have you will see it not only through your eyes but through the eyes of the other individual involved. It does not mean that is has to be someone that you knew. It was just someone that your life touched, period.

(242) During our life review, we see how our actions caused a chain reaction until they led back to ourselves.

This is a true statement.

(243) During our life review, we relive our entire life again literally from everyone's point of view in a single instant. We experience this while in the light of infinite knowledge and infinite love.

This is true.

(244) During our life review, we will discover every aspect of our life from all perspectives. For example, it is possible to count the number of mosquitoes in our yard when we were a child if we choose to do so.

This is a pretty accurate statement. You will review every aspect of your life from conception of your birth to your immediate departure from earth and you will experience anything that affected any aspect of life on earth or that touched you with meaning and how it affected all those around you.

(245) Our life review is more of a reliving of our entire life. There is no judgment except what comes from our own conscience. During our life review, we become the universe and reexperience our entire lifetime in an instant.

This is a true statement. You do not judge yourself though because your time of judgment is over when you are doing a life review. What you do see is how every single individual that you touched in your life were impacted--from total strangers on the sidewalk to your most dear loved ones to unknown people. All are reviewed and every action that you took with these individuals is an action that you are reviewing from their point of view. It is very instantaneous and it is done so that each individual can see the impact of their life upon the earth as well as the whole universe. For the energy that one projects vibrates not only within your world but throughout the entire universe.

(246) During our life review, the major focus is how we have interacted with other people.

This is a true statement but again it is how our interaction with other people affected them, not from a point of judgment or blame or giving pats on the back to the spirit that has made its crossover but just so that again one is able to see how their words, actions/deeds, etc. affected the entire universe from the perspective of the people they were interacting with.

(247) The message from the life review is this: love.

Love is the message for everything. If every individual would understand that every action could be from the foundation of love then it would be an entirely different world and universe for all.

(248) The life review is held in a domed room filled with television-like screens with each screen replaying some event of our life. Every thought, feeling and action of everyone in a screen is made known to us.

You humans are very interesting because you will set up whatever scenario works for you. There is no set way of one's life review taking place and the only reason it is described in terms of an earthly life is that it is what makes the new spirit that has just crossed over most comfortable in being able to do this review.

(249) The life review is an evaluation of our soul's development based on our soul's history.

This is a partial true statement. The life review is for the soul to see a review again of how it interacted with every individual it came into contact with. And to see what the choices the soul made when it came into earth, to then have this review to see how it performed and what its reasons and progress on earth were, in this lifetime compared to previous lifetimes.

(250) During our life review, our thoughts and actions of love bring us and God great joy. Our thoughts and actions of selfishness and anger bring us and God remorse.

This is not a true statement. We do not feel one way or the other. We are doing a life review from a non-expectation point of view and non-involved point of view but only to review it to see what we did and how it affected other people. God is never unhappy with an individual. You are God and the only thing God sees is the love that he created when he created you. As a soul spirit what is seen are what purposes that you chose through this lifetime that were fulfilled and what lessons you will be working on for a new reincarnation. But God will accept an Adolph Hitler as well as a Mother Teresa with loving, open arms. We know that this is absolutely difficult for you humans to imagine, but God loves all of His children. But the actions of His children on earth then are continued in Heaven by the consciousness of what they had on earth and what choices they are making in their experiences in Heaven based on what they did on Earth. Forgiveness here is the key word for all.

(251) We are the judges of our own life. God is not.

God does not judge us. This is true. As far as us judging ourselves, what we do--again you humans have to have a word or description for every event. We would rather say that you are reviewing from a neutral point again all the things that you did in your life and just looking at it so that you can observe what lessons you will be continuing to work on while in Heaven on the journey of the soul, as your Dr. Newton has said, and then what will happen with your soul, the choices it will make to continue on with when it reincarnates and evolves into higher consciousness.

(252) During our life review, God asks us, "What have you done with the precious gift of life given you."

God does not have to ask you that question. That is just a given question that you will be observing and reviewing yourself. You will come up with answers and if you need some support and nudging from your spirit guides and higher powers and maybe things that you did not see or did not observe but they did-- they will then give you that help and assistance.

(253) During our life review, the question, "What have you done with your life?" is answered.

During the life review an individual goes through every thought process, every word and every action and every experience that they have created in their life. They do this from the point of view of not only how it affected their life but how it affected the life of every individual and how that moved from the person they directly affected to all other individuals. You made a choice when you came into the life that you did to complete certain life lessons. As you go through this review you are shown how you completed those life lessons and what lessons you did not complete.

(254) Each person has their own "book" in a "Hall of Records" containing every thought, word and deed of a person's life and past life. These are inprinted by the person's subconscious and superconscious mind.

