This chapter deals with a wide variety of ways that humans interact with the spirit world, and ways that the spirit world affects life among earthlings, particularly through the efforts of spiritual entities such as angels and spirit guides.


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First is a summary of various ways in which humans can improve their spiritual evolution upon earth.


Earth life will never be heaven life

The first thing we would say about you humans living upon earth is that there are many of you who want to live in the spiritual realm who have incarnated many times, not just from this human life but from other high spiritual levels, and you so want your earth to be as higher evolved beings live their life and what life is like in heaven, but you have not yet achieved this. You on earth have one of the most beautiful places in all of the universe to live and you are so terribly destructive to your mother earth. We would say that part of your evolution is to learn how to live and make your life convenienient and easy and harmonious. But to do it with the harmony of working with mother earth and not being destructive to her.

Those who are of the highest spiritual planes upon your earth understand that earth is a school and understand that you are to come here to learn lessons and understand that earth is not meant to be heaven. There are those who have not quite reached that spiritual evolution, but who have attained a much higher spiritual evolution than the masses of your earth, and these individuals would love to see life be treated on earth as it is in heaven and have not reached the level of spiritual wisdom to know that earth life will never be heaven life and that the whole purpose of earth life is for spirit souls to come and learn lessons.

 Earth can have a higher spiritual consciousness

But even though earth life can never be like heaven life, it can evolve to a much higher spiritual consciousness than it is now experiencing. To do this one really begins with their own individual self and that is to learn self love, self forgiveness, self acceptance and self worth. For without these, many of the things that you tend to do and help in others are nothing but a way to evade the lessons that you have really come here to learn and you have not learned to do this. But we are not saying there is anything wrong with help that you give to others, it is a way for you to not put the time into learning of self. If you on earth could only learn the lessons of acceptance, forgiveness, to live a life without fear and anger, and to know about love and compassion in everything that you do. If you can learn to feel that love and that compassion, that acceptance, that each and every one of you have come from a different perspective and have different lessons to learn from that perspective on earth, your earth would be a much more harmonious, peaceful, flourishing environment for everybody. For you as humans, especially in your country of the U.S.A., excess is an everyday way of life for the majority of people. Even those who appear to be quite poor still have more than many of the people in other parts of the world who have nothing.

 All objects on earth deserve respect

You on earth have not learned to live together as one unit. You have not learned to accept and respect the individuality of each person upon earth, whether it is within your own country or in other countries. Respect is something that should be given to every living creature. Therefore, respect is something that everything upon earth should have the vibrational energies of, whether it be from a blade of grass, snowflakes, animals, humans--whatever it is, you are all created by the same God. And if you would learn to have respect for each individual item/creature upon earth then you would begin to see the respect turned around to you far more than it does now.

 Have earthlings become essentially the least evolved inhabitants compared with people who inhabit other planets?

 No. Though you have a long way to go there are other beings at other places who are at much lower consciousness and very three-dimensional in their consciousness. These people can be very dangerous if they would choose to come to your earth world for they can pull down the consciousness of many communities and could create havoc in your own world. But they would be doing it by force and by destruction for they

Why are earthlings relatively lower in their evolution compared with people on other planets?

 We have found that as earthlings you do not have respect for your environment. You have very little respect for your individual mankind. You do not have respect for the diversified nations that make up your world. And though there are many that have and are working in trying to help your world you still have a long way to come. But yes, there are even lower individual worlds that still exist. But you as earthlings are the ones who, generally speaking, create the energy of your active people--your people who are involved in higher office who think they are in control of you.

 Is earth the most beautiful planet in the universe?

 Most definitely. Your planet was created for the beauty, the love, all of the senses that you feel as a human that are often lost in the majority of all other worlds but your own. And there is no mistake because your earth was built as a school and was built to offer you all the most beautiful pleasures one could ever imagine. Many other beings would love to come and live upon your earth just for the beauty. They often look into earth from afar and are just amazed at how beautiful your earth is and also very broken-hearted for your disrespect tor your mother earth.

 Why was it created to be such a beautiful planet if its inhabitants are of a relatively lower spiritual evolution?

The Creator created such a beautiful planet and hoped the humans living there would respect and help maintain such a place. Because humans have free will they are not living responsibly on earth. They are very destructive to mother earth and other creatures living there.

 Did humans biologically evolve from simple cellular life?

Man did evolve from a simpler form of life and you can in this day and age see the likeness between yourselves and your forebearers within the apes and gorilla families. You had a great deal of assistance from other planets also in your development to where you have become much more highly developed than your original forebearers were.

 Did the Creator envision, in your opinion, that man would eventually have his current physical form?

We do not believe that the Creator was so much interested in the physical form as in the inner growth of His/Her creation. But with much reincarnating, much evolution and much assistance from other beings on other planets, you have evolved into one of the most beautiful beings on all of the planets that exist. Now, we wish that inwardly you could be the most loving and accepting and forgiving beings in all creation but we know at this point you are not. And the Creator was hoping to see you evolve more in line spiritually as you have evolved more in line physically and feels a great sadness that this has not yet occurred.



You on earth abuse your bodies terribly, either through drugs or through alcohol, through excess eating, and smoking. You abuse your body, which is truly a temple that houses your soul and your spirit. If only you could learn to do everything in moderation upon earth as far as eating and exercising, and the compulsions you have on earth, if you could just learn to have moderation, you would all manifest your life lessons with much more ease and much more harmony. But especially in your country you tend to be excessive in all aspects of life. It is not necessary that you have to live a strict daily ritual of diet and exercise and meditation. Moderation again is the word here and what works for each individual. But do not get lost along your path to spiritual evolution and higher vibrational energies, do not get lost along that path, that life has to have so many rituals before you begin to become a validated individual along that path. We would think that you can learn to do and be healthy in many ways and being over-excessive in one area and not so in another does not give you balance. There is moderation in everything that you do in your life, moderation to your exercise, moderation to your eating.

 Being overweight often does not reflect balance in life

The majority of people, especially in your country, are extremely overweight. And that is because they have not been able to find themselves, and the gratification they get is in the food they eat. And their inability to have a higher physical level of energy is something that blocks them from being able to move into higher levels of spirituality because they are not honoring themselves. We will say that there are many people in your country who have larger bodies and do exercise and who are moderate in their eating and it is just their physical makeup to be on the heavier side, but they have balance in their life, they have balance in their self-love, their self-acceptance, they have balance in their friendships, they have balance in their diet and balance in their exercise. And the word that we are trying to get at here is balance. It is not over excessive indulgence in one side or the other side but to have a balance. So, just because you see a person who you would term over-weight doesn't necessarily mean they are, because they have balance in their life, so they're not being self-destructive We are not talking about the extremely obese individuals on your earth because we know that their indulgence does not have a balance to it.

 How humans can contribute to global spiritual evolution

Each of you as individuals will ask--what is it? What can I do? How can I participate in this spiritual evolution of not only myself but of many others? You first can begin by not judging, you can begin by not being fearful, and by forgiving. These are things that each individual person can do in their own life and then expand that out beyond their life, to their circle of friends, to their town, to their county, to their state, to their United States government, to their world, and then on out to the universe and beyond. It is a lesson in infinity and you can become a part of that infinity by sending out your higher vibrational energies of love and unconditional acceptance and prayer--and knowing that there is one power and all of you are from this one power.

It is very difficult for you on earth to understand that as you give, you receive back. And so whatever you give out in your thoughts, not just in material things, but in your thoughts and your emotions--what you give out towards other individuals is going to come around back to you in another form or another low-level energy. And so, it is very important for you on earth to look at your own thoughts, to look at your own actions and especially to look at your own words because you can truly understand the experiences in your own life by hearing your own words.

Terrorism and war are part of your earthly lessons

Your world right now is faced with much activities towards terrorism and towards war and it is a very complicated issue for us in the spiritual world to be able to share with you on earth, because in the spiritual world we know there is no such things as war and hatred and anger and fear and distrust. There are no such things as terrorism or destructiveness towards yourself or others. But those are things on your earth that you were brought here to learn the lessons of.

 Living your life

So, right now just to reflect back is to say, that you on your earth, if you could just learn to have balance in your life, if you could have more compassion and forgiveness and if you could be more considerate and respectful to your mother earth and not be so concerned with losing conveniences and having the easy way out all the time--you would find that within yourselves you would first begin to feel a shift in your life and then you would see that same shift evolving out to those closest to you and then eventually evolving out having an effect upon your whole earth. Do not forget though that earth is a place for you to come to to learn these lessons. You learn these lessons at a much faster pace or evolution than you would in heaven because you do not have all the earth experiences in heaven as you do have in your human life. So embrace this learning process that you are going through on earth and continue to turn within and ask your spirit guides about the lessons you are learning about, what you should learn about feeling your own feelings, about feeling your own emotions.

Become aware of the joys, become aware of the anxieties, and question them. Do not just let them hang there in your life--question them. And when you feel pleasure and joy, look and see what the pleasure and joy is, because it is beyond the visual or audio or touching that you have, it has something to do that goes deep within you. And look and see where it is coming from and do not forget to give thanks for all those joys and for all the lessons you are learning. And you can make the choice to learn your lessons the hard way or the easier way and it is up to you as how you choose on earth to look at it.

 How would a person on earth move into higher consciousness in spiritual realms or evolve spiritually?

We are not sure if this question means do they evolve spiritually in a human realm as well as a spiritual realm? In a human realm, to continue to evolve spiritually one needs to make their spiritual life their priority life, to be in meditation, to move beyond the shackles of their three-dimensional world, to study, to ask for guidance and to live their life in such a manner. Many times what prevents any human being from moving beyond their current spiritual consciousness level is because of one of the biggest human restraints, the feeling of fear--fear of the unknown, fear of not being good enough, fear of being laughed at, fear of not being accepted. That will keep you from moving and advancing in your spiritual life more than anything. In your spirit life, you do continue to evolve spiritually by looking at all your past lifetimes, at the lessons that you have learned and the lessons you have not learned and to be prepared to return to earth to live the next reincarnation in trying to, so-to-speak, get an "A" in earth school. And acknowledging what motivates you and what holds you back from your higher spiritual journey and to work with and overcome whatever the restrictions are. It is your responsibility and cannot be learned by you unless you are willing to do whatever is necessary to let go of those restrictions.

 Are there methods of meditation, affirmation, spiritual practices, in addition to love and kindness that would be beneficial?

 Most definitely. Your ability to communicate to spirit guides, to spirit angels--who are earth angels--to help you and assist you in earth problems are all part of the school of evolving into a higher consicousness. Again, there are many messages and teachings from earthly beings to help you open that door. One of the most beneficial methods that an earthling can follow is to heal within themselves, to heal from the fears, to heal from the angers, to heal from the unforgiveness. As one begins to accept the fact that they have to take responsibility for themselves in eliminating those restrictions, to be willing to--even though they don't think they hear or receive messages--to be willing to acknowledge they are getting these messages in many forms, in many ways, will help in their spirit evolution. Meditation, nature for some, healing for others, being of service to human beings, but seeing that as a gift from your Creator that you have and to take that gift of healing, to accept it as the most natural experience for you to be having on this earth, and to remove your personality and ego from any such human events of service to others. To remove your ego and to become humble is all part of your evolution.

 Why aren't the lessons to be learned in a lifetime clearly communicated to all humans at an early age?

 The lessons that you came to earth to live in this life were told to you before coming to earth. You have those lessons within you at all times. It is important for you to understand that every experience you go through, you go through by making choices. The choices you make determine if your lessons are going to be easier or if they are going to be more of a challenge. You make those choices. But deep within you, you know what those lessons are, already. You can look back through the experiences within this lifetime and you can see what you have done and what you have not done. And you can see your repeated patterns; patterns will continue to repeat until you learn the lessons.

