Interview with an Angel, by Stevan J. Thayer and Linda Sue Nathanson, Ph.D.

Summary (from book cover)

In a dynamic two-year interview an angel answers your most compelling questions. When psychologist Linda Sue Nathanson consulted holistic practitioner Stevan J. Thayer, she was seeking help for a chronic illness. What she received was a gift so unexpected it changed her deepest beliefs about life…and death. Along with the healing she sought, Linda met an angel named Ariel who, channeled through Stevan, allowed her to ask questions that touch us all.

Do Heaven and Hell exist? What is the most powerful prayer? What is the real meaning of angel encounters? Based on audiotapes of those astounding sessions, this book brings us Ariel's teachings and stunning revelations about finding love and our soul mate…about our karma and a divine plan..about the afterlife, the biblical, Eden, Jesus Christ, and even startling information about aliens.

Miraculously, Interview with an Angel directly conveys a message from a spirit guide--words of comfort and guidance and answers to the questions we most want to know.

Key Results

Evidential mediums are concerned with relaying communications with departed spirits in order to aid the bereavement process of loved ones here on earth. These communications often contain personal information which, although ordinary, has great meaning to the persons receiving the reading and helps establish the validity of the messages received. Another important role of mediums is to relay communications ("channelling") between a spiritual entity, such as a spirit guide or angel, and a human who would pose questions and conduct an interactive dialog with this entity. Although evidential content is not emphasized, the intellectual and spiritual information recorded and transcribed can have great breadth and depth. Information credibility is ultimately dependent upon the quality of the messages received and the integrity of the medium and his/her collaborator. Interview with an Angel is an excellent example of this second role of mediums.

The spiritual information provided covers a very wide range of topics, on both earthly and heavenly matters. Some of the subjects dealt with include:

Angels, angelic communication, marriage and divorce, the death process, suicide, birth, life on earth, spiritual evolution, future of our planet, extraterrestrial life, past lives, karma, life missions, heaven and hell, meaning of unity, understanding of God and Jesus Christ.

There is a great consistency between this interview and the spiritual information provided from other sources in this study sequence.

Reading Sequence

This book is best read by beginning it where the interactive dialog with the angel Ariel begins, on page 102. After completing the remainder of the book the reader, if interested, can read the introduction which is primarily a treatise on the phenomenon of inner voices through the ages.

Primary Reason to Read This Work

This book is not evidential. If one accepts that a spiritual entity can communicate with earthly investigators, the message content contained in this book provides much additional insight into a wide range of afterlife issues, is an independent source of such information, confirms many research findings found elsewhere, and can contribute to an in-depth model of the afterlife. link for book


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