Well this is true but there is not a hall and there are not books. What there is is one's consciousness and all things are recorded in their consciousness. There is no library or no vault full of volumes of individual lifetimes but all is retained within the individual forever and ever. As the individual continues to reincarnate as a human and then makes its crossover back into spirit all things stay with that spirit to assist in its own conscious evolution.

(255) After death, some people are not instantly exposed to God because it would be too unbearable for them. People are shown what they need to see after death. Some people need a heavenly meadow and they will get it. Some need to see relatives and they will come. Some need to see jewels and they are shown jewels. We see what is necessary for our introduction into the spirit world.

This is a true statement but what we would like to clarify is that it is done on the level that your consciousness chooses. If you feel you want to see family, this is true, you will see family. It is your choice. If you bring a consciousness when you cross over that you are going to be in hell you will be experiencing a hell-like experience. That does not mean that you will continue to remain there, but that was your feelings and fears upon death and your consciousness of death is what you will take with you when you cross over.

(256) We are gradually educated as spirit beings and brought into heaven. Worldly desires melt away as well as the base animal nature we have been fighting much of our lives. We become who we really are - part of the divine.

This is true. There is a period of time after you cross over into heaven that you maintain many of your earthly contacts and experiences that you would have liked to have had on earth. These will be things that will stay with you for a period of time and help you with your introduction into your spirit soul so that you are not going "cold turkey" from one life experience to another life experience. It is a gradual introduction into your new world and that introduction works through different stages as you evolve into total spirit.

(257) After death, God reveals to us our true spiritual condition.

What is true about this statement is that your spiritual condition is revealed to you. God isn't this overseer that works with every individual. It is your consciousness to the Creator. God is not some judgmental principal walking around to each individual that crosses over but it is your connection with God, your higher power. And again God is no judge--it is your consciousness that connects with this spirit and what your consciousness is bringing with it is what you will be experiencing.

(258) The "Being of Light" can be called Jesus, Buddha, Yahweh, the Great Spirit, etc.., but the name does not matter. Only the recognition of absolute love and truth is important.

This is true for there are many beings of light and, depending upon your orientation to your spiritual life on earth, they will be mainly what you will be greeted with and come face to face with. And this is for all individuals, not just any one spirit path that a person is taking, but all individuals, even if they feel they are not on a spirit path, will become aware of these light beings who are there to help them understand their new life experience.

(259) After death, there exists a "point of no return" where once this barrier is crossed, returning to our body is impossible.

This is a true statement. Even if as one had an NDE they really fought coming back and were supposed to come back and really didn't want to, there is a period not based on time, but within an experience based on crossing over, that one finally does not return, even if that should have been their experience to come back, but their choice once they got over was to stay there.

(260) Getting back into our body from a near-death experience is like jumping into a swimming pool.

What we would say it's like coming from a nice warm mountain spring, jumping back into a cold mountain spring. That would be the equivalent of the shock that an individual experiences.

(261) People born blind have near-death experiences which are no different than sighted people. However, people born blind see for the first time in their lives during their near-death experience.

We would say that statement is pretty much true, but that does not mean all blind people experience vision and sight when they have a near death experience, just as all people having a near death experience do not always have visions but just experience the approach of death in many different manners.

(262) People born blind and who see for the first time during their near-death experience do not regain their sight when they return to their bodies.

We would say that this is generally true but we would also say we are also sure that there are cases where in a near death experience other miracles have been created, as you on earth choose to call these change of events.

(263) All physical and mental handicaps are corrected immediately after death.

This is true.

(264) In the light of God, there are no opinions, conclusions or beliefs - only being. It is being in a state of total harmonic perfection.

This is a very true statement.

(265) Immediately after death, the connection to our humanity begins to wear off and an experience of being light as air, extremely happy and in love begins to happen.

You continue in earthly contact and connection for some time after death but even though you continue this earthly connection you do experience all the things you were just describing.

(266) When children die, they are not children after death. They appear to be as they would in the "prime of their life".

This is a true statement and not a true statement. For when a soul crosses over, initially they retain the form they had on earth for a period of time. Then they become another form of energy which has no time or age.

(267) Childhood near-death experiences are identical to adult near-death experiences.

We would say that is not totally an accurate statement for children still have a much closer connection with their spirit life than what other humans do and they often are much happier and feel as though they are truly coming home and are much more accepting and ready to evolve into the spirit that they were just a short time ago.

(268) There are so many different descriptions of the near-death experience because there are so many different afterlife levels, perceptions and experiences.

This is true and this is again based on the consciousness of the individual making the cross-over. It has nothing to do with someone saying: "Okay, this person is at A level and he is going to A level in the green room". It has to do with the consciousness. It is not a ready picked set of plans someone on the other side is deciding for an individual crossing over. Whatever the individual is going to become a part of on the other side of this life is again based on their own consciousness and how they learned or did not learn their life lessons.


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