 If life is understood to be an illusion, won't this reduce the reality and effectiveness of life's lessons?

 As humans come into the world in three dimensions--as a three-dimensional being --you come and make the choice to be this three-dimensional being. Knowing that you are going to be facing challenges and having choices which will all seem very real, for that is the whole purpose of coming to earth is to face those challenges and make those choices. Until a spirit soul evolves so high in consciousness it does not understand the term that you would use that life is an illusion.

 Do you consider that life is an illusion or reality?

 We would consider life a reality as much as possible because it is a phase that your spirit soul goes through and the reality of what you do with life on earth or others follows through with you into your spirit life. So, how could you say that it is just an illusion when the choices that you make move with you into your spirit world? We just find that this would be an extremely long discussion to have with individuals because of the conflict of life on earth and spirit life and those who believe that life is just an illusion. It is just another part of your spirit life that is moving into a faster way of raising your consciousness, so we believe that this could be a debate that would go on for a very long time but we consider the life experiences to be real. Life itself is an illusion but the life experiences are real for they help you to evolve at a much faster pace as we

Next is a summary of various spiritual aspects of early human development, beginning at conception.


Role of spirit guide in childbirth and infancy

With respect to the birth process, when the baby is born and the spirit enters the body of a baby that is being born, what is the role of the spirit guide during the immediate birthing process, if any?

When an infant is birthed, actually even before an infant is birthed, as it is being carried in the human body the spirit guide is there to continue to help it understand that it is moving again into a physical form and that, though for quite some time it will be in a physical form, it will still have this very direct connection with its spirit form. And the spirit guide is there to help it gradually become consciously disconnected from its spirit form and move into the fullness of its human form.

 Spirit experience before birth

What does the spirit experience during the period after it leaves spirit life and the moment of birth of an infant in its new body?

Before its birth it is still experiencing its spirit life, moving into another form. It is beginning to feel certain physical restrictions that it does not feel as a spirit. It is beginning to feel life connected in a more solid form than it did not feel as a spirit. It maintains its connection to its own spirit life though it begins to decrease. But until it's about two years old, a child is still connected, fairly strongly, with its spirit world and knowledge of the spirit world. It feels a complete restriction once it has moved into its own life versus growing within the womb and it at birth feels a complete physical restriction that it had not known until that time. As it continues until about two years old it is connected to a strong love bond. Infants who are born into abusive families even as infants are extremely confused because they have not understood about the lack of love and caring because it still has this other connection. We would say that though an infant is physically abused it has a spiritual support and connection that an adult or older child would not have.


This may be repetitious, but when does the spirit fully or partially occupy the infant's body in the mother's womb?

The spirit is almost fully occupied in the body from birth but it does not lose its full connection to its spirit being and its spirit life until about two years old.

How about before birth? Does it from time to time enter and be inside the infant's body while its in the womb?

Most definitely so. It is beginning a transition period. It is not like death. It does not happen instantaneously, where in death, it moves from the body instantaneously. As it becomes a new soul, it is experiencing the gradual restrictions of a body and the growth of moving from spirit into a human body. And it is being guided and given an understanding from a spirit guide, a spirit teacher, from what it will be going through and then at birth and oftentimes after birth it will feel this, though it does not really leave the body, it is able to fully feel and experience what the spirit world was.

 Soul creation

You have earlier described when a person crosses over, their soul leaving their physical body and entering in and being absorbed into the spirit. When a baby is reincarnated, is the opposite process underway, namely, a new soul is created and detached from the spirit in order to reside completely within the infant's body?

We will try to describe what we think you are asking about. The transformation from spirit to human is the aspect of a new soul, a new personality, a new ego being created. And as this soul is evolving during the pregnancy stage, that is how the humanness is being created. And the consciousness of spirit moving from spirit form into human form, and though spirit is always who you are and is always with you, it is not in a conscious form as your soul is. And your soul is the makeup of your humanness.

And could you describe when the soul enters the infant?

When the spirit decides it is going to be that human, the soul begins its development then even at the beginning of conception.

And if you like, it is located inside the fetus, the infant at that time?

Yes. For the soul is the beginning of the birth of the human and the spirit will eventually become around, as we have said many times, at two years old--become the subconscious connection to the human but never leaves it.


Do spirits ever bring physical imprints such as birthmarks from past earth lives to the new infant's body?

Yes. The reason that this is done is because again this is generally a spirit that has evolved to a higher consciousness level and this is part of the spiritual teachings that it will help bring to those on earth.

Loss of understanding of spiritual origin

A child essentially after the age of 3 has lost all but a very strong conscious contact-- direct contact--with heaven and life on the other side. So that when a child after 3 crosses over, their meeting on the other side--they are often met with many loved ones who are there even though they were gone for a short period of time. They have lost that strong initial contact of what life really was and so these young human souls are going to return to heaven with a greeting from many angels and many loved ones and after a period of time will move back into its original soul form with all of its energies from all lifetimes that are there in its spirit form and will move from its soul to its spirit form and will continue life not as an infant but as the mature spirit that it has become through many incarnations.

Number of incarnations are not important

When a soul returns to heaven into its spirit form, the number of incarnations does not necessarily have anything to do with its level of spiritual consciousness. The soul moves into its spirit form and could have had many, many incarnations but not have learned the lessons as quickly as other soul spirits who have had fewer incarnations but who have learned their lessons at a much quicker pace. So it does not matter how many incarnations a soul has gone through as much as it means what they have learned when they have been reincarnated.

 Why do some people have spontaneous memories of past lives and others do not?

 There are many different energy fields that completely and always surround any individual at all times. One could be on the path, seeking their past lives, so they are very connected with that energy field and choose to move into it and seek the answers of past lives. There are those who have absolutely no belief and no connections whatsoever and who live rather lower-level consciousness experiences in their current human lifetime. And yet an event can happen that will jolt them, move them, accelerate them into a higher consciousness level and they will touch another dimension and will see such an experience. That can often be just an instantaneous experience or it can oftentimes be an experience that will continue for the rest of their current life on earth. There are many explanations. You on earth always are looking for the simplest, most concrete understanding of events, and it does not happen the way that you live your life in such a three-dimensional world expect it to happen.


 Children who may be bad seeds

Is there actually a bad seed that is born? We would say that this is a very difficult question to answer for there appears to be children who come into this earth, those who you would say were bad seeds, who are often spirits who made the wrong choice in coming to earth in the time they reincarnated. They are oftentimes children who are born into families of extreme distress, extreme anger, and to use your earth words, extreme dysfunctional environment. They feel, as they are in the mother's womb, all of these events taking place but had hoped that they would be able to be strong enough to overcome such earth energies. Once they are born they realize that after a very short period of time this is not going to happen. They have picked up enough of the anger energies within the environment they are moving into to only know that that is the only thing they are experiencing.

This happens at an extremely early time in an infant's life, so as that infant continues to develop it has nothing but the anger to develop from. And when you think that you are seeing a bad seed it is not because the soul spirit that incarnated was bad when it incarnated. It's just that it has never been given any opportunity in that incarnation to experience the joy and the love of what life can really be because it is continuously surrounded by such dysfunctional negative energy. As we would say the case was with the boys in Littleton, Colorado. These are very troubled souls on earth and continue through that experience in their youth until they are given an opportunity to see that there are other energies out there in life that they have a choice to experience or not experience.

 Children with extreme physical and mental disabilities

To those children who come to earth who are suffering from extreme physical and mental disabilities, they have made that choice. Some are fully aware of their physical discomfort but generally speaking those that have the mental disabilities do not often experience from the same emotional feeling levels that other humans do, and so are therefore void of many of the energies and thought processes that those of you on earth "that are normal" experience and therefore find a simpler and easier way of life within their own disability. Though they will appear to be extremely mentally and physically disabled, there is another part within them that is moving forward at a very high evolutionary experience. You will often see such experiences in savants or you will see this in those who appear to be slow but are extremely talented in one field or another. Again these individuals do not suffer from many of the emotional and thought processes that the masses of human population do.

Importance of love to an infant

The lack of love is very crippling to an infant soul that has returned. We cannot express enough how important the initial connection between the mother and the spirit soul who is going to be coming to earth--how important the acceptance of caring for that child is and the love that is being given to it as it is being carried. This bond of love is so vital and so important to the evolution of that spirit soul and will help determine how quickly its lessons and challenges on earth are often met. Children who are often abused and neglected are left with a strong sense of emptiness in their lives for many years. They are often pushed aside by society as bothersome or troublesome and are not given the opportunity to see other choices that they can make in life until they become adults. As they become adults they are allowed to see that that they have many doors and opportunities that are open to them. Their spiritual evolution will often depend upon the growth they will as an adult make and we are talking about the spiritual evolution of what they were as a spirit through many incarnations. For those who are given an opportunity to move forward as an adult that they were not able to experience as a child, their choices so often depend upon again the spiritual evolution they came to earth with from other incarnations. Many times there will be two adults who are side-by-side given the same opportunities but, because they are at different levels of spirit evolution, will take very different paths.

 Adult contribution to children

We cannot express enough how important it is for adults of your world to be able to share and express and encourage and support with love. Young children upon your earth after the age of 3 have really lost the contact, as we have mentioned before. We talk about children going through terrible 2's and that when they begin to completely separate from their spirit and knowing of life on the other side--from about 3 on they still have a strong awareness of there being another life but they have made a complete earth connection at approximately the age of 3. Yet they are much more aware and much more open to experiences of the other dimensions and can be very wise if you are willing to be open to listen to some of the things that they say. This is especially true with children with very vivid imaginations and with children who are suffering from tragic illnesses from dysfunctional energies upon your earth. It is most important that you as adults on earth give your children a sense of belonging, a sense of being supported, and a sense of guidance and direction without allowing them to fend for themselves. Many times you as adults go from one extreme to the other with children upon your earth. You are either far, far too strict and structured and not able to see that they have their own individual thoughts and energies or you will go to the other extreme and let them run rampant in their own thoughts and energies without enough guidance.

In either case this is very difficult for the young spirit soul because they have really no true sense of belonging in either place. One, they are not allowed to be who they are and the other, they have no sense of a strong love connection in a family that lets them "be your own individual person". We know as adults that you are not given directions for being a parent. We wish that we could be heard much stronger than what we are so that these young spirit souls that are reincarnating in life could meet their challenges with a little more ease and comfort. When that does begin to happen on earth you will then see a strong evolution in the lives of and in the life style of your earth.

 What possible spiritual purpose could be achieved when horrible abuse is visited upon a young child, such as in the case of ritual abuse?

 There are so many dynamics and so much misplaced energies upon your earth, the abuse of a young child being one of the worst that one could experience. Generally speaking, a child who has been so abused is here to learn the lesson of forgiveness and is here to learn the lesson of compassion. This does not always work as we well know. But there are many people involved in the lessons that are involved in such an act with children. There are many dynamics to such acts that we cannot explain to you why such terrible deeds do happen upon your earth. But if one is to take the spiritual form of it, it is to learn forgiveness and compassion and to give love no matter what the experience was and you can give that in your human form or in your spirit form as life moves on for you. We would say that those are the biggest lessons and the reasons for such atrocious acts.



Next is a set of questions and answers that deal with a wide variety of features of human life and their relationship with the spirit world.


Human faults

What is the fundamental cause of the faults found in human nature?

Fear. Very low energy vibrations and fear. Fear is generally the motivating factor for all negative acts that you see upon your earth. It is all based on fear of one form or another, fear of not being accepted, fear of not being good enough, fear of being eliminated. Fear is the biggest contributor to the dark side of mankind, followed by anger. Those are the two largest reasons.

 If a human commits a spiritually negative act that affects his family on this earth, what are the consequences to his soul?

