The Reincarnation of James, the Submarine Man, by Rick Brown, The Journal of Regression Therapy, Vol. V, Number 1, 1991, pp. 62-71.


This paper concerns an investigation of the life of a claimed past personality, James Johnston, who died early in World War II aboard a U.S. submarine. This past life was described in 1987 during hypnotic regression of a patient being treated for claustrophobia and fear of water. As James, the patient told the story of serving aboard the USS Shark (SS-174), stationed in Manila Bay at the outbreak of hostilities with Japan. He described his life before going into the Navy as well as pre-war operations of Shark. He identified other crew members, and the nature of at-sea operations. On February 11, 1942 the Shark was sunk by an enemy depth charge. James described the immediate sequence of activities and individuals perceived during a Japanese destroyer attack and the progressive flooding which took place during Shark's sinking. The detachment of the spirit from James' body was reported. The patient was born in 1953.

Rick Brown, the hypnotherapist who conducted the therapy and subsequent investigation, obtained documents from the Civilian Conservation Corps and the U.S. Navy, as well as high school and birth records. Brown conducted research on the naval operations described by James at the U.S. Naval Historical Center and Operational Archives. He visited James' hometown in Alabama and interviewed several friends and relatives. Most of the recollections of James obtained during hypnotic regression were able to be verified through these sources.

Additional details associated with this past life can be found in an internet document, including a partial transcript taken from the hypnotic regression sessions.

Key Result

Extensive details of a past life obtained were able to be verified from a variety of credible sources.

Primary Reason to Read This Work

This paper is strong evidence for reincarnation where the past life has been uncovered during hypnotic regression.

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