Spirit Guide Commentary on NDE Research Results


(Note: Spirit guide commentary is in bold)

(1) All human beings, as spirits, took part in the creation of the spiritual universe before taking part in the creation of the physical universe.

All humans have been created by the Creator. All humans have a life prior to being human. They are in a spiritual world. As they evolve they become part of the natural creative process that takes place both here and in heaven. As far as being the original Creator, there is only one original Creator, but each individual is a part of that Creator and thus in essence they all have a role in the creation that is taking place, both here and in the afterlife.

(2) We all have "missions" to fulfill, a purpose for life, a reason for living.

Without a doubt. The purposes that each individual comes to fulfill is not necessarily the purpose of changing the world, creating global results that would help all the world, but the real purpose of an individual to come to earth is to experience their inner knowing and to understand who they are in oneness with God the Creator and then the oneness with the universe. Many people think that this sounds very selfish but until a person can understand that their true meaning and their true purpose in life is to find out who they are, they don't give back to the world with the dynamics that they're able to do so in knowing their oneness and knowing their connection with God, with the universe and with everyone. So it is wonderful that there are many loving, kind people that live on your earth but we would suggest that the main purpose is to know yourself and then to move from that place of knowing to contributing to the rest of the world. Most humans do not approach their purpose from that point of view. They look to see what they can do for others and ignore their own inner growth. Though we must admit as you do things for others you do achieve a certain amount of inner satisfaction and hopefully inner knowing.

As humans you begin with your own initial feelings, emotions, wants, needs and desires. You look at the oneness of yourself and do not expand beyond that. Eventually that goes into a oneness of family and a oneness of community. But in all of these you continue to be a separate entity. You continue to feel that you are separate from one and everything. As you grow in your spirituality you will begin to see that everything is one and that what you experience, what you feel, and what you give out is an energy that affects everyone else, no matter what that thought, what that word, what that experience was, it is an energy that vibrates throughout the entire universe--not just your world but the entire universe. All energy is connected. As you grow in your spirituality you begin to see how a smile given to someone affects not only you and that individual but will move through a chain of events or experiences that affects the entire universe for it is an energy of joy or happiness or caring. Or if your energy is in an attacking mood it is an energy again that affects the entire universe. You as individuals have not understood how that becomes the oneness and as you begin to understand that oneness you will be able to accept another philosophy, another point of view and respect it and not be at odds with it. And this is how wars will end and people will live in peace and love and acceptance of one another. But as long as you continue to feel your separateness you will continue in a world of disarray as you now are doing. As you continue in your oneness for each other it brings you closer to the oneness of the Creator who is in everyone. God is not an individual entity standing up in a throne looking down upon all of you. God is the Creator that is in all of you and that is the joy of learning the oneness and that you are all participating in this life experience together.

(3) We are made to forget our missions so that we will not dwell on them because it will happen according to its time.

We would agree and disagree with that statement. We know that the one mission of all mankind is to create a better world. Depending upon the level of consciousness of each human being depends upon their contribution and their understanding of their purpose. As much as you humans would like to believe that Hitler had no purpose, he truly had a global purpose. One that has been somewhat accepted but the depth of his purpose often goes ignored. As humans you always see the purpose from what you consider good. You make it very difficult for yourselves to see any purpose in something you consider bad. But there are other times in individual human lives where the purpose of what your being is is not something your are consciously aware of. For the goodness of mankind many humans are evolving to understanding a purpose of oneness. As each individual evolves in their oneness with the Creator they are helping their human race to evolve as well.

(4) We have bonded with family and friends to help us complete our missions we chose before we were born.

It is true that you have chosen the life and the people in your life prior to your beginning of human life. As you have chosen your family and the people that you come into contact with to help you see and work towards your mission in life, but because you are a human being with free will and free choice, you often take other paths that are not always paths that have been seen prior to your current life as a human being. Or your path can become disrupted by the interference of another's energy, i.e. accidents, murder, crimes.

(5) All our pre-birth memories are purposely blocked from us by a "veil" of forgetfulness.