 The consequences to his soul are not different from that caused by any other being that he has come into contact with or created the same scenario with as he has his own family. There is no dividing line between family and strangers.

 If negative, how can this person reach forgiveness and accelerate his soul level back to its normal state and live among his soul group again?

It is just a process that spirits go through. We would like to come back to this question please later.


 Immature spirits

What percentage of spirits incarnated on earth today could be considered immature?

Do you mean as human beings or as spirits themselves?

As spirits themselves.

We would say many of your countries in your world where there is continuous strife and struggle, where there is much anger, where there is a great underdevelopment of all sorts--in those worlds these are spirits who are still immature and young spirits, coming to earth learning earth's lessons from nursery school and kindergarten.

 How can a spiritual person function well in an environment which is negative towards spiritual knowledge (and tries to limit his powers)?

 These are the challenges that you choose to undertake when you come to the earth and live in a three-dimensional world. It can often be a lonely world. It can often be a world as you seek your higher consciousness, of many different paths, many different challenges. If this is your heart's desire you will find a path that works for you and you will be willing to accept at whatever cost you see in the three-dimensional world to continue that path. That again is the person's choice. You are given free will, free choice, and have a responsibility upon earth. That does not mean that if you decide to do a spiritual path, that you can avoid many earth responsibilities but you have the ability to incorporate those spiritual path upon your human life as well. And it again is your choice as to what you will sacrifice and what responsibilities you will carry to continue that path.

 Is there a way to block out or protect yourself from negative vibrations from other people? If so, how?

 There most definitely is and every individual upon earth has the ability to do this regardless of the level of their spiritual consciousness. And that is simply by believing and connecting with God in whatever environment you are in, asking for the love of God and the protection of God to completely surround you and to be with you at all times. Often individuals will find themselves in very violent situations and as one connects to that love of God, and the protection of God, one will feel that love and protection in a way that you ordinarilily would not feel and understand at the time. But, yes, one can always ask for the love and protection of God at all times and one can go into, say, a family environment that is often very adverse and negative and still feel the love of a family but ask to be protected from that outside three-dimensional antagonistic energy.


 Departure from a life plan

What factors cause departure from a life plan?

Well, as we have discussed before, we do not thoroughly understand ourselves. At times energies can cross, can intercept another energy. Usually when that happens, what will happen will be on a much larger scale than an individual scale. It is for the better for the whole instead of the individual, and that is often misunderstood in your country. But oftentimes when an act happens, and generally this act is almost always of a negative nature, but can be extremely positive as well. But there are times when something not only bad happens to individuals upon your earth, but good things which you rarely hear, that helps to manifest a much stronger and brighter life than an individual might have had had they not connected, if their energies had not crossed paths. So, it's not always a negative experience when energies intercept what was originally thought out, what that spirit thought he would be doing when he came to earth.

 Why do many humans never even come close to achieving their 'lessons' in their lifetimes?

 Because they are not open to the higher consciousness, they are not open to other dimensional worlds. They are strictly living within their three-dimensional world and are not understanding the consequences of every action and every thought that one has in the three-dimensional world

How can one grasp his/her true mission?

 One needs to go into their heart and feel their greatest desires, feel their greatest love, ask to be guided to that, know what brings you the most joy and pleasure upon earth. One's mission could be just one simple thing for their entire lifetime and that could have been a smile that you gave to someone who was contemplating suicide and that smile turned their life around. So do not look for missions that have to be overwhelmingly experienced because your misson upon earth is to find your inner self, find your love, and give that love back to the earth. For many people, it is many different things but acceptance and love and forgiveness are three very big missions for any soul upon earth to be able to acquire within their life to bring them to high, high spiritual levels and in doing so your energy helps move the energy of your earth all the way around to higher consciousness.


 Astral travel

Does the spirit of a human on earth detach from the body during sleep and have a separate existence?

No. It could. You have many people who will try to astral-project or who will be astral-projecting into their dreams, but generally no, the spirit soul likes to stay within its human body. So, it is not necessary to leave its body at night when it sleeps, although there are times when it has asked for permission and been granted to be able to do some exploring in other parts of the earth world or in other parts of the universe.

 What happens to our souls when our bodies are asleep?

 To some, nothing happens. Your soul stays within you and you continue in your three-dimensional world. To others there are soul travels, travels to other places within your world or travels to other dimensions. Oftentimes your soul will stay within your body and you will communicate with others from other dimensions. You will oftentimes interact with other souls upon the earth that you have a deep connection with, either through love or through hate and the souls will meet upon another plane and do what is necessary to release the need to share and communicate words and actions they are unable to do upon earth. This can be a time when you can do a great deal of healing as well.

 Why are some allowed and others not allowed to remember these meetings?

 There are times when it is only important for the information that you have experienced in your travel to come to you in a subconscious way that you later on will respond to in your actions and thoughts upon earth. This is a way of helping you become more aware of yourself and your evolution spiritually. There are those who have no connection whatsoever to anything other than the three-dimensional world who are either living their life as victims, living their life in the total materialistic world, living their life not beyond anything other than the three-dimensional world and have no connection with their spiritual evolution. This can happen to anyone from homeless people to multi-billionaires. The reason is that they just are not connecting with their soul themselves. There are times when a big event will happen, unbeknownst to them with their soul, that will act as an eye-opener and they will then begin to evolve. But this is the exception.

 While sleeping, I have heard voices that should not be there, and have even been awakened by a few. Is there any way that I can find out what is happening?

Voices that are heard as one goes into a sleep consciousness can be voices from many different areas of one's life. They can be spirit guides talking to you from the other side. They can be loved ones who have crossed over trying to communicate to you. They could just be the energies left of individuals who have crossed over from the location where you are. There are many reasons why one would hear the voices. Go to your inner self and ask for love, guidance and protection and ask who the voices belong to. If you can in your sleep, just ask the voices who they are. Each night as you go to sleep make sure that you give yourself the blessing of love and protection from higher spirit and know that you will be safe and in your sleep conscious state you will ask who are you of these voices and you will have no fears at all.

 Is it possible for someone to be harmed while astral travelling and, if so, under what circumstances?

 Those upon your earth who have done astral travel have tried to make it be such a simple experience for others who can just jump into it any time they want. And with a little bit of training, this is true. They can jump into astral travel at any time they want. What is not explained about this is that you need to have a very deep understanding of the events of astral travel, of the energies and forces beyond your third-dimensional world that you will encounter in astral travel. It is not just a matter of going from one room to another room. You will be so-to-speak on a freeway of many universes and many other beings and you need to understand the dynamics of what this astral travel is. It is not a weekend vacation taken for an hour. It has many effects and you need to be well-prepared before just jumping into astral projection. It is not a game any more than the Ouiji board is a game.

 Could you give any example of a harmful effect that could take place in astral travel?

 One could encounter energies, for there are many energies in the astral plane, varying from those with very high spiritual consciousness to those of far, far less spiritual consciousness. You can encounter any of these energies and unless you are well prepared and have a complete understanding of how to protect yourself these can have emotional as well as physical effects upon your life at your return to your three-dimensional life.


Parallel lives

Do spirits ever live parallel lives on earth simultaneously?

No, they do not. Do you mean one spirit in two separate bodies?


No, that is not the case.


What is the proper role of prayer for a human?

Well, on your earth humans so much come to prayer petititoning for something, whether it be health or love or marriage or divorce or money or material aspects of its life they want, it is always coming in one form or another, beseeching and asking for such things in their life. So beseeching is often the way a human prays. It is most important for you as humans to realize that you do not have to go beseeching and asking and begging for something you want. To come to true prayer with God is to come and give thanksgiving for anything that you wish in your life, knowing that it has already been done.

So, when you are faced with any situation, if you give thanks before any materialistic three-dimensional form is experienced, you have experienced it in your mind, your brain, your heart, and you have taken it to God and said thank you for creating it and not thank you for having it at this point because, even though you don't have it, it is important that through your prayer you know that you already have it. Prayer does not have to be through prayer beads, praying to any sort of statue or any idol. Prayer can be done while doing dishes, while in the bathroom, prayer has no specific part--as long as you are talking to your spirit guide and God you are committing to that love of God within your heart, right then.

 If you want to ask for special guidance or help from a Saint, is it best to do so via your own spirit guide and not directly to this Saint yourself?

 We believe you are just using different terms to describe the same thing. If you believe there is a Saint who is a higher evolved spirit being we believe that is the spirit--the same as the Saint. And that spirit being will be there to help you. So if you are looking for specific guidance from a specific saint, we know that that is a spirit guide--the same as your saint--and they will be there to help you. You must be willing to take responsibility for your role from that help. You must be willing to know that you are truly opening your heart up to a higher level of consciousness and that you are willing to work with that consciousness, that it does not do it for you but works with you. We will say in times of dire emergencies, in times of extreme difficulties and oftentimes the saint will be there to carry you through it but you will be aware of that after the situation is over and know that you too had a role in that. But the majority of the time it is your responsibility to work with that spirit guide as well as just not saying, okay, come and do it for me. You must be responsible in that role yourself.



What is the proper role of meditation for a human?

There is a verse in your bible such as--come in and shut the door, or come in and be quiet, or walk in the dark. That is what meditation does, it helps you to be still. And be still and know that you are God, be still and listen to God, listen to what information is being given to you by God and to let go and to let yourself release all such energies that have been creating such an upset in your life.


What was the meaning of Christ's life for today's humans?

You on earth tend to worship Christ the man instead of Christ the teachings. The whole point of Christ coming to earth was for his teachings. And He was able to accept and know that God was always there and it's His teachings that surround and enfold all people on earth. Even though they do not believe in Christ Jesus as many of your Christians do, they do believe in Christ who was able to surpass all evil, who was able to surpass all illness, who was able to surpass all the challenges that were put in his life because He knew that God was there at all times. And He did not live a life of fear, He did not live a life of guilt, He did not live a life of anger. He lived a life of love and compassion and understanding and acceptance and as Christians that is what you should come to know and understand your Jesus to be, not just the man that died on the cross for your sins, but because we believe that many of the stories in your English bibles are not very valid stories.

 Are we to take the Bible's account of Jesus' resurrection literally?

 It depends upon your spiritual philosophy if you take that to be a literal meaning or not. Remember this is a man-made thought process and man deleted much of the additional information to help one evolve. Though we do not point a finger at any one spiritual philosophy, it is your choice of what you wish to believe.

 Will Jesus return to the earth in order to accelerate the process of our evolution in terms of our levels of spirituality and how we treat the earth and each other?

 We do not prefer to make any comment on any one connection with any one religion except to say that we know that Christ Jesus was a wonderful, marvelous, highly, highly evolved spiritual being that came to earth in a human form and was a master of master teachers.

 What significance does the way Jesus Christ died have for today's humans?

 Jesus Christ was a symbol of hope and a symbol of cleansing for all humans. His ability to reappear after three days of being declared dead is to give hope to everyone, regardless of their religious philosophy, that life does continue. And to evoke fear in those who do things such as the killing of other humans to show that they are responsible for their actions and that all humans are given the ability to live the life the same as Christ did. Christianity in your world is the strongest religion that draws together energies of hope but is also many times misunderstood and your human laws and your human desire to control often creates shadows over the real reason of the story of Christ Jesus and not accepting stories of other beings who reached such levels of spirituality. If you could remove some of the human errors that have been projected into your earth world about Christ, you would come to see his life had meaning for everyone.

 How should the Bible be viewed?

As a piece of history, as a form of history that was written at the time that many of the events took place.

When humans are born, or let's say older than age 2, they generally have little or no remembrance of a past life or a spirit life. They have no knowledge of their spiritual existence. How are humans expected to learn of their spiritual existence if they don't carry this information with them from birth?

