Spirit Guide Commentary on NDE Research Results


(Note: Spirit guide commentary is in bold)

(357) What people call "hell" is really a spiritual "time out" condition in which souls reflect and work out the things that blocked them from the power of their own light. They stay there for however long best serves their development.

This is a question we would like to come back to for further discussion.

(358) Hell is a state of mind. When we die, we are bound by what we think. People are in hell before they die. At death, we are gathered together with those who think as we do.

That is a true statement.

(359) We create our own hell (as well as heaven) within us right here on earth and we bring it with us after death.

That is a true statement.

(360) Hell is a spiritual condition we create by being away from God until we choose to return to God. Hell is a condition totally devoid of love.

If one accepts the fact that there is a hell, that would be a true statement. This requires a much more indepth conversation which we will come back to at a later time.

(361) Hell is a lack of wisdom and not moving forward to progress. Hell is not a place.

We would say that that is a partial true statement. Hell is the place that every individual puts himself in when they are in fears and lack and limitations, when they have distrust, anger, hate, judgment, ridicule, and all the negative feelings one experiences on earth. That is hell. When a person moves from a human life into a spirit life, whatever their conscious thoughts are about life after death, is often what they will be met with and are given an opportunity in heaven to realize that that was not what heaven really was. They have a chance to move forward from what they had been visualizing heaven and hell to be. So that whatever an individual's thought process is about life after death is what they usually leave life with in the beginning of their transformation.

(362) Hell is not literal flames. Hell is a temporary spiritual condition of total separation from love, joy, God, light, peace, sanity, etc. People put themselves in this state until they no longer refuse to love others and themselves.

Again that is a partially true statement. A person's thought process, his ability to open his heart to love, self-love, self-forgiveness, and then to the love of others unconditionally, is what helps an individual accept that life after life on earth does not have to be a hell or a continuation of all the challenges they are experiencing on earth. But again it has to do with the conscious or unconscious visualization the individual has about life after being human. And generally that comes from how they experienced life on earth.

(363) Hell is a condition where we grasp the gravity of our offenses and pay the price for them.

That is not a true statement. Again, hell is a conscious thought process and those who have lives that have been cruel, damning and fearful, void of love and understanding of the oneness, and have created much negative energy on earth are going to be greeted by a level of consciousness in heaven that they will interpret as hell for that is what they will be expecting heaven to be like for them. Those who live on earth that commit grievous acts against others are not going to be met at the level of afterlife consciousness that those who have lived a more positive, supporting, loving life.

(364) Those with negative thought patterns may flee the light of God at death because they are too ashamed or too afraid to have their inner thoughts and negative natures revealed to all.

The only way that statement is a true statement is if that's the consciousness the individual has of what they are going to experience life like after earth. If one feels that after life one is going to be judged in any manner and their entire life experiences and thoughts are going to be exposed to everyone, they will enter Heaven with that consciousness but will soon learn that isn't so.

(365) God does not condemn anyone to hell. People create their own hell by their own physical desires.

The truth of that statement is not by their own physical desires and experiences but by their own consciousness level of their grievous acts against others and themselves which is what they will take into life after earth with them. What you take to Heaven are your thoughts and feelings of your life experiences.

(366) Some people flee the light of God after death for fear their hidden desires and thoughts will be revealed.

That is a partially true statement as God gives every being choice in where and what they choose to be and think and experience. And if an individual is so tormented by their inner guilt and fears that they are afraid to experience God they will not be in the light. But that is their own choice.

(367) Physical desires can be carried over into the afterlife but physical desires cannot be satisfied there. This can create a hellish condition for those who have them.

We would like to address that question at a later date.

(368) One level of hell exists right here on earth where an earthly desire is craved but cannot be satisfied.

That is how an individual would interpret something that they so desire and they are not willing to just accept, not receiving something they chose to have such as someone who has lost a loved one and who cannot accept that death or a divorced individual who cannot accept the separation from their mate. Those are examples of people not moving forward in their life but being stuck with a desire that cannot be met because it is involving another individual and they have no power over this other individual. So they are living in their own hell. Others who see material desires and never receive all they desire and cannot find contentment with their life are continuously experiencing hell.

(369) Some people linger around the living after death, usually to try to satisfy a physical desire. These beings are called "earth-bound discarnates".

