Spirit Guide Commentary on NDE Research Results


(Note: Spirit guide commentary is in bold)

(269) Once our transition after death is complete, we can choose to go to other afterlife levels when we are ready.

As an individual crosses over into the spirit soul the place that it enters in heaven is at the consciousness it is taking with it from the lessons it chose to experience on earth and how it did have those experiences and how it did evolve from those experiences. At some point a soul can continue to evolve as it is in heaven and move up while it's still in heaven but that is after many lifetimes. If you choose to call these afterlife levels, that is your human way of looking at heaven. Heaven is just a continuation of experiences. There really are no levels in heaven. It only has to do with how you choose to connect with your oneness. Again, it is difficult to explain this to you on earth because you need so much to have a picture of the change of events so therefore it is important that you look at it as levels though there are, again, no levels in heaven. As a spirit soul continues to reincarnate on earth it moves closer into its oneness with all. Once it has made many earth incarnations and it continues as a soul spirit in heaven it is given the opportunity in heaven to also continue that evolution to its oneness. But it does take many times for a spirit soul to become wise and to be able to move into that evolution in heaven as well as from its life lessons. Some souls on earth evolve much, much faster after several reincarnations and have been moved rapidly into a much higher evolution than the one they left. It is not that you go back in heaven and you start in level A and go to level B and then move to level C. Sometimes, what can happen is life experiences can move a spirit soul rapidly and then once it is in heaven there are levels of evolution which are much, much higher where the spirit soul is moving closer to the oneness of all.

(270) When we die, we are given the choice to remain on this earth until our bodies are buried or to move on to the level to which our spirits had grown while on earth.

This is a true statement. Generally speaking, most individuals tend to want to be around those loved ones on earth for a period of time though they are accompanied by loved ones on the other side( so they are never left alone) if that is their choice. There are many who have said "I have had enough of earth and I love these people but I am out of here" and they are immediately in their beginning place of their new life.

(271) After death, if our ties to earth are not let go, we could become a "restless spirit" and we would be permitted to return to earth.

The bonds of love and the bonds of fear, the bonds of anger and hatred--a troubled soul on earth can be held to earth by these extreme bonds of emotion which can make it a much slower, more difficult and troubled process for spirits to move on. These souls who are often caught in-between do so at their own choice because they are afraid to let go. They soon realize that all they have to say is, okay and they will move into the place they are supposed to be. Oftentimes, though, again when loved ones are grieving so, it is not that they are grieving so over the individual that is lost but what they have lost. Their fears and pains do oftentimes make it difficult for those on the other side until those on the other side, having the choice, are willing to let go and realize that is the path that person will have to take and overcome themselves.

(272) When we die, we will find many levels of development. We will always go to that level where we are most comfortable.

Again, essentially that is a true statement.

(273) In the afterlife, our thoughts are no longer private, but become known to all around us. People of the same kind of thoughts are drawn to each other because it is too threatening to be with others with whom we disagree when they know it.

This is a partially true statement. There is no disagreement in life after life. There are many different levels of consciousness and we do ascend to the consciousness we have achieved in our own evolution. It is true that thought is an open experience for everyone but it is also true that each individual spirit and soul does not intrude upon the thoughts of another individual. Only those that are together within their group of consciousness will share a general open thinking process based on their community of consciousness. Spirits are entitled to private thoughts as well and when a thought comes into a spirit place that is a private thought, even though it is open to all, it is not experienced by all and is honored and respected by all.

(274) Communication in the spirit world is by thought - a direct mind-to-mind transfer of thought.

That is a true statement.

(275) In the spirit realm, our thoughts and feelings cannot be hidden from others. This reality can be heaven for some but hell for others, depending on their thoughts and feelings.

Again, this is a partially true statement. But there are private thoughts that are acknowledged to be private by all other spirit souls and are not intruded upon or acknowledged to be there.

(276) If they entered the higher realms, the "Master-Vibration" of God would annihilate them. This "Master-Vibration" is often referred to as "the Holy Spirit".

That is not a true statement. There is nothing about God that would annihilate anyone or anything. God is all loving, all accepting, all encompassing. You can call God the Creator, the higher power, the highest energy vibration, it doesn't matter. For our sake we will say God. It is true that individuals enter at their own consciousness or energy vibration. There is no way that an individual would be able to enter into a higher consciousness by mistake and there is no way that God would ever allow one of his creations to be destroyed.

(277) After death, people gravitate into homogenous groups according to the rate of their soul's vibrations. If the percentage of discord in a person is small, it can be eliminated by the Master-Vibration of God; then the remaining good can live there. However, if there is more discord within a soul's vibrations than good, this cannot be done and the person must gravitate to a lower afterlife level and live with people of their kind.