All of you on earth are teachers. You have the wisdom of your ancients that live there on earth now. You in your age and lifetime have had many teachers before you. They have taught of the higher powers. They have taught of the powers of mother earth, they have taught of many different spiritual teachers that have walked this earth. You have had at many times on earth wonderful highly, highly evolved spirit teachers who have come to help guide and direct those that have not known or understood about their spirit souls.

So, as you in your life have been exposed to religion through various forms, it was only until you were ready to accept that you did not like the structured religious man teachings, but are finding yourself being drawn to the teachings of the spirit and of spiritual nature and you are willing to listen to those messages. And it has been through people such as yourself in this day and age that that information is carried on to others and to others. And no matter where you are on earth in any group--you will never know who they are--but there are many spiritual teachers and individuals with dimensions far beyond your third-dimensional world.

 What is the historical accuracy of the Adam and Eve theory?

 As we have said before, the Bible is created by man. It is a story of religious belief, religious belief that was created by man as well. Your spiritual or religious philosophy will determine what your belief is in such matters.

 And that means that Adam and Eve did not exist in real terms, as real humans as the Bible indicates?

 We cannot say that for sure because in the mind of many people it is very real and it is the way it was. One lives in their own reality and does not have to have it verified by words but many people have had the belief that this was the way God created earth and will continue with that belief. We do not interfere with such issues.

 Does a crucifix have spiritual power?

We would say no to that question, no more than rocks or crystals or nature itself. Your connection is beyond the three-dimensional connection of such things as crosses/crucifixes. But, if within you, you believe that certain things carry an attraction for healing, carrying an attraction to help aid you on your spiritual journey, look carefully at these tools. Do not put the powers in the tools itself, but feel that they are an aid in helping you. Do not become dependent upon these tools for soon you will take flight and understand that you need no tools, only your willingness to accept.

 Were there major spiritual teachers who preceded Jesus Christ on earth?

 Yes, very much so. Not only have they preceded Him, there have been major spiritual teachers since Him who have returned to earth. They do not have to be as Jesus or Buddha but yes there have been many. Some are just individuals who work with people in a very non-public way. Others are out as teachers, talking on television, giving lectures, writing books. There are many wonderful teachers. Are there any as Christ was? There have never been any since Christ of that magnitude of belief and knowing but there have been many who have followed Him who have truly been what you upon earth would call saints. And there will continue to be so for a long time.

Of these early spiritual teachers, were any of them spirit souls which later reincarnated as Jesus?


 What is an "ascended master"?

 You on earth all have to have such definitions and such visualizations of descriptions to help you understand so many things. Many of you are ascended masters in a manner of speaking. As you continue to move into other dimensions of your world, though many of you have not achieved the level of not needing to reincarnate because you have learned all your earth lessons, you still are masters in many ways above the general population or mass of humans. As humans you pick individuals who have left behind the experiences they came to earth to teach, such as Christ, such as Buddha, such as Yogananda, and many, many others. These are masters who have moved beyond the earth needs, who go beyond belief but into knowledge that all things are possible and can be manifested in human life. Again, the best example for that that we could give you would be Buddha, Yogananda, and Christ Jesus.

How does the spirit world view the many organized religions of the world?

 The spirit world does not view them in any manner whatsoever. This is strictly a human form of organization looking at religion and many times forgetting the actual spiritual connection. We have no involvement with these religions in the sense of a religion. We are connected to the individuals and their connection to us and to God.

 Are fundamental religious beliefs good or bad for human beings?

 Again, we have no opinion or feeling on this. There are many good human teachers upon your earth. There are many good spiritual philosophies upon your earth as well as those that are not as complementary to true spirit, but we do not in any way have a connection to any of them nor feel that we as spirits have any comment other than to say there are many good teachers. Religions are man-made.

 Do these religions all hold different elements of spiritual truth?

We cannot say for sure that they all hold elements of truth for there are many, many different organizations under the title of religions that are not at all spiritually connected. But there are many, many religious organizations that do hold great elements of truth.



What role does astrology play in our spiritual path?

The only comment that we have to say about that is, at the moment, the second that you choose to move into your consciousness into a human body, at that very second, at that very time in that very place, there is no other individual in that very exact location in that very exact spot at that very exact time that has come into a human life. Beyond that, we have no comment.


 Human travel in time

Can humans travel in time, either ahead in time or back in time?

On earth, you all relate to time. Time isn't as you really relate to it on earth. Time is very different. All past lives, all past experiences, all past wisdom and knowledge, carry forth with you into the time you are now living. Sometimes an individual can break through this barrier and be confronted or stand in front of many other ancestors who have crossed over. They can move back into time at various events that have happened.

Now, if I were one of those persons and travelled back in time and managed in that time to kill my grandfather, than I wouldn't exist. And yet, if I didn't exist I wouldn't be able to kill my grandfather, and that's what they call a time paradox. How do you avoid such things?

Well oftentimes when an individual can travel back in time, they are actually just there observing the events that happen and do not have the ability and the depth of energy within them to change those times and events that are taking place. So even though you would feel as you were the whole person in that lifetime that maybe was two or three or four or five hundred years ago, when you're there experiencing it, you really do not have the high evolved energy that would allow you to change what that event was planned to be.

Can people similarly travel ahead in time to a future time and thus see the future?

We would say no, they really can't. Every once in a while an individual is given a glimpse into the future, for one reason or another, to help them change the life path they are on, to help save a future soul, but generally speaking when you move forward it is not something that you touch and have concrete tangible evidence that you have been there, even in the spirit world.

 Can people use divination tools like tarot cards to see what the future holds?

 They can. If it is true, we do not always know. But one does not need to look through the crystal ball or the tarot cards or the pendulum to define the future. One needs to look within themselves and to see what they are doing, what they are creating, and how they are responding to life's teachings to know what path they are taking upon earth leading into the spirit being. That does not mean that because good people suffer there is something wrong. It is just the way they have chosen to learn life's lessons.


 Energy in geographic locations

How is the energy of past events on earth retained in a geographic location such as Gettysburg?

No matter where an individual has been upon earth, no matter what events have taken place, there is always a residual energy that is left at that time and place of that individual. It is not a draining of your energy. It is just that you have been there and it's like walking and leaving your shadow there, in a way. When such events take place, such as what just happened with your World Trade Center, with Gettysburg, with Oklahoma City, plus all wonderful positive events that have happened in your life--always there is a residual energy that is left in those places. Depending on the energy and the trauma of what events take place has a lot to do with how much energy is left there. But by both those who have lived and survived those tragedies and by those who have not lived, that energy remains in those spots.

 Future human growth

Are there portions of the human brain or DNA strands that aren't in use now but will be in the future?

We believe that the answer to that is yes.


What dangers could result from the possible future cloning of human beings by renegade scientists?

 We believe this is a very bad procedure for you on earth to do. You will be losing an energy connection that you will not have in anything you have cloned and will have unpleasant future circumstances both for the man-made clone and for men and women on earth itself. This is a very complicated and detailed message that could go on for quite a long time but we believe that we have given you enough information at this time. Again, we do not believe that this is a practice that should continue.

 Does this answer mean that a spirit will not join or go into the body of a cloned human?

 We believe that there will be certain links that are missing in a cloned human that is not now experienced in humans and could possibly lead to a civilization with links of humanness missing. We would not at this time like to go into this any farther.

 On Earth, some renegade scientists are planning to try to clone humans. Their assumption is that a clone is the exact replica of the original person. However, each human has a different soul. Therefore, could the two humans, clone and original, be embodied by spirits with very different past lives and spiritual development from birth?

The only thing we have to say about that process now is that you as humans do not know what you are messing around with and that it is very dangerous and we would highly recommend that you have nothing whatsoever to do with that.

 Are humans naive for wanting to clone in the first place?

 We believe we have answered that question.

 Given your negative view of human cloning, is there any application of genetic engineering that is beneficial?

 This is not a subject that we wish to discuss, for you upon earth continue to make this such a controversial subject. And we cannot get into the depth, the dimensions and the understanding and explanations that you would choose to hear. That is all we have to say at this time.



How can a human "heal" another person by spiritual means?

 One human can never heal another human. It is the choice and responsibility of the individual who perhaps is not even seeking to be healed. We can never assume that a person is choosing to be healed. We can never put ourselves into their situation. But as we view an individual who we view needs to be healed, whether it be physically, emotionally, spiritually, mentally, whatever that healing is, however we view it, we can call forth and ask for the highest good of that individual and pray that that individual receives its highest good. The highest good for that individual might not be what we see. We might selfishly wish for that person to be physically healed and to continue life with us but for the person who we view that needs to be healed, maybe it is not what is right for them. Maybe it is a time for their crossing, so we can never take the responsibility of knowing what is the highest good for each individual. We can only pray for their highest good and pray that we as their loved ones are doing what is best for them in praying for their highest good.

 Do all humans have the capability to learn to perform this healing?

 Again, it is the choice of the person that we see needs to be healed. There are many, many healers upon your earth and the person who is seeking a healing may go to someone who has the ability to heal, whether it be a doctor, a mechanic to heal their car--whatever the healer is--they may choose to see a financial healer, a mental healer, it does not matter what the healer is. If the individual goes to the healer and is seeking healing, it is then their choice to be healed and they along with the healer have the responsibility of working together. And in the healing, again, you ask for the highest good at that time. Generally speaking, it is the person who wishes to be healed's responsibility to work with the healer and oftentimes that healing can take place.

 But the simplest form of the question is, do all humans have the capability to learn to perform this--to be a healer? For example, could I heal someone?

Every individual has that ability to form a healing. Yes, whether with themselves or with others. We are all given upon your earth, all the spirits within the humans have certain strengths and these strengths work in different types of healing abilities. The simple answer to your question is yes. Everyone has the ability to be a healer. Not everyone is willing to take the responsibility of being healed, though. Please know it is not the healer that is doing the healing. It is the person's responsibility who has come to the healer to be healed.


 Collective thought

What is the power of collective thought?

As we have said many times before, everything is nothing but a vibration of energy and no matter what the collective thought as those who have this come together, regardless of the distance they are from one another, this thought is vibrating at an energy level. And as it vibrates at an energy level higher, or in some cases unfortunately lower, it has the ability to change events that could take place. And, generally, lower levels of consciousness cannot vibrate enough to change any event, but those that worship in the negative low energy fields do still have a collective consciousness such as satanic worshippers. But they are not coming from a place of love and they are not coming from a place of God. So therefore their vibrational energies are extremely low compared to those who come together in collective consciousness of love and God's name and creating a higher vibrational energy force.

Can it be used to create physical effects on a large scale?

As individuals come together in a collective consciousness of love, of peace, of harmony and good will towards everyone, yes, most definitely this could be used to affect large worldly events.

Could it, for example, affect weather, or affect the path of an asteroid or even of a planet?

We would say yes except that there are few of you on your earth that have enough of that belief and who vibrate at that high of an energy level. Though, when you come together with a collective consciousness we do know for a fact that is has changed some earth events. But events such as you are talking about require such an enormous group at one time thinking thoughts of love and wholeness and wellness and healing that we do not know if you could have enough of those energy thoughts together at that high a vibrational level at one time. We are sorry that we can't help you with that. We're not saying that it can't be done but at this time we would say the possibilities are fairly low of such an enormous group coming to make earth changes stop.

Where does the negative energy currently felt on earth come from?

It comes from everybody who has a low energy thought, whether it's just an individual such as yourself who has anger, or someone such as the terrorists who create such terrible acts, or groups of people coming together who are satanic worshippers. The low energy comes from those who do not know the light and the love of God and that can be any of you at any time when you are in a negative thought--that you're not good enough, that you're not healthy, that you don't have enough, any negative emotional feeling that an individual has creates a low negative energy.

