Near-Death Experiences and the Afterlife, a website created by Kevin Williams

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This website contains a large number accounts of people in both public and private life, all with links on a single page. From the standpoint of providing material suggesting the reality of the NDE, the following individual accounts are the most interesting to read:

Pam Reynolds--With her brain completely dead, she observed details of her operation which could not be seen from her body.

Vicki Umipeg--Blind since birth, she was able to see for the first time during her NDE.

Mellen Benedict--Suffering terminal cancer, he returned from over an hour in a "dead" state to report his NDE. Subsequently, tests revealed that his cancer had completely disappeared.

Ricky Randolph--After return from an NDE, where he was told not to have any surgery for his back which was damaged by a fall, he was able to recover his ability to walk and his doctor indicated that the damage had been completely healed.

Lynn, age 13--She saw her parents praying in another room the hospital after her NDE began, and met a previously unknown uncle. These events were verified after her return.

Evidence--This page contains a summary of many topics which provide strong circumstantial evidence for survival.

Skeptic's Corner--This is a very interesting set of analyses concerning the reality of the NDE.

Verdict of experts--This provides access to the research finding of a number of NDE experts.

Research Conclusions--The creator of this website, Kevin Williams, has analyzed the various messages that have been given experiencers by spiritual entities in NDE's described on his site. He has organized these into a number of categories, linked on the home page, and the results provide a very thorough picture of the afterlife. Each should be read carefully, as their contents collectively provide a major independent "model" of the afterlife.

Primary Reason to Study this Website

This site provides a broad spectrum of individual NDE's, some of which involve information that could have only been obtained while the experiencer was out-of-body. Reading these provide a flavor of the wide variety of these experiences. Also, the thinking of the best world authorities on the reality of the NDE is presented. Finally, this website provides a unique summary description of the afterlife based on the messages which were brought back during NDE's described on the site.


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