This is true though as individuals begin to allow themselves to move into other dimensions they are given the opportunity to understand what life is like on the other side. You see this with your mediums and with other teachers and individuals who have had near-death experiences or who have opened up the channels of visualization, energy transfer and communications with other than your three dimensional world.

(6) The reason we are made to forget any pre-birth memories is so that we might more fully experience the physical things, be physically challenged, make choices out of free will, so we can make mistakes so that we can learn from them in ways that only a physical life can impart. If we retained these pre-birth memories, we might not bother to experience physical life for its fulfillment. We might decide to skip the pain and thus miss the pleasure.

That is an accurate statement.

(7) The reason we cannot retain the incredible amount of knowledge that exists in the afterlife is because if we could, we would appear abnormal to the rest of society. Mentally retarded people are such kind of people who know much more than they can express.

Up to within recent years this is a very accurate statement. If we were to retain the visions of life before being human beings we would not understand the purpose of being human and living in a three dimensional materialistic world of lessons or why we are here. We would just as soon go back and not return to earth for the life on the other side is so very dramatically different from your human life you would wonder why you would choose to come and do the struggles of human life. But it is important that each individual return as many times as they are willing because as they are willing they evolve into higher spiritual beings who become masters and teachers and guides on the other side to those who are entering from the three-dimensional world as well as returning to earth as teachers and guides.

(8) When coming to earth, we must forget our knowledge of the afterlife because if we did not, we would never be able to thrive on earth. If we were allowed to remember, we would only be able to focus on that.

That is an accurate statement.

(9) Before we are born, we take an oath before God that we will pretend time and space are real so that we can come to earth to advance our spirits.

Within your life on the other side it is not necessary for one to take an oath to God for the communication and the understanding between spirit and God is just a given. Oaths are things that humans need to have to describe the intensity of a commitment and in life after earth that is just a given and it does not require such a declaration from the spirit.

(10) Before being born, we raised our right arm and made a sacred oath with God that we would do all in our power to accomplish our missions on earth. We vowed to become partners with God in bringing goodness to the earth. The people we stood with in this pledge were the people who would eventually play an integral part in our lives on earth.

We would say at this time that is a question for you to withhold for it requires much deeper and much more involved explanation than we are able to give you at this time but we would like to bring it up when it can be the main topic of communication.

(11) If one were to fail in their mission, all would be hurt in some way. If one succeeded, all would benefit. We have promised God before coming here we would make the most of this opportunity for ourselves and God.

Again, this is a comment that requires further discussion but we would like to leave that for a future communication.

(12) We return to God with the knowledge and experience gained so God can be enhanced by our experience.

We say no to that statement for you never leave God. You do not have to return to God; you are always with God and God is always with you. The level of your connection with God depends upon your commitment to live life in both the spiritual and human worlds you are now experiencing. God can never be enhanced; God is the totality of all that is. What is enhanced is the individual spirit that is enhanced rising up to higher levels of spirit but God the Creator, the Divine, can never be enhanced more than what he/she/mother/father (however you as humans chose to express this existence) is. Only the individualized spirit is enhanced until it accepts its total oneness of spirit.

(13) Most of us have selected the illnesses we would suffer. Some of us have selected the illness that will end our lives. Our deaths are often calculated to help us and others grow spiritually.

We would say that this is partially accurate. As I think you are aware, only on earth do you accept a death. There is no death in reality. Oftentimes the diseases and situations and experiences that an individual soul has while on earth are there to a greater extent to help many others when the individual themselves appear to be suffering in the eyes of you human beings. Any individual who appears to be suffering has a choice that they can make and that choice is to know that there is only one life and that is not the human life that is a house to their spirit or soul. But we would say there are events that can take place in any individual that were not necessarily, to use your human terminology, pre-ordained for there are energies that can intercept through the actions from other individuals that can change events.

(14) We come to earth to learn and share with others using gifts we have accumulated over several lifetimes.

This is very true.

(15) We pick our own parents based on our own free choice.

This is true.

(16) We choose the body we enter prior to birth.

This is true.

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