 Can you elaborate on how one's thoughts, words, and emotions affect everyone and everything?

 Not at this time. This is a question that we would like to take some time with and respond to later.


 Time on earth

Is time on earth accelerating, that is, are things going faster?

The manifestation of events is happening faster because all of you on earth have the ability to move into higher vibrational energy fields and, as you do that, you create the ability to manifest things in your life, and events in your life, and healings in your life, and so in that respect, yes, things are moving faster upon earth.

 Earth disasters

 What caused the dinosaurs to become extinct?

 We see great earth changes that happened upon your earth at that time that destroyed many of the living beings upon your earth and reconfigured so-to-speak much of your lands from these gigantic earth changes that took place.

 Was there a great flood in prehistoric times, and if so what caused it?

Yes there was a great flood. It was created by an earth shift, a shift in your earth, and what was ice areas melting very quickly and creating this flood. Many of your religious texts say that it was God who created the flood. God does not create things such as that. It is the energies of the people upon earth that creates such things by their actions and their amount of respect and disrespect and their morality. You do understand how you on earth can make these things happen just by your thoughts and by your actions, but as you have these thoughts and then you act upon them, many times you help them--you create a different vibration that affects everyone and everything upon your earth. This is the best way we can describe it to you at this time.

You indicated that it was an earth shift. Would an alternate way of saying that be that it was a pole shift, a shift of the axes on which the earth rotates?

Yes, we could say that at well.

 Whales and dolphins

How would you compare the intelligence and spirituality of whales and dolphins, as opposed to humans on earth?

They have within them a gentleness, though they can be fierce for survival, but they have within them a gentleness in accepting and somehow they vibrate in many ways at a much higher spiritual level than many of you humans. And they see the goodness in humans and even though many have been destroyed by humans they continue to trust and want to share in the communication and the knowledge they have. But you as humans have not been able to achieve that level of understanding with them.

So in general would you say that their intelligence and spirituality was of equivalent levels to humans?

Yes. In many ways we would say that, though most people would disagree with that. We see that they have a knowledge and an understanding far beyond what you humans think they have.

 Are animals regarded as lower forms of life from a spiritual perspective?

 From a spiritual perspective nothing should ever be considered a lower form of life. Your plants, your animals, every aspect of your life is spiritually based. And one considers an animal to be a less valuable and have less thinking power but if you would often look at many of your small animals you would see how much thinking power they truly have. And again it is a matter of consciousness and because you humans are able to attain so much more knowledge and wisdom you often block out the life that is going on and being experienced right in front of your eyes in your plants and in your animals.

Animals have such a loving and accepting way about them and they are given to you humans so that you can find what true unconditional love is and respect, because in having a four-legged addition to your family, regardless of what kind of four-legged addition, it brings another dimension of love and understanding, patience, and respect for other individuals than just humans. So there is a great reason for them to be part of your human life.


 Animal pets

Do animal pets have an angel?

Yes, most definitely. All animals, whether they are pets or not, have an angel.

  Insects and plants

Isn't it unfair that insects and plants don't have the consciousness of humans and can never evolve into this higher form?

 The answer to that question is no. There is an evolution that takes place on your earth and all things follow this evolution. Just because you feel concerned that plants and animals do not move to a higher consciousness does not mean they have ignored consciousness for they all have their level of consciousness just as humans have their level.


 Physician-assisted suicide

How is physician-assisted suicide regarded in the spirit world, when, say, human life has become intolerable?

Well, we do not consider that the physician has committed a murder as you would expect on earth. But we would say this--both the physician and the human who has decided to quicken their release from earth will experience how those events affected the people around them when they cross over. And the person who has chosen to cross over realizes in their spirit world that they did not continue their life experience and perhaps did not learn lessons they would have continued to learn, even in a body that was ailing and of great distress to them.

And so, is this as bad as somebody who might commit suicide early in their life without great pain or sickness causing it?

No, we don't believe that it is quite at that level because generally the person who has agreed to cross over at such an illness state has learned many life lessons. But we do know that they have not continued their life path by doing that.

 Walkins and possession

Do walkins or replacement spirits ever replace with agreement the spirit of humans during their life?

If we understand this question, you are asking that, if a walkin comes into another human being, does the human being agree to that? Is that correct?

Well, the real question is, do walkins exist?

Yes, they do.

And they can replace a spirit in a body with that spirit's agreement to be replaced?

This is true. We will say that this is a very rare thing when it happens but it can and you will begin to see an increase in this happening.

 Can a walk-in be sent by loved ones that have passed over?

 The answer to this question is no. The condition of a walk-in taking place is only between the two spirits that are involved in that process.

 Does possession of a human ever take place by an evil spiritual entity?

If an individual is in an extremely low energy field and a low vibration, more in darkness than in light in their life, we would have to say that yes, occasionally this can happen. Again, this is not an instance that happens regularly, but yes it can happen and it is an agreement again with both spirits that this happens.

 Is there such a thing as a zombie, where very limited human behavior accompanies a state of life, often called the "living dead"?

 Again as you speak of a zombie it is a three-dimensional image that you upon earth have created. There are many people who are walking around in such states upon your earth because they have not connected to their spirit within them. Many of your people upon earth who have become addicted to drugs and who have very little sense of morality would be more what we would consider a zombie upon your earth for they have lost their connection to their spirit self. We have not said they are disconnected, we have just said they have lost it and they need to find a path back to it. What you are referring to about zombies is often a person's vision of a spirit who has remained upon earth and has not continued their journey to their true spirit self and these are many, many times very confused spirit energies and they are not necessarily negative as the word zombie implies. They are lost and don't know which direction to go. They are still very connected to earth but know that somehow they are not of the earth any more. And oftentimes when they are spirits they need a gentle help and a little love to show them how to continue that journey.


 Divine will and free will

What is the meaning of free will?

The meaning of free will has to do with the level of consciousness an individual has. You have the free will to go out and kill someone, to rob a bank, you have the free will to go and support someone and to love them. You have the free will to turn your back on experiences that are happening. You have free will to move into your own higher consciousness. These are choices and God the Creator does not impose His will upon you but hopes as an individualized expression that you will come to see that you and the Creator are one and will move into a place of consciousness where you have no fear and you have trust and you have faith. Not only do you have it but you know that you have it. And you have the free will to accept that or not accept that. Every thought process, every action is a form of free will.

What is the difference between divine will and free will as those terms have meaning to you?

Everybody has free will and oftentimes you hear the expression, not my will but God's will. And in doing that you are giving your free will to God to do and follow in--it's letting go, it's stopping. Most people say its giving up and going the easy way. Just saying--I'm not going to be responsible. That's not true because divine will, God's will, is a very responsible way and if you listen to your inner voice and quit struggling with events that are taking place, quit trying to take control of events, you are giving your free will to God and will follow the inner voice and be released from stress, be released from fear, be released from worry. And therefore you are moving into divine will which you trust and know that all things will be taken care of. That does not mean that you do not act responsibly, you do, but you are doing so under the guidance of God's will and divine will.

 Natural calamities

What purpose does God have in allowing natural calamities to occur?

This is not God that is allowing these natural calamities to occur. These are events of the earth that create them--Mother earth in her distress over how things are taking place and she's being abused This is again--those of you on earth do not understand--but earth is a living entity. Many times environmental effects that you create on earth artificially cause storms to happen. In particular, in areas where there are low energies and people are struggling just with earth issues, it brings about an effect upon the atmosphere which can create storms. But God does not create the activities that take place on earth. You upon earth do and mother earth does oftentimes in her response to the treatment you are giving her.

 Capital punishment

In your opinion will capital punishment be abolished among humans on earth in the future?

We most definitely hope it will. We do not see any point in the destruction of a life even though it has done very negative and destructive things to others. We still do not see the reason for you in turn to have the right to cut short the life experiences that that individual is to be experiencing.

Human virtue

What is the greatest virtue for humans on earth?

I guess we would say the greatest virtue is forgiveness, acceptance and of course above all those is love--that love with forgiveness, love with acceptance, and unconditional.

 How can one spiritually help a fellow human being who is experiencing serious problems?

When an individual feels a desire to help another one your ability to let go of the energies of that individual and place that individual in light and love is the best way you could ever possibly help them. And by seeing them as healed, regardless of what the situation is, they're healed. As your bible often states, "when two or more are gathered in my name there you too shall find more power". This is true because you begin to create energy at much higher levels. But do not feel that you as only one individual cannot help another through your vision of seeing that person healed, through your love with the Creator, and visualizing the person pulling their inner power through and eradicating the situation they are in. But unless the other individual is willing to take responsibility and do their share of the healing process, you cannot do anything at all but to give them love and continuously visualize them in a healing energy field.


Negative use of mediumistic capability

How does the spirit world feel about mediums who use their gift in a negative way--to take advantage of other humans--rather than helping people in a positive way?

 The spirit world does not pass judgment upon anyone. That is done to yourself by yourself as you continue your journey in your crossing over. You yourself create the world that you will be living in. You will see all your deeds upon earth regardless of what those deeds were in terms of earth judgments of being good or being bad. And your spirits from the other side will be with you on that journey on the other side but they will not pass judgment upon you. Only you do that by your level of consciousness. You can come to a point in your life, realizing that you have made many mistakes upon this human earth, and you can help by embracing yourself, your life in this life, by asking for forgiveness and by being willing to forgive yourself, by letting go of the guilt and the shame. That does not mean on the other side you will be free from your actions but you have begun the journey of asking for forgiveness, of accepting forgiveness for yourself. And you will be helped on the other side. Do not think that it is a free world to continue any negative or bad actions for it is not a free world. You do not go and say "Oh, I forgive myself--please forgive me" without heartfelt meaning, and move into heaven and your spirit guides will help you in heaven just by your saying I forgive. You will live through the energy of what you have created and will understand the consequences of your actions, both here and in heaven. So, though you are not judged on the other side, you are held accountable for what you did and there is always the price to pay for that.


 Intelligence and personality

For a human, is intelligence a property of the spirit or of the physical body?

It is of the physical body. All spirits when they come to earth are equal. Though as all spirits come to earth, they know the lessons they are going to be learning. So, many choose to come in the form they're in, even though they have the opportunity to be more than what they are in every respect. They have chosen that life experience and that life form in this reincarnation.

But intelligence and the ability to have, say, a high degree of understanding about things--is this a property of the human body and not the spirit, and when that spirit crosses over, does he then lose reasoning or understanding capability because the intelligence is left with the body that has passed on?

No. Let us rephrase that. All spirits have the same abilities, the same opportunities, and it is with their free will that they choose to restrict themselves both on earth and in heaven. There has not been but several in the entire lifetime of earth who has ever lived to the capabilities of their mindpower. Intellect and mindpower are actually two different things. Everybody has mindpower but intellect is, we would say, more an earth experience. But mindpower, which is really the ability to be in soul, is in everyone.

And if someone who was generally regarded as highly intellectual, such as our Einstein, when he passed over, would he still retain or have a natural intelligence as a spirit that would be greater or less than would be associated with his human life?

He would reconnect in the spirit world the same as he was in the earth world because he has expanded his consciousness that way. You can take a person who lives in your mountains who has chosen not to move into that brainpower, that intellect, when they come to this earth. But perhaps that's because in this lifetime they chose to be in those life experiences--but yet when it returns to heaven it has a different level of mindpower or intellect as you would call it in heaven. It oftentimes is a choice that is made by the soul that is going to be crossing over to experience those life experiences that will help its spirit soul to grow larger to reach a higher consciousness. We're sorry that this is quite difficult to explain to you because it is almost beyond our understanding as well and it is not easily put into your three dimensional words.

 Is a human's level of spirituality correlated with their intelligence?

 Absolutely not.

 Is their level of spirituality correlated with their ability to see auras or other spiritual manifestations?