We would say that it is a pretty accurate statement; it probably would require further discussion but is close enough at this time.

(278) In the afterlife, each person lives in the kind of a heaven or hell that they prepared for themselves while on earth. Nobody sends us anywhere. We are sorted by the high or low vibrations of our soul. Everyone goes where they fit in.

Yes, that is essentially a true statement.

(279) In the afterlife, no one is made to feel uncomfortable by being forced to do or accept things for which they are not prepared.

That is a true statement.

(280) At death, the dimension of the afterlife we travel to is determined by the level of spiritual development we have attained while on earth.

That is a true statement, not by our good deeds, inappropriate actions, not by our religion but by our inner spiritual connection to our Godself and Oneness with all.

(281) When we die, our ability to accept truth and to live by it, governs our progress in the spirit. It determines the degree of light we possess. Nobody forces light and truth upon us, and nobody takes it away unless people let them. People are self-governed and self-judged in the spirit realm. People have total free will.

That is true except for judgement. There is no judgement in the life hereafter. Other than that, most of the statements in that are true. But this is also a true statement on learning life lessons on earth.

(282) In the afterlife, everyone is free to experience the various afterlife dimensions and nothing is restricted. The only governor is the state of the conscious mind. Deeply held beliefs come into visible expression there.

That is true but that is a statement we would like to come back to for further discussion.

(283) Not everyone has the same experience because everyone creates their own experience. Subtle energies slowly open restrictive, closed minds in order to accept greater understanding.

That is true.

(284) Every soul shines the light of love in various degrees. The light of souls who love very little are dim.

We would say that is essentially true. The light is based on vibrational energies that the soul has and the more evolved the soul is it appears to be a brighter light and to vibrate at higher levels of energy.

(285) Love in the afterlife can be compared to wealth on earth. Nothing is worth more in the afterlife than love. The more you give out of love, the greater you are.

That is a silly statement in that that is the same as it is here on earth. Giving out of love is the same here as giving out of love anywhere. That is the foundation for most forms of life.

(286) On earth we have an inner nature (our subconscious) and an outer nature (our personality). At death, our outer nature dies and our inner nature becomes our new outer nature in the afterlife.

There is no inner or outer nature in the afterlife. It just is the vibration of energy and consciousness one is.

(287) Our Higher Self (our superconscious) remains one with God. However, this level of consciousness must be "reawakened" while on earth.

That is true.

(288) In the afterlife, no one is ever lost or left behind. Everyone is of equal importance and each can never cease to exist. Our earth experience determines our afterlife destiny, but no one is locked there, and each can progress to higher and higher levels of being.

Again, this is a statement that we addressed earlier about the evolution of souls on earth and the evolution of souls in life after earth.

(289) Things change little in the afterlife. If a person has the fixed belief that they will sleep until the resurrection of the body, they may sleep for a very long time.

As a person goes to heaven they cross over with the consciousness they have had of their oneness and of their spiritual being on earth. Once one is in heaven one experiences much of that thought that they had. If one believes that they are going to sleep until the resurrection of the body, one will experience that in heaven, though we cannot say for how long because there is no time in heaven. But all spirits are given the choice of moving from a consciousness that would prevent them from growing closer to their oneness, no matter what that soul or spirit was on earth. It is true that as one first crosses over one will experience a consciousness of what they experienced on earth but will be given a choice to move in to their true spirit and a choice to move closer to their oneness.

(290) If a person keeps an open mind, they will be free to adapt to the new surroundings and fit in where they belong with no unusual difficulty. This is why having fixed beliefs limit an open mind.

We find that to be a fairly accurate statement.

(291) Time passes over there the same as here, that is, one event follows another. But looking at it another way, time doesn't pass at all because there is not enough change to make the passage of time evident.

It is true in that there is no time on the other side and that one does move from one experience to the other, but when you are on the other side there is no time for you are always living in the moment, in the now. There is no past and no future on the other side. You are thoroughly enjoying the instant you are in and all things "past" and "future" exist in the now.

(292) From another viewpoint, time in the afterlife stands still because it is always now. The past and future are of equal length because there never was a beginning and never can be an end.

That is true except when it is the time for a spirit to begin a new reincarnation, and then, though there is no time, there is a change that will be taking place within that time and one will gradually begin to lose its soul connection and move into its new baby/ infant/ spirit connection, with all "past" and "future" being suppressed as well as its present soul/spirit life.

(293) In the earthly rat race, events follow each other so rapidly that it gives us the illusion that time flies. Whereas, in prison with absolutely no change, the days would stretch into seeming eternities.