There are spirits who will come back to visit earth just because they choose to--maybe help a loved one, console a loved one, or just to experience something that is happening in an environment that they were so comfortable in and just want to revisit that environment. These are not spirits that just hang around between earth and heaven, but spirits who come for a visit. There are spirits who are stuck in between two worlds. And because earth is the only world they think they really know, there oftentimes will be a place that they will continually visit which is how you on earth interpret hauntings. Oftentimes there are places upon earth where events of many deaths have taken place and there will be a few spirits who might continue to linger but oftentimes what is lingering there is just the residual energy of the shock of the events that took place and not the real spirit energy. But it was such a powerful event and affected so many that the energy of many of those involved will continue to exist in that same location.

(370) The devil does not exist; at least not as people on earth believe. There is no being who can be everywhere at once, who has powers to torment everyone at the same time. God would not permit such a being to exist.

We would say that that is a true statement. What those on earth consider the devil is not one energy power as an entity but is the negative emotional energies that one chooses to experience in their life and therefore they are creating their own devil within themselves by choosing to live in fear, anger, blame, hate and all the negative energies one experiences. That is truly what the devil is. And as a person moves closer to their oneness with God they move from all of those negative limiting experiences and energies into the vibrational force of God and love.

(371) There is no devil to blame our own transgressions on. The hell of hells is knowing we were our own "devil". The "devil" is really a person's own ego-centric nature.

We would say that that is essentially a true statement. The devil is the negative energies that we allow to permeate our thinking, the actions that we take that go against the life of the spirit and soul. So these energies take on a living force within the individual and that can be interpreted as guilt, shame, anger, fear, distrust--all the negative energies that reside within all of us. But to the degree which we allow them to control our lives is the degree that we allow the devil in our life, for those are what is truly known as the devil.

(372) However, there are earth-bound human spirits with low vibrations, whom we may regard as "devils" because they can annoy us at times through telepathy. These earth-bound spirits tune in on us through our low vibrations of hate, fear and greed. They can be tuned out with unselfish love, or if necessary be chased away by a stronger spirit such as of Christ.

We would say that that is a true statement.

(373) God will allow people to be dragged into darkness with like-minded creatures. It is a way to purge and redeem them by putting them through this kind of experience.

That is not true. God does not put anyone in any place. It is the individual's choice of where they choose to be, whether it be in a place of darkness or a place of love or a place of emptiness or a place full of joy and happiness. It is up to the individual based on their life experiences and actions where they will put themselves.

(374) However, God does not allow people to be pulled into darkness because of their loving nature. People with a loving nature are attracted upward toward the light.

Essentially that is true. It is important to understand that the loving nature applies to the individual's own self-love and self-forgiveness as much as it applies to the individual loving and forgiving others. Just because someone was always good does not always mean that they are going to be in more light than someone who appears to be less in a place of goodness than what they were. One's inner knowing is a guide for the place of love and light one will be projecting both life on earth and life in heaven from.

(375) An extreme neglect of spiritual matters on earth can result in an earth-bound condition. This is the condition people often associate with "ghosts".

That is not necessarily true for there are many people who live on this earth that are very good people but have not become in tune to their spiritual self, their inner self. There are many people on this earth who attend church and are very in tune to their religious self and again not in tune to their spiritual self at all but who would be considered religious. Either one of these categories based on this statement you made would be people who would be caught in the inbetween world of a "ghost". So, therefore that is not a true statement. Individual spirits who are caught between the two worlds are spirits who for an extreme reason are attached to their earthly bonds that they had here, whether out of anger, fear, or loneliness or even the inability to accept the fact that they have died. There are many such spirits, but there are more of residual energies that have been left by spirits that really aren't ghosts. At a battle field like Gettysburg, for example, the energies one would sense would not be not so much the ghosts that were there but the residual energies of such an event that took place by so many people. And occasionally an event takes place with other entities as well. It takes a great deal of spiritual understanding to know what the difference is between a ghost and spirit energy and residual energy. It is far too difficult for us to put into words and explain these differences to you. At a future time we would be glad to try to describe in more detail these situations to you.

(376) The living have "auras" of light surrounding their bodies. If the aura becomes distorted through alcohol or drugs, an earth-bound discarnate can temporarily possess the body.