 Absolutely not.

In general, what personality traits do we inherit from the spirit who has reincarnated to form us? How do they relate to what we inherit genetically? For example, is a human's sense of humor related to his biological parents, to his spirit, to both, or even from other factors?

 First of all, even though the new incarnated human is generally coming from many past lives and even though the reincarnated human is coming through parents which will have traits and like DNA connections, still the new reincarnate is its own person and has the ability to create its own personality in its new life. That personality is many times molded by the environment that it is experiencing at its time on earth and like all things is given choice whether to accept traits that it has learned through the environment it grew up in or to make its own way and to create a very individualized personality from all of the family connections in this lifetime. There is a very different level in you as a human that knows all of its past lives and as you spiritually evolve in your current life you are able many times to experience those past lives or certain events from them which you can see would be when the individual could see the traits that it is carrying.

 Immature spirits

Are backward earth cultures generally populated by immature spirits? By earth cultures I mean like countries in Africa or aborigines in Australia that are generally regarded as backward when compared with European or American culture.

Not necessarily. There are many aborigines who are highly spiritual beings and very much honor your earth mother and have an understanding of tribal connectiveness. Of course there are many tribes who do not have that, who can be cannibals, who can be very destructive within their own tribes. Again, this varies within your earth in different tribes as it does within different cultures that you consider civilized cultures.

And generally, the uncivilized backward cultures, not aborigines, but ones that don't have much demonstration of spiritual progression, are they generally made up by immature spirits, young, that have gathered together?

We could say that they are made up of two things. They could possibly be young, immature spirits, or they could be spirits who continuously return to earth to stay at that level and have no desire to move into higher consciousness levels.

 Spirit visibility of human thoughts

Can spirits see our most secret thoughts as humans?

Most definitely, though they never judge or interfere with those thoughts. You can give your spirits permission to intercept those thoughts, to help you move into a higher level of consciousness, such as when an individual has seen a horrific crime done or atrocity that you have viewed on television recently in that special program. And you have nothing but a thought of getting hold of the person who was in charge of these events, these horrific crimes and destruction against humanity and your thoughts are equal to his thoughts of destruction. Oftentimes your spirits will step in and help you move from that negative energy field to one of higher vibration, one of looking at the individual with compassion and understanding and not condoning or believing that he did not do wrong. You do feel the acts were terrible but to move beyond the person who did the acts, but to look at the person's soul. That is how your spirit will help step in to your most intimate thoughts when those thoughts are being destructive to you as well as the individual they are projected towards.

 Special spirit guides

Does a country such as the United States have a spirit guide or set of spirit guides that are concerned with the entire country and perhaps offers advice to national leaders as opposed to spirit guides that are for each individual in the United States?

To the best of our knowledge the answer to that is no. A city, a country is made up of the individuals and it is the individuals that make the city or the country, and a city or a country does not exist without the individuals. It is the individuals themselves that have the proper guidance from their spirit guides and their guardian angels that will help unite and form these countries and these cities.


What is your definition of matter?

Matter is just a form of energy that is vibrating and, depending upon the level of its consciousness, whether it is the energy that forms a rock or a blade of grass, an animal or a human being, depends on the level of energy that it will vibrate at that continues the extension of the consciousness of that form of matter.

 Interdimensional beings

Does the term interdimensional beings have any meaning to you?

When you say interdimensional beings, they are those who can move from your third dimension into understanding the dimensions of other part of the universe, other spiritual experiences. There are many E.T.'s in other universes that move far beyond your three dimensional experiences and are able to experience life from other dimensions, other than the three dimensions that the general public of your earth experience.

 Do humans who are currently in a three-dimensional form on earth progress to a higher dimension in their current or later reincarnations? In other words, from a three-dimensional form into a higher dimensional form?

 As they are on earth?

 Yes, on earth. In other words, do humans progress beyond a three-dimensional form to a higher dimensional form when they are on earth?

 They progress spiritually and consciously into other dimensions. They are able to move their three-dimensional bodies into other dimensions, but if you are asking if they move while still incarnated from a human into another dimension--physically become another dimension? No, they are able to move into the other dimensions but their physical form does not change.

 So that in subsequent reincarnations on earth they would come back as a three dimensional entity, human.

 Yes, they do not come back anything other than that unless not in reincarnating but unless as a spirit they choose to come back to be a guardian angel or earth angel then they come back in another form but as of this time the majority of those upon earth do not see those other forms. But those that do come back in other forms such as angels, and generally that's what those that do come back come in the form of, are extremely highly evolved souls with much wisdom and knowledge to be able to help the earthlings with their lessons.

 Extraterrestrials often claim that they are able to live in dimensions higher than the three-dimensional world that we live in and things like UFO's disappearing or people being able to move though walls are evidence of a higher dimensional existence. Is that true?

 This is true.

 But humans are not able to do that even though extraterrestrials can.

 There are some humans upon your earth who have evolved enough to be able to move in spirit form through walls. There are probably even a few upon your earth who have the ability to move through the actual energy of solid matter because they have moved beyond solid matter and it does not exist. These are very wise teachers who have been sent to your earth who do not go around and do this as a spectator sport.


   Crop circles

What is the significance of crop circles and who is responsible for their formation?

 Crop circles are coming to earth as a form of art, as a form of communication--in the form of art to help you be aware that there is another dimension that is trying to communicate with you in love and peace, showing you through art the harmony and friendship that they can and will bring to earthlings.

 And who is responsible for their formation?

These are beings from other planets, beings from other universes. They are all around you upon earth a lot of the time and you are just not able to accept this other dimension that co-exists with you upon earth all the time.


 Dimensional shift

Is there a dimensional shift to be conducted with earthlings in the near future?

Yes, most definitely, and we actually see much of that happening with many of the people upon your earth now. We see they are beginning to move into the ability to accept, to understand, and to communicate such as you are now doing with dimensions beyond what the general people of earth experience.

Some people believe that the human race is now undergoing a transformation into a fourth density or dimension with significant spiritual and physical changes, including changes to DNA. Is this so, and if so, what does it mean?

 Well, we can see that the opportunity is there for this to happen to move into other dimensions. What does it mean? It means that all of you would be tuned in with far more ability to tune into, we should say, to your other dimensions. To communicate with your spirits. To live in a more highly-evolved world. This is the time that this could be happening but it is a choice in your world that each individual has to make. And we are very concerned that it's not going to happen at this turn of events because there are more things at this current time pulling you away from allowing you to move forward into that other dimension. Even the thoughts of your churches and the religious dogma is something that is pulling away energies of individuals because they want the power within their church that is truly manmade and not just of God.

 Will these changes occur one-by-one and are they occurring now or will they occur to everyone all at once, should they occur?

 There will not be the spirit of Christ to come to all masses of people at one time as many of the religious sects believe. But if you on earth could just stop right now and see where you're headed and what's taking place in your whole environment you would see that you are so destructive, so disrespectful of one another and of the earth that at this time that out-weighs all of the good that much of you are doing.

 So you believe that this transformation is probably being delayed because of our earth inhabitants' characteristics?

We see great changes taking place on your earth. Great changes. Some very powerful and very wonderful. Others powerful but not so wonderful. And that there will be a coming together of both of these energies and when they come together then will be the opportunity for earth to make a complete change in its way of life and yet we do not know which way that will go.

 Will this change be related to earth changes ?

 It all works together to create the events that are to be taking place.

 Will there be a future transition of the entire earth and its inhabitants to another dimension?

 We say yes, most definitely.

 At the time of the shift, will aliens rescue some deserving and useful humans by disassembling their molecules and then reassembling them again on another planet until earth is sufficiently stabilized?

 Again this is a question that we cannot answer.


 Divisions and unions of spirit souls

Are human spirit souls part of a larger spirit soul entity?

All spirit souls are part of a larger entity. Every creation is part of the Creator. Whether it be earth beings or other universal beings, you are all part of one Creator and in essence you are all one. You come to understand this as you become a spirit soul and have a greater knowledge of what that means than you do as individual beings on earth and in other universal worlds.

More specifically, in my case, a human being containing--being--a spirit, having experienced my own earth life, is there another part of me, if you like, that remains in heaven and which contains what has been learned in all my lives, and in essence is a fuller representation of me than as an individual here on earth now.

There is an essence of all of your past incarnations that remains in the spirit world. It is the best way we can describe it. It is not an entity that is living, experiencing, and growing but it is the essence of all that you have ever been, waiting for your spirit soul to return to it.

So the real "me" is the spirit soul that is experiencing life on earth now, that has an essence in heaven that will ultimately join me when I cross over that will contain much more information about past lives than I presumably am aware of?

It will contain all that you have ever been and it does have an affect upon this life now for you have that connection always in terms of earth, if you want to think of it, of being an umbilical cord or a life cord that is connected to all other life.

But the real me, is within me living an earth life--the real me is not in heaven right now.

This is true.

And so when you say it's an essence you're saying its something, if you like, an adjunct or auxiliary aspect which would rejoin--

A shadow, but yes this is true. But that part of you, this part of you, all of you are connected and truly there is nothing but a oneness. It is as though all of you are connected by an umbilical cord to the Creator and all are one with the Creator always at all times so therefore you are all one together.

 What is the spiritual meaning of those who are born identical twins?

 When there are multiple births it is because the bonding for these two multiple souls upon earth is going to make a bond beyond your normal recognition and understanding of a connection with another individual. You always have those connections with all of your loved ones but those who have come from multiple births, whether identical or not, have come to create and help the earth understand that there can be experiences upon earth that go beyond your three dimensions. And those that have bonded together from one birth always have those special and what many times upon earth you would call extreme experiences but those experiences are there to point out to all of the others upon earth that they too can have those experiences.

 Does a connection remain if one dies at birth and the other one continues in the physical?

Of course it does. That connection will be there forever. That connection is truly what people would call soul mates upon the earth. As humans, you like to use that term quite often, and those of multiple birth are truly soulmates, truly here to bring lessons to others. And those who are born at birth with an identical twin will generally throughout their entire life have experiences with that twin even though it has turned back into spirit form for that twin will stay with it until it crosses over. This is particularly true in identical twins.

 Is there a way to determine if another human, for whom you feel a strong attraction, is a soulmate or otherwise has a past spiritual relationship with you?

 We would refer to this in the sense that oftentimes there are unknown individuals upon earth that you feel are someone you would like to know, or you feel a connection with. These individuals do not necessarily have to be, as you on earth love to use the phrase, soulmates. There are many people that have connected to you in your life, even just passing through and stopping and saying a few words, who have connected to your soul and are therefore a mate of your soul for they have left you a valuable lesson. If you are speaking in the terms of three-dimensional love, as you on earth between individuals experience in couple relationships, there are those of you who have been together through many past lives and you on earth would call these soulmates. There might be lifetimes when you will not connect through several lifetimes and then there will be a connection to come together again to enhance and to heal the relationship from past lives. Those spiritual connections can be something very small and seem very insignificant but yet touched your soul and led you down the path to higher consciousness, to healing, to acceptance, to forgiveness. So, a soulmate can be someone who has just passed through your life very quickly without what appears to be any significant connection at all but yet has led you down a path. And in future lives you will oftentimes come in contact with such an individual and somehow you know that person and you will feel, as you have asked, that that person has been in your life before but it does not have to be in the love/ soulmate context that most people on earth think of.

 On earth, are there forces of attraction between humans who are of adversary or contradicting orientation, just as there are forces of attraction between similar humans as in "like attracts like"?

