A link to a new book written by Ian Lawton, The Big Book of the Soul, has been added to the site. It is an extensive rewrite of a previous book, the Book of the Souls, which more strongly emphasizes the concept of the Holographic Soul as it relates to soul consciousness. Click here.

A companion website was launched in January of 2009 which took each of the 265 key findings found in Chapter 8 of our Afterlife 101 book and correlated it with hundreds of quotes from other respected spiritual sources. 95% agreement was achieved between the key findings in Chapter 8 and quotes taken from 18 other spiritual sources. This year-long effort was spearheaded by two professional website developers, as well as your editor at this site, resulting in the most comprehensive set of afterlife data contained on a single website on the internet. Click here.

A PDF version of the Afterlife 101 book has been added to the website for those visitors who would prefer to deal with a single source instead of the chapters found on this site, or would like to print out a paper version of the book. Click here.
This PDF version has been provided through the kindness of Ian Jones at

Descriptions of two books written by Ian Lawton, The Book of the Soul and The Wisdom of the Soul, have been added to the site. The first exploits existing research in reincarnation, past and interlife regression, and near-death experiences to provide a very strong evidential basis for belief in the afterlife. The second book presents the results of interlife regression specifically conducted among 10 individuals and correlates their answers to very important questions about the afterlife. Both of these sources agree quite closely to the material provided by the spirit guides here in the Afterlife 101 book. Click here.

Chapter 7, Possible Future Earth Changes, has been updated slightly by the spirit guides to reflect the impact of recent changes in human consciousness in delaying and mitigating the severity of future earth changes. They now believe these earth changes will be the most severe during the period of 2008 through 2010. Click here.

One of the most comprehensive descriptions of the afterlife was written by Allan Kardec one hundred and fifty years ago, "The Spirits' Book". It is organized around answers to some 1019 questions which are now available to review on this website. Click here.

Chapter 8 of the Afterlife 101 book, Key Spirit Guide Insights, has been considerably expanded to include many more elements of this spirit guide communication. Click here.

At intervals from March 2002 until October 2005, the Afterlife 101 website has solicited questions from site visitors relating to the afterlife. The answers provided by our spirit guides to some 137 questions, which were selected by the webmaster from e-mail questions we received, constitute a very valuable addition to the website. They have been integrated into the main body of the Afterlife 101 text in December 2005, resulting in a book of approximately 240 pages in length. These submitted questions are shown in blue color in the book. We no longer intend to continue this question solicitation but we will offer the public free access to this integrated e-book for the indefinite future.

A book, "Is There An Afterlife?", written by David Fontana, has been recently published in 2005. It presents the most complete survey to date of the evidence, both historical and contemporary, for survival of physical death. A summary of this new book can be seen by clicking here.

A site search capability has been added on the home page, making use of the Google site search feature. The visitor can search only within the site in the same way Google is used to search the entire internet.

Dr. Michael Newton has been the trailblazer in the study of spiritual regression which concentrates on recall of the period between lives. In May of 2004 he published the third book in a trilogy, "Life Between Lives, Hypnotherapy for Spiritual Regression", which describes thoroughly the process he has developed in more than 7000 LBL sessions. An introduction to this important new work can be seen by clicking here.

March 2009


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