Well that is true and not true. It totally depends upon the individual. An individual who is confined in one way or another can find that time will be moving at a great rate of speed if they are doing something they are enjoying and live within themselves to find life beyond what they are experiencing on earth. And though, when one is in that state of inner spiritual being, there appears to be no time at all and yet from an earthly realm it has moved very quickly. And it doesn't matter what conditions a person is living in on earth when they are having that experience. In fact, an individual on earth involved in their own inner spiritual growth and inner being will find that their time passes faster than those running around at a hectic pace and doing nothing.

(294) How does a person get ahead of others in the afterlife? They don't. There is no place in heaven for discontent or personal ambition. Some people may not be able to change at all after they arrive in the afterlife. On earth, we can change ourselves quite easily and should use this life to make ourselves into the kind of people we want to be in the afterlife.

This is a very involved statement in that what you become on earth is not because that is what you want to be in heaven. In heaven you are moving at a vibration of energy of the lessons one has learned upon earth and into what one wants to come back to on earth and experience at a higher vibrational energy level. So one is moving through that consciousness of what it will be experiencing on earth in a new life. For those are the choices it is choosing to make. Just by the fact that a spirit soul has evolved into the other side means that there is change and one does not experience the continuation of life they were experiencing on earth. They are able to see the progress they made on earth and to understand that they are spirit, which immediately means that you are vibrating at a higher energy level. There is no getting ahead nor greed nor rat race that one experiences on earth. There is the desire to obtain higher or vibrational consciousness and closeness to one's higher self. That desire does not leave in heaven nor does it leave hopefully on earth. Though, on earth, there are those who do not understand that part of their life's process. Whereas in heaven one does understand that though they understand it they can make the choice not to move any farther than where they are. This is a question that requires much additional discussion.

(295) In the afterlife, we do not stop learning or progressing in knowledge.

This is a true statement as far as it goes but requires further discussion as well.

(296) Death is merely the doorway to the next level of soul growth and evolution.

That is true as far it goes but again on the other side a spirit soul has as much choice as it did as an earth being and can choose not to move farther if it does not want to continue life's school experience and is content at being at the spirit consciousness it is at. Again, these are individual choices and can be made by each spirit soul.

(297) In the afterlife, death on earth is considered a graduation.

No, that is not true. That is just again earth talking. Though earth is like an earth school it is just a natural process that takes place and is not considered one way or the other, other than just the natural process of the way things are.

(298) Only those who believe they can leave their bodies and progress further after death actually do.

No, that is not a true statement. We can discuss that further at a later time.

(299)  "Libraries" exist in the afterlife. In these libraries, when one reflects on a topic, all the knowledge on that topic enters the mind.

Libraries do not exist in the form that you think of on earth. There is a central power of knowledge that any soul on the other side or on this side can tap into. Where or how its stored, who knows? It is just a source of knowledge that is available to any individual soul, spirit, being in the universe. And one just has to be willing to accept the ability to tap into that for the answers such as you are now doing.

(300) In the afterlife, one can create things with the powers of the mind.

That is a true statement.

(301) In the afterlife, as we adjust and understand how to work with our mind, we will automatically know what is needed as the desire arises.

That is an experience that is available to individuals right now on earth or in another part of the universe if they are willing to accept that.

(302) In the afterlife, auras are what we use to evaluate a person's spiritual condition. The lighter and more brilliant the color, the more advanced the person is. The aura is also useful to determine how much a person needs to work on spiritual development.

There are no such levels of judgment there, though it is true that the light an individual spirit soul vibrates at, or energy level it vibrates at, is the state of consciousness and oneness it has achieved. But there is no judgment based on the brightness or colors of the spirit soul.

(303) In the afterlife, the eyes of the spirit see in more dimensions than the eyes of the body.

This is a true statement.

(304) In the afterlife, we have 360 degree vision. The experience is like having eyes all around our head.

As far as that statement goes, it is a true statement and is one we would like to discuss in further detail at a later time.

(305) In the afterlife, we see things from every angle like a cubist painting by Picasso.

That is a true statement.

(306) In the afterlife, our soul is our consciousness and our spirit is our transparent, glowing body.

This is a partial truth and one that requires great and in-depth discussion on, the difference between spirit and soul.

(307) In the afterlife, we see others as they see themselves. Others can appear the way they do because it is the way they perceive we need them to appear.

We find that that is a bit confusing for it sounds like it is coming from two different perspectives. One is how we perceive the spirit we are looking at or is it how the spirit itself wants to be perceived. As you will recall in the movie "What Dreams May Come", the gentleman's children did not appear as his children in the vision he knew them as, until he was ready to accept them. When an individual immediately makes the transformation and he is embraced by loved spirits on the other side from life on earth he is greeted with images of familiarity so that he does not feel frightened in an unknown world he has come into. So you will perceive the spirits as they were on earth. The evolution of spirits on the other side will determine later on how you will perceive them. As spirits on the other side progress they lose all sense of human form and become different forms of energy. You on earth are so stuck in your minds that what you are is so perfect but you only see it in the body form, you do not choose to move into the spirit form.

