Scole Light Displays

The most immediately striking feature of the Scole phenomena was the occurrence of displays of light. As listed in the Scole Report, the (normally single) light point would appear to:

1. Dart around at great speed and perform elaborately patterned dances in front of us, including perfect, sustained circles executed at high velocity and with a precision which appeared inconsistent with manual manipulation.

2. Become visible to one of us but not the person next to him, and then reverse this arrangement as a demonstration of occlusion capacity and intelligent motivation.

3. Settle on outstretched hands and jump from one to the other.

4. Respond to requests, such as alighting on and irradiating parts of our bodies.

5. Enter a crystal and remain as a small point of light moving around within the crystal, or permeating light throughout its structure.

6. While performing a perfect circle of light, switch on and off certain segments of the circle.

7. Diffuse light through a Pyrex bowl, upturned or otherwise.

8. Leave at the base of the Pyrex bowl a three-dimensional image of a glowing crystal which is found to be insubstantial when seized by the investigators, then converting the glowing essence of this crystal into a solid form which could be picked up and replaced--and repeat this procedure twice, to the satisfaction of three close observers...

9. Strike the top of the table with a sharp rap, or the glass of the dome or dish with an appropriate ping, and do this repeatedly while remaining visible as a sharp pin-point of light.

10. Appear inside the ping-pong ball, which was ejected from its position inside the Pyrex bowl on the table to the far side of the room, to be discovered on the floor after the session.

11. Create a diffused glow on the ceiling, on the floor, on the wall..., or around the hands and knees of sitters, sufficient to enable their hands and sometimes be seen by the investigators; create the same glow in mid-air, unreflected from any surface.

12. Illuminate sitters' feet below the edge of the circular table despite the the barrier formed under it by the solid quadrant compartments...

13. Settle on and apparently enter the chests of investigators, who reported internal sensations immediately thereafter, then leaving from a different part of the body.

14. Enter a glass of water held by an investigator, and agitate the water visibly and audibly without being extinguished, his face being immediately above the glass, precluding unobstructed entry of any physical device.

15. Illuminate simultaneously with a generalized glow 6 separate 5-cm high solid Perspex supports of the wooden plinth carrying the glass dome.

16. Settle on the open palms of a guest investigator, who then unfolded the light inside his hands, momentarily, to satisfy himself of the absence of any physical link.

17. With the aid of a silhouette of the hand and fingers or an apparently discarnate entiry, elevate a crystal illuminated from within by a spirit light, and transport it to the other side of the table.

18. Illumine from within a light bulb suspended well above the sitters' heads, with no light coming from the filament.

19 Produce a glow in different parts of the glass tank, and move around there.

20. Appear in a form similar to a large glass marble, which rolled across the table to one of the investigators, producing enough light to illuminate his hands.

21. Move in time to tape-recorded music.

22. Produce 'lightning flashes' in an area of a large room some 3 to 3 1/2 metres from the Group sitting round a table.

23. Appear as two separate lights simultaneously.

24. Undertake several 'bombing raids' on the table top, hitting it very audibly and visibly, and appearing to emerge from an area immediately below the table.

25. Remain for a minute or more as a motionless, sharp, small, steady glow immediately above the table at head height.

26. Change shape from a pin-point of light to a generalised irradiation or glow.

27. Charge with visible light a ping-pong ball, which was levitated, dropped on the floor at the feet of a sitter, and moved away from his grasp...

28. Markedly increase in brightness in apparent response to collective hand pressure on the knees of sitters.

29. Move at very high speed, describing at times perfect geometric shapes within a foot or two of visitors' faces, but without making any sound or creating any perceptible air movement.

30. Illuminate the fingers of a full-size spirit hand which the percipient describes as soft and cool to the touch.

31. Build up from a faintly diffused glow into materialized objects on or floating above the table, the objects taking the shape of small, draped figurines, or a vague 'face' with apparent movement of lips, the various objects being subject to movement, some rising towards the ceiling before disappearing.

32. Instantly vanish on occasions.

33. Build up from nothing to a rock-like shape which rises in the air, passes in fromt of one investigator before halting in front of another, then returning to its place or origin and gradually disappearing.