 In the human world, as you know, the majority of you have not been able to achieve the level of God or of a Jesus or of a Buddha or a Mother Teresa, reaching out to the world regardless of what an individual has in a three-dimensional appearance of being. A Mother Teresa, a Christ Jesus, could reach out to the vilest person you could think of on earth and offer them love and offer them help, whereas the majority of you upon earth reject those types of individuals. So, they therefore are attracted to other individuals who are at their level of energy. Many times there are those individuals who have had such unpleasurable experiences who would so much like to move from them but find the acceptance from others upon your earth as being almost non-existent. So again, it comes from the world rejecting and not able to give love unconditionally, for if you were able to give love unconditionally in your world, you would not see your wars, you would not see the homeless people, you would not see the killings and kidnappings and the destruction that you see, for you would find there would be no differences as you are talking about.

 But are there in some cases attraction between people who are quite opposite and perhaps even adversaries?

 As we have said, yes, there are levels of that. Such people as Mother Teresa was one of these indiduals who would reach out to any level of an individual upon your earth and offer them love and many times in return this was a door or window, a pathway for someone you would say was in the negative energy to move forward. You are all upon this earth capable of doing that for one another. You just have not opened your energy levels to that degree yet.


Next is a set of questions and answers which deal with the spiritual entities, such as spirit guides and angels, that most directly interact with humans on earth.


Types of angels

Could you describe the various types of spirit guides and angels that work with people who are incarnated on earth and what their roles and functions are?

First, we would say to you that many people have many different concepts of spirit guides and angels. We will give you how we see and feel from our vantage point in heaven of the angels and spirit guides. Angels are forms of energy that deal everyday all day with those of you on earth. They are always with you for whatever circumstance you are experiencing. Angels are forms of energy that work most directly with everyday people, earthbound experience issues and events that are taking place in your life. They are forms of energy that are specialists in various fields of your human life. There are angels who can help with simple issues, such as finding parking places or finding lost keys. They are just forms of energy that help nudge you in your everyday life. That is one form of an angel. There are angels then that become guardian angels, who help you in everyday forms of life but to help protect you from accidents and negative energies that could create harm to you.

There are spiritual angels who come to you when you are in your meditation and in your prayer to just be there, to be supportive as you move along your journey through meditation and through prayer. There are angels who come to be with you in times of health issues and then there are angels who come to be with you who help you during business issues, whether they be through work-related or issues such as you are working with regarding your future survival plans. These are angels that are there at all times. They are evolved forms that are more just for your human endeavors in life and are always there. You do not need to even call upon them for you often through various ways feel their presence in your life.

There is another form of an angel who is often a deceased person who will come and act as also an angel in assisting you. But these are truly human spirits who have crossed over and have taken a loving, protective stance in helping people that they have an attachment to, whether it be a family member and loved one or someone who lives on your property and feels a connection to you to help and protect you. So these are visiting spirits who often come and act as a form of an angel energy as well though their appearance is not on a steady continuous basis as angel spirits are. Angels then move higher up in a hierarchy of power and closer to their oneness with God their Creator as well and these various different levels of hierarchies you will often find described in many books regarding angels. But angels are for earthbound experiences and events that take place.

 Angels and spirit guides

How do angels differ from spirit guides?

As we have mentioned before, angels are more totally earth related experiences. Spirit guides work with your thought process and your connectiveness to moving higher into your consciousness and as you continue to move and walk into a lighter consciousness your spirit guides become much more of an everyday experience. They work with you in your thought process and your consciousness growth. Angels are always with you regardless of what your consciousness is. They are there to help you with earth issues. Your wife often will say--"the little voice said"--such as when she was trying to find a lotion the other day. Oftentimes it is not the little voice as much as it is the angels that are talking with her regarding these earth issues. Because she has become so aware of knowing that there is a constant communication, the little voice to her becomes one and the same.

Many people are not aware of their spirit guides and teachers and are not aware that the voices are talking to them, whether they be teachers or angels. Because they are not so consciously aware of spirit teachers, it is easier for them to understand the concept of angels helping them. And in many earth type issues, that is who is helping them--the angels. Angels, again we would say are very earth experience oriented, such as finding things, protecting, guiding and directing. Angels again work on a more three dimensional level. Spirit teachers and guides are there to help you evolve to a higher consciousness level.

Vision of angels

Medium's Vision. I would like to give you the vision of what I am seeing when you ask about angels. I am able to see angels in two ways at this very moment. One is as we see them as humans here on earth, as these wonderful little beautiful creatures with wings and what we typically envision on earth as angels, and I am able to see many forms of angels from beautiful lovely feminine forms to wonderful little cherub children forms that are just bouncing around and happy and gay and add so much to life as well as seeing many strong big masculine forms. It is most interesting that in every form I am also able to see animal angel forms with these various different types of energies and that animal angels play a large role in the human life as well and we are less aware of that as what we see as angels in human lives. Beyond being able to see these angels as we see them in human lives, I see the angels in the forms of energies and brightness and various forms of color in the light energies that they are and somehow I guess it's through the brightness--I'm not sure--but I see these forms moving, vibrating at various levels as well.

In what ways do spirits learn and thus progess in heaven?

The learning process for all spirits that make the transformation from a universal form, whether it be earth or other parts of the universe, the learning process in spirit form does not evolve as quickly as it is does in a universal experience. And even in other universes the spiritual consciousness evolution does not happen as quickly as it does on earth. Earth is the place one can move to a higher consciousness quicker than anyplace else in the universe. For on earth lessons are thrown at each individual daily, hourly, and the individual on earth--a human being--is being given an opportunity through every single experience to see how they can evolve. As one moves into spirit form, this is not the case because you no longer have the earth experiences or the earth types of emotions.

Spirit life, though it is more highly evolved than human life, moves in words that best describe it as a much slower and less opportunity because spirit life does not move with the emotions that you have on earth and as many other universes do not experience the emotional levels and extremes that you on earth can move. This is why, by not experiencing these emotional levels, you do not move in your conscious evolution nearly as quickly as you would on earth. In spirit life to evolve into higher consciousness you are given the opportunity to view all past lives and all of the experiences you had and what lessons you learned in total from all of those lives. The best way probably to describe it to you on earth is that spirit life moves in slow motion compared to earth life.

 Variations in spirit guides

Spirit guides are forms of energy which help you move in your spiritual path and your evolution such as we are now doing with you. We too are forms of energy. You on earth find it most important to always have a picture of a form to describe what it is. We on the other side do not take the forms as you often will visualize but our forms are various degrees of light and vibrations of energy. As with angels, spirit guides have various levels and move from higher vibrational levels as they too continue their own spiritual growth and knowledge.

 Evolution of spirit guides

Where do spirit guides come from? Are they all from spirits that have incarnated on earth or are they separately created?

Spirit guides are highly evolved forms of energy. Generally, as with everything, we are all created by one Creator. Highly evolved spirit guides can come from many evolutions of a spirit, humanoid spirit. This does not mean it has to be an earth spirit but spirits that come from other worlds, other than earth, who have been created as highly evolved spirits initially and have lived many lives evolving through human experiences--or through not-necessarily-human experiences but through other planet experiences. This is quite an in-depth and very complicated question to be able to answer and we would like to be able to go back to that at another time. But there are essentially two forms of highly evolved spirits, those that are energies that have been created by the Creator and are never in a humanoid form and those who have been in a humanoid form but were put on these various planets by the Creator in these advanced forms to help those who are not so advanced become more evolved. Again, this is extremely complicated and we would like at some point to return to it.

Could I ask about my personal spirit guide? Have you ever had life as a humanoid on this or another planet? One or multiple times?

Yes, we have. We have not been upon your earth. We are higher evolved forms from many, many, many thousands of years ago from other living planets. We still have many levels of consciousness, as you on earth would call it, which we continue to evolve into even as spirit guides. Now, we will never return to a three-dimensional form again but we will continue to move at our own consciousness and continue to move into higher vibrational energy forms.

 Do spirit guides sometimes take the appearance of someone you really like to make you feel more comfortable when they get in touch with you, even if they know that you would be very disappointed if you would realise it is not the person you hoped for but a guide.?

 We could never understand how you would be disappointed in knowing that a guide was there and not the person you were looking for. But you must be quite careful in assuming how you perceive spirit guides and if they are truly spirit guides. We often ask you to question your image, your answers even, and to verify those. Many individuals have various ways, when they receive an answer, and are not certain of that answer, of how to validate the answer or to validate the vision or to get a very direct answer and knowing that is coming from higher spiritual beings.

 Do you ever, for example, in interaction with my wife, do you ever take the form, the image, of someone that she might know, other than yourself?

No, we do not with your wife. Oftentimes there will be individuals who are in her life who say or do something that are teachers that, from an earth point of view, a spirit guide has used to teach her something. But generally we do not take the form of someone you know, yet there can be experiences that happen between individuals that are of higher consciousness or a form of teaching, but as far as a spirit itself moving into the body of someone you know to teach you something, this generally is not the case.

 Do angels or spirit guides ever reincarnate in a physical body on earth?

 We would generally say no to that question, though you have had many highly evolved teachers who we believe were spirit guides who were the chosen ones to come and continue to be teachers on this earth. And they come with such a knowing of their abilities and unlimited power that you know they are not a direct reincarnation of a most recent human being. You have many teachers on your earth, you have Buddha, you have the teachings of the Tao and the Koran, you have the teachings of Christ Jesus, you have many individuals who have been able to cross over and live beyond the earth restrictions. Those that do come to earth in that form at that high conscious evolution without any restrictions in their knowledge of what you can create, what you can be, and how you can help--we would say, yes, there have been a few that have come from spirit guides but that sole purpose in that lifetime was for those teachings to follow through for centuries and centuries. This is not a normal reincarnation experience.

 Was Mary, the mother of Jesus, the reincarnation of an angel?

 We leave that to you as earthlings. If your religious philosophy is a strong Christian philosophy and you see Mary as the woman she was projected as, you would say yes. If your religious philosophies are of a different belief, you would most likely say no. We believe that this is an earth decision-making process for those of you who are on a spiritual journey.



What are archangels?

Archangels are angels who are at the higher consciousness levels of angels. These are angels who are at the level far beyond earth angels. They help with global and universal issues. They are more than guardian angels but sort of universal guardian angels. They are angels that have not yet become the highest of all spiritual evolutions but are higher than many spirit guides and teachers, even though they are still connected with earthbound issues.

 Spirit guide awareness of human activities

How are you able to maintain awareness of human activities, not just of your human, but generally of human activities, say, that are going on today or in the last ten years here on earth so that you can offer advice to us that is in the context of the world we live in and the events that are likely to take place on that world?

This is done through almost like a highway of light connecting your consciousness to our consciousness that is continuously vibrating. We are able to be connected to you through this highway of light of vibrational energy force and to help guide you on the path that you are on with questions such as now is happening. This is always an open channel and through a conscious or not-so-conscious thought process we are always in contact with you.

Does that mean first that everything that I see, read or information that I obtain, you automatically receive as well?

We would not describe it as that. We pick up your thought processes which connect to you personally as you are gaining information and knowledge through other human sources. We observe what seems to work for you and oftentimes will help guide you to that message and that understanding by helping to bring to your consciousness other information that will help process more of that thought. Though this connection of energy is continuously flowing back and forth it is not something that we often intrude upon or get involved with unless we see that we are able to help guide you and suggest on a telepathic level that oftentimes you are not even aware of that you are moving in the right path or in the right direction or here is additional information through ideas to help you.

 Does everyone have a lifetime spirit guide?

 If you mean a spirit guide that is with just this reincarnation, the answer to that question is yes. If you mean a spirit guide who follows them through all lifetimes, this is generally a spirit guide of higher spiritual consciousness who does watch over and participates within the person's current incarnation, but not as much as the spirit guide that is with you for this lifetime. You generally have many spirit guides but always have two what you would call on earth as main spirit guides, first, a very highly-evolved spirit guide which watches over you through all of your lives and rarely becomes actively involved except when great spiritual evolution is about to take place or great human events are taking place. They will then at times become active in the most recent life you are experiencing. And then there is the spirit guide who is with you during this lifetime who themselves are also on their spiritual evolution and will evolve as you evolve through this lifetime and as you are willing to open up to your spiritual lessons.