(308) Much communication in the afterlife is silent, although sound is sometimes used in communication because it is pleasant.

Again this is a statement, coming from the human form, not from the reality of spirit. Spirit can perceive whatever it chooses to perceive on the other side. The more advanced a soul is, the more they are able to create and, if you choose, to fine tune. You on earth think of silence not as something pleasurable so must interject the form of sound. One can hear the beauty of music on the other side without hearing it with the sound you that you perceive on earth. We know that this is an extremely difficult issue to grasp and understand but there are not words in your human form to describe many of the experiences on the other side. Again, because you are looking from a three-dimensional viewpoint you cannot understand how energy is transferred and experienced on the other side.

(309) To travel from one point to another in the afterlife, all one has to do is think about it.

That is essentially true if you are moving within your own vibration. If you choose to go for any reason to a higher vibration there is more involved than just thinking of it. If you choose to visit someone at a lower vibration of consciousness it is important to ask permission to be able to do that of the individual spirit you are going to be visiting. Moving into vibrations of consciousness higher than you are again requires the permission to do so and an understanding of why one is doing that. As spirit energy vibrates differently when one moves into another's energy, it requires an adjustment so as not to affect others in that energy force.

(310) In the afterlife, we can remember and feel different times and events in our lives as if they were happening right now.

We would like to say once one makes a transformation into heaven re-experiencing life one had on earth is not an important issue for a spirit, unless it chooses to go back and look at one lesson they missed and why they missed it, or what lesson that one learned and was released from. What is not an important issue is continuously reliving those experiences. It is important for one to have this life review so that they can see how all of their experiences affected all others, not only themselves as we have stated before. The life review is not important as far as an emotional journey for the spirit's soul. It is only important for how those experiences affected others and how we learned our life lessons from them.

(311) In the afterlife, we can observe what is happening on earth whenever we choose to do so.

That is a true statement and we often look in at our loved ones but there comes a time when the earth type of connection one feels is not the same as one felt it when they were on earth. There is a love that is experienced from spirit with every individual on earth, even those who they thought were their enemies or rivals. One in heaven now looks at those individuals from unconditional love. Spirits that have crossed over are there to give their human loved ones guidance and assistance, oftentimes in many ways one would never understand. But, as many mediums have expressed, a loved one does not continue that earthbound connection in the way that you on earth would visualize it and experience it. That does not mean that spirit does not continue to love its loved ones from earth. It's just a much different love and much different connection than what earth experiences were.

(312) The tremendous love experienced in the afterlife is like having the love of every mother in the universe pour into us for all eternity.

Again as humans you need to have descriptions and visualizations of what you think is the ultimate in everything and as humans you think of the mother love as the ultimate in all. So, if that is a connection that you need to visualize your life after life on earth , we would say that that is a valid statement but it goes far more beyond than that statement.

(313) Deceased loved ones appear in the afterlife as they looked like at their best during their lives.

That is how you on earth will perceive that individual when you encounter them as they appeared best when they were in your lifetime, not in their lifetime, for you could have loved someone much later in life and not known what they looked like as a young individual at their "peak" of youth and that would not be real for you. So, as an earthbound spirit making your transformation what you visualize is the individual at the peak of when you knew them. Again we would say that that is only at the time of transformation of one individual into heaven for spirits do not walk around looking as the individual they were when they were earth bound.

(314) In the afterlife, people wear what they want to wear. They wear what they are most comfortable in.

That is not a true statement for in the afterlife, again, you are not in human form. After a period of adjustment to heaven and becoming spirit you move strictly into spirit form and out of human form.

(315) A spiritual "receiving station" exists to receive people after death who arrive in a hypnotic sleep due to a faulty belief they have that they must sleep until Jesus comes. Here, others try to arouse them from this sleep.

This is a question we would like to come back to at another time for it is far more detailed than a general statement would do.

(316) There is an invisible dimension in the clouds above the earth where animals and human spirits go to become replenished for further evolution on earth.

We would like to come back that that one for further discussion as well.

(317) Since there is no need for reproduction in the afterlife, sex plays a different role. Without physical bodies to act as buffers, the sexes can get immeasurably closer to each other, and become more intimate. Without inhibitions to frustrate them, they can receive and express love more freely and completely.

Sex is not something that is important in heaven for as a spirit's soul you have gone back into all the lifetimes that you were, which means that you can be male or female. Love is not expressed as love is expressed on earth so there is no need for a sexual relationship in heaven.


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