We would say that that is not a true statement. There are often people who are quite ill who are on very heavy doses of drugs who are also in so much pain that their bodies are even in a worse condition than those on drugs or those who are alcoholics and would be far more susceptible to having an incarnate spirit take over their being. It is most difficult for an incarnate spirit to take over the presence of another being without the acceptance of that being. We find that in many of your youth that they are so troubled and feel so displaced that they are often the ones who would be most likely to experience such an event taking place.

(377) People on earth are protected from earth-bound discarnates and any harm they may try to do against us when they focus on the love within them.

Well, that is true.

(378) If an addiction isn't conquered before death, it could keep your spirit earth-bound.

That is not a true statement. An addiction is the result of a person who is lost to their soul. These individuals are so often embraced on the other side with so much love and find, in your terms of death, what they were so seeking in earth. For the addiction is the addiction of the body not the addiction of the soul. And once the body and the soul are separated from each other the soul finds itself able to go home. Though it will require much work on the other side it is released and being given a freedom from that addiction. But again it is important to note that it will have much work on the other side for the pain that it experienced on earth that led it to addiction is an inner pain and the addiction was the result of the inability of the individual to work on their inner self. Even though the addiction is of the body it is a result of the soul longing for understanding and not able to get through to the personality.

(379) Earth-bound spirits stay around the earth until they learn to accept the greater power around them and let go of the earth and its desires.

This is often true and many times they just need the services of earth-bound spiritual beings who can help them release their connection to the earth and let them know that is okay to move on. That no matter what they did or what they felt in life, God forgives and the gates of Heaven, if you choose to see it and visualize it in that way, are open for them regardless of what they did . Oftentimes the spiritual being still alive on earth is able to give them a helping hand to move forward into Heaven with their full spirit.

(380) In the hellish realms, people are convinced God doesn't exist. When a person in hell does turn to God, the light of God surrounds them and they are "beamed" out of there. To people in hell, the sight of someone getting "beamed" out probably looks as if they were vaporized. There exists a great fear in hell of prayer.

Hell is what each individual makes it themselves. From what they were taught on earth, from grisly crimes to religious fanatics to those who are so helplessly lost they have no strength to accept the light in their life, so hell is represented in as many different forms as there are different consciousnesses of each individual soul that is making the transformation Souls are given the opportunity to move forward in their soul life. For whatever the life experiences on earth were for that individual soul, they oftentimes do not move to their inner self and the being of love that they are. There becomes an awareness when a tormented soul crosses over, a time when they are able to make the choice of moving from their initial conscious thought of what death was. Because there is no time in heaven, we are not able to tell you what the length of that time is or how long it takes an individual. Oftentimes those on earth are able to help and give a sense of release so that a spirit can move on. Love and forgiveness helps those on the other side as much as it helps those on this side. Many, many times the soul is able to move from their hell into their real life in heaven. That is, choices are given there as well as choices given on earth.

(381) People in the hellish realms do not have the same powers to progress and achieve joy that others with more light in the higher afterlife realms have. Their progress is limited and it is a part of divine justice, but they can choose to grow if they wish.

That is a partial true statement. There is no such thing as divine justice. If there was divine justice, then God would be judging and our God is not a judgmental God. Where an individual is in the afterlife again is in the level of consciousness and what they choose to be experiencing which is usually out of fear and guilt and anger. But it is a true statement that all are given a choice to be able to move into their rightful place in Heaven but that not only requires more work in Heaven but more earth school and lessons as well.

(382) The way out of these hellish realms is to have a willingness to see the light and seek God.

That statement is true as far as it goes. But it has to be a willingness to love and forgive yourself and accept that God loves and accepts you regardless of what you have done. It is your choice to continue to punish yourself and live as the energy that you were experiencing on earth as you take that with you into heaven. You are given the ability to see that you have the choice to move from those tormented states again into your rightful place in heaven.

(383) The light of God will not cross over into the darkness of hell.

That is definitely not a true statement. God's light shines everywhere, even as you live on earth in a place of torment and helplessness and hopelessness. God's light is always there shining despite your inability or lack of desire or motivation to open your eyes into the light as it is in heaven as well. Out of fears and anger and lack of self love and forgiveness, one keeps themselves in the shadows. And again it is one's choice to move into the light whether they are still on earth or in heaven.

(384) To escape the darkness, one must think positive thoughts. Then the light will appear.

To escape the darkness one must forgive and love themselves and forgive and love all others and accept that love. Positive thoughts of course are not the only avenue to this love and this forgiveness, but love and forgiveness are the answer.


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