Spirit Guide Commentary on NDE Research Results


(Note: Spirit guide commentary is in bold)

(342) What people call "heaven" is really our true home and destination. It is where we go for "recess" or to be rewarded by assessing our progress as a soul, evaluating our lives, and to remember all truths including our real identity. We stay there for however long best serves our development.

That is a partially true statement but the terminology again is not correct. Heaven is not a "recess". Heaven is real life, the reality of what you truly are and where you truly exist.

(343) Heaven is not a place of rest because no one there gets tired. It's more like a new lease on life.

It is true that Heaven is not a place of rest and it is not a new lease on life. It is where your reality truly is. It is your place of being.

(344) Heaven is a place of imagination. Heaven is exactly what our imagination needs it to be.

It is true that when one is making their transformation from earth to heaven, heaven will be whatever that individual has made the connection to heaven being. The same as if they make the connection to dying being hell--it will be hell. It is what is in the individual's consciousness as they are making their transformation. And as an individual works through this period of transformation, heaven continues to be what they choose it to be for a period of time. Then the spirit life begins to take control of the individuality and one moves into a spirit world. This spirit world is often experienced as a continuation of what life was thought to be like after death--whether heaven or hell but it is not experienced at the same level of the conscious imagination one brought from their earthly life. Though there is no time in Heaven, there are only different experiences which move one from different levels of being spirit. There are various stages in one's spirit life one is continuously moving into.

(345) In heaven, where all people really love each other, there are no inhibitions, or need for them. Everyone does exactly as they please; which works out well because only the best in each person survives, and good is all anyone ever wants to do. This allows a freedom and happiness that people on earth can't imagine.

This is a true statement. It is much more involved than that but at this time we don't need to give you further explanation of that statement. One does do much as one pleases, existing as spirit, but what pleases one as spirit changes from what pleases one from "life".

(346) People don't go to heaven because of their good deeds, or because they believe this or that, but because they fit in and belong. It's what you are that counts.

We believe that that is a very confusing statement. All individuals go to heaven. It's just that the degree to which they experience heaven is the degree of their conscious acceptance of their oneness with God.

(347) Each soul has a "job" to do, a position to fill in the greater scheme of things. All souls evolve.

That is not a true statement. Souls are given choice and at some point a soul will say I have had enough of my learning experiences on earth and I do not wish to go back and continuously evolve more. And that is where that spirit will continue to live their life in their consciousness of their oneness with God. It is the soul spirit's choice to continue learning their lessons and how long and how far they wish to go and these lessons are their connection to the oneness.

(348) A soul can choose to remain in heaven and operate on a particular level for eternity if they desire.

That is a true statement. But we would add that as spirit one feels the desire to move into its Oneness much stronger than on earth and desires to continue the lesson and move closer and closer to Oneness.

(349) People enter the gates of heaven one at a time. After death, each soul has to rise as best they can through a hierarchy of heavens and face the increasingly difficult challenges posed by the guardian angels of each heaven.

That is not a true statement.

(350) The so-called "first heaven" is the physical world we currently live in.

That is not a true statement.

(351) The so-called "second heaven" exists in the same space as the first, but cannot be seen by those in the first heaven. There is no love in the second heaven and it is filled with demonic spirits who dwell among those living in the first heaven.

No, this is not a true statement.

(352) The so-called "third heaven" is a very beautiful place where God's throne is.

This is a very false statement.

(353) There are ten heavens, possibly corresponding to the ten main astronomical bodies of our solar system.

That is not a true statement. But this is someone's concept of Heaven and if that is what works for them then that is the concept they will come to Heaven with until they reach a spiritual comfort.

(354) "Passwords" are required to enter into some of these heavenly realms. These passwords will naturally be remembered by our Higher Selves when we arrive. The "password" to one of these realms is "Love".

That is not a true statement.

(355) Things in heaven don't age, don't get dirty, don't wear out, don't get tired, because everything is kept pure by God.

As far as that statement goes it is a true statement.

(356) Our deceased pets appear in heaven the way we remember them, only younger and more vital. We can communicate with them telepathically. They also have dwelling places of their own.

That is a true statement.


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