George Anderson's Lessons From The Light, by George Anderson and Andrew Barone, Putnam, 1999

Summary (from book cover)

Extraordinary Messages of Comfort and Hope from the Other Side. George Anderson, widely considered the world's greatest living medium, brings a message of hope and love for all, based on the extraordinary lessons of his life's work.

At a time when interest in spirituality and the "other side" continues to grow at a phenomenal rate, George Anderson remains the premier voice among those who communicate with lost loved ones. In the twenty-five years he has worked with bereaved families to facilitate contact with their deceased loved ones, he has garnered a worldwide reputation for excellence in his abilities as a medium. His gift is such that many in the medical and scientific fields have taken notice and consider his ability a genuine method of communication with souls in the hereafter.

Here Anderson demystifies what it is to be a medium and answers the many questions most commonly asked of him. He also shares recent moving, inspirational readings that reassure and enlighten us about life, spiritualuty, and our never-ending connection to those who have passed on.

Key Results

A large number of detailed "discernments" are presented of contact with souls from the other side, involving a variety of circumstances of death, relationships, and personalities.

Evidence of the earth identity of the appearing spirit, sufficient to convince almost all people present, is given through Anderson in each discernment.

The communication channel between spirits and Anderson is imperfect and often depends upon the translation by Anderson of images he receives into meaningful messages for his clients.

From the thousands of spirit communications Anderson has received over the years, he has derived much information about the afterlife which is generally consistent with the other sources described in previous lessons. The first four chapters summarize this understanding.

Mediumship can bring real comfort and closure to those who just need to know that their loved ones are happy and at peace where they are.

Primary Reasons to Read This Work

To understand the validity and importance of a gifted medium being able to communicate with souls from the other side. To gain an independent perspective of the afterlife based on this communication. link to book

Internet discernment. This is a description of a discernment with George Anderson, published by a parent who lost children to early deaths.


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