 How may one attempt to connect with their spirit guide?

 Your spirit guide is always there for you and attempts many times to connect with you and will do so when you are not even really aware. You oftentimes call things miracles, coincidences, and never connect with the fact that it is your spirit guide who is there with you, giving you information and helping you. There are those who have begun a spiritual journey who will invest in the time to learn of themselves and to quiet all earth activities and sit to just listen to the still, small voice and just as one would do training for jobs or sporting events or things such as that on earth, you go into training with your human self and your spirit self. The more you take the quiet time the more you will become connected to your spirit self and find that there becomes a constant open communication between you and your spirit guide. But it is something that either through an abrupt event, whether it be something that you on earth would call tragic or whether it be something that is absolutely joyous, you oftentimes find a breakthrough to your spirit guide then as well. But you really go into training to understand your human self and your spirit self so that communication can always be open.

The words are training, training, training and you can train yourself to the point that it will always be just something that is there for you and you will no longer even have to be thinking about the communication. You will just be open to receiving it. But it does take work on the part of each individual to achieve that level of communication. One should not be disillusioned or frustrated in their attempts but should continue to do so for one day they will just realize it is happening without any effort from themselves.

 Are you interconnected with information flows that are obtained by other spirit guides about events, say, or things that I might not be aware of but which might be important to my future?

This is true. We are aware of all that you are connecting to, whether it be through earth changes or spirit consciousness or at true earth events, we are connected to you through those and through whatever you are connected to, we are then able to tap into other vibrational forms of energy to get additional information that will assist you.

For example, sometimes you might give advice as to what could happen in the future of the stock market. Using that as an example, what other information sources are available to you that might help about the probability of future stock market changes?

Well, actually no. We are not always totally accurate. We try to feel the financial conscious level of what is taking place within your earth and to move with that conscious level at that time, and, unless other great events take place or instant dramatic changes in consciousness due to events that happen on earth (whether they be earth weather related events or man-made events), we try to go with what we are seeing happening at that moment of consciousness and take into consideration other subtle changes in energy movement that we see happening that those of you upon earth cannot pick up at that time.

And are those events that you see, do you actually see events or are you provided information through other spirit guides that are directly connected or involved with them or both?

It is a combination of both. More than seeing events, it is feeling the vibrations of the energies rather than seeing events as you would see them on earth.

 When psychic predictions by one who knows nothing about the other person become reality, is the person making the predictions being guided by an angel or spirit guide?

 One must be very careful. There are many individuals upon your earth who have the ability, as you say, to do a psychic reading and tell you about future events. As you are having "this reading" through an individual and they are telling you about future events, oftentimes many of these events will fall into place exactly as they have told. But there have been many other elements of that experience left out. You have control at all times in your life if you choose to follow these events and let them continue to unfold as you see them happening as you have been told. We always, always say to you, question these events. Ask for the full experience of what these events are to be and never assume them at a superficial three-dimensional life experience. For again, you are totally and solely responsible for the choices you make and it is important for you to understand every situation you move into and to question with your spirit guides such situations and ask for the full complete understanding of what this experience is to be, if you have been given advance notice of these experiences.


 Relationship between spirit guide evolution and their human's evolution

As you have evolved over the centuries, to what extent is your personal evolution tied to the spiritual evolution of the human or humans that you provide guidance to?

As your spirit guides we have been with you at all times. As with any spirit guides, we are always pleased to see you move into higher levels of your spiritual being. This is part of what we as spirits continue to hope will happen with all humans--that you all will continue to move into higher spiritual dimensions and find that you are vibrating at higher energy levels. As you begin this journey we find that it helps to assist us in what we are learning and moving into higher vibrational energies as well.

For example, would Hitler's spirit guide, after the terrible evil things he did on this earth, would his spirit guide have a 'black mark" and be treated poorly by other spirit guides and feel that he was a failure?

Absolutely not. We as spirits know that you as earthling have choices and you make those choices based upon your fears and the darkness that you create in your life. A spirit guide has no control over the choices that humans make except that as a human begins to evolve more spiritually they become more aware of their spirit guides and the direction and the assistance that a spirit guide can help with but as on earth as in heaven, as we have said many times over, you are responsible for the choices that you make and that responsibility is not reflected upon any other spirit form that is there to assist you at all.

 Variations in spirit guide communications

Just as we are receiving information, there are many people who claim to and many people who are receiving messages from spirit guides, and sometimes these messages may not agree and sometimes they may seem to be of varying quality, some such as those from you seem to be of extremely high quality and intellectual content and others might seem to be much less so. How does this reflect on the nature or the spiritual level of the spirit guides that may be communicating?

It has nothing to do with the spirit guides that are communicating but with the individuals who are still too connected to their personality and their own ego and will not move beyond a personal gain in trying to receive the information. They have been able to move into various other dimensions and yet are not able to release themselves totally and are not willing to hear what the messages are because they want the messages to be what they wish them to be. And so their ego and their personality does not release itself and presents too much of a reflection in the communication that they receive from their spirits because they want to put it into what they see and they feel instead of releasing it and letting it be total spirit guide communication.

Are you saying then that the accuracy, the quality, the intellectual depth of messages received from spirit guides are all identical, that there are no differences in those features?

No, we do not believe that to be the case. But we believe that many who receive messages are not willing to let go of their personalities and their egos and so the communication that comes through is like communication full of static energy such as through CB radios or HAM transmission that do not come through clearly and are often misinterpreted through those who have begun to open the channel. We will say that, as we have said to you before, every individual on earth has their own perspective of things and as we communicate to you we try to communicate to you through this perspective that you see and feel and as you continue to open up more and more to your knowing that you are receiving these messages, you receive clearer and more highly evolved messages. But as an earthling of the United States, you receive messages perceived from being that earthling in the United States, versus someone from Russia or someone from China or someone from Japan. Though the messages are very similar, they are going to be perceived from the environment in which you have chosen to be involved with in this human life.

 Spiritual aspects of terrorist attacks on the U.S.

The following questions and answers address the spiritual aspects of the recent terrorist attacks on the United States, including what is undoubtedly an unpleasant surprise for the guilty terrorists who crossed over in these attacks. They were created on September 15, 2001.

What could have motivated the terrorists who killed so many people in New York and Washington?

They are purely motivated by hatred.

And why do you believe that they hate Americans so much?

They see your lavish life style and your blatant immorality though they experience much immorality in their countries as well. They see the equalness of women as a downfall of a civilization. They do not know how to work together within their own world to create prosperity and abundance. And are in a place of greed for that as well, and this turns just to hatred. There are many other reasons that we ourselves don't understand.

What do you see as the major kinds of evil on earth today?

The lack of respect, the selfishness, the immorality that is there on earth creates the events that most recently took place and it is the lack of respect and acceptance of the different points of view, knowing that you can all live on earth as one even though you share a different point of view, and the hatred that that disrespect creates.

What will happen to those terrorists after they cross over, different from their victims?

As you know, each spirit that crosses over has a total life experience of every individual that they have touched in their life, regardless if it's just someone crossing the street, someone they see from a distance, every individual that has somehow touched them or those that they have touched. They will have a life review of what that experience was for them. These individuals that just created such destruction will experience what each one of those people that died experienced. They will see the pain, the confusion and agony and they will experience that for each one of those individuals that they destroyed. Their life review will be far more painful than the average individual for they will also see the pain they have created to their families as well as their victim's families.

Individuals who create such destruction from pure hatred will experience the emotions and the feelings. They will not just see the events as many individuals do, as spirits that cross over, but they will experience the emotions and the feelings and a far stronger energy field than those average spirits and souls who cross over. And that applies to anyone who creates any kind of agony and murder against any other individual.

As you know, in heaven there is no judgment. There is no judgment of acts of right or wrong or evil or good or bad. But when individuals such as these terrorists or such as Hitler have created the destruction that they have created, they are not judged in heaven but they do judge themselves as they see and relive their life experience. They themselves right now are experiencing these events.

And how about after their life review is over? What differences might there be in where they would go and what would happen to them as compared to their victims?

Please realize that what they will be experiencing will not be a hell as you on earth assume hell to be but their spirit experience for a period of time will not be the most pleasant experience for they have brought shame upon themselves. Their spirit family and loved ones who are already there feel a great sadness and their spirit lives will not be of a normal spirit life experience for a great deal of time as you on earth see it but they will not be living in a hell. They will just be experiencing this terrible life event that they created. Again, it is not a hell but it is not the spirit place that the average spirit goes to.

They will eventually move into their spirit souls and they themselves will judge their events and know whether their lessons were learned or not learned the same as any other soul spirit that crosses over. Their spirit life, as they know it, will be one hopefully of great lessons and understanding. And they will not return to earth with such destructive energies in their being. These destructive energies are not created in heaven but are because of choices that are made upon earth They could have made the choice upon earth to affect many lives from a far higher spiritual consciousness but because on earth, as it is in heaven, you are given choices. Their choices to affect so many lives did not come from a loving spiritual support of world connections and unity but from the destruction of such events. We as your spirit guides cannot tell you why this happens. It saddens even those of us in heaven to see such events take place. Until you on earth achieve the level of spiritual consciousness and understanding, your brother-sister connection on a world basis, we realize that the three-dimensional world you live in will continue to have such evil forces in it.

If the United States and other countries kill many terrorists, is that an evil thing?

As we have mentioned before as spirits, we wish that the need to destroy such evil acts as were spread out in your country did not exist. We wish that all of your world had such a level of consciousness that it would not be necessary to wipe out such evil individuals that create such terrorism but we understand that your world has not moved to that level of consciousness. It is hard in many ways to justify turning around and being as destructive as such evil ones were but we realize that this evil needs to be destroyed. And these are not the innocent people being destroyed, hopefully, though we believe that there will be innocents involved, but were this evil to continue it would continue being extremely destructive throughout the world to many, many innocents and it is time that it be destroyed. The individuals involved in that destruction--they too will face experiences when they cross over but these are not evil things that you are trying to do and so their life in heaven, once they become spirit soul, will be very similar to many others and they will not experience the agony and pain created as those who have done it for evil ways.

But please understand, we in heaven are very saddened by all of these events, not by just the event that took place but by many of the other events that are taking place within your world, and we pray each day for the evolution of your spiritual consciousness so that it would not be necessary to have to destroy such evil ways and actions. But we know that that is the world you live in and until you obtain these higher levels of consciousness that is the way of your world. As you continue to evolve, your world will become a place where that will no longer be necessary but for now we do understand that you have not reached that level of energy and consciousness.

What earlier messages about bad earth events have we missed, such as mothers killing their children, and what should we have done then?

There have been many events in the last several years. There have been many natural events, where tens of thousands of people were killed, and you as humans do not see that the energies that you create in your immorality, in your disrespect, in your hatred and in your inability to connect with your brothers and sisters who live around the whole world continue to create this and, as you have seen, it has now brought and will continue to bring more mass innocent destruction to your own country.

You have previously referred to these events as messages for people on earth. Who is sending these messages?

You. You the people are creating these messages. Nobody is sending them. Your own people are creating these events that happen and you are not joining together. You have never seen in these most recent generations a collectiveness of understanding that is worldwide that you are now receiving. And you as individuals create them yourselves. No one else is sending these messages. You continue in your lack of caring and understanding, and disconnection from your brothers and sisters worldwide create it.

What good can come out of these recent terrorist acts?

We believe that if the collectiveness of sorrow and grief, the collectiveness of how it has suddenly become okay within your world to pray and to talk of God and to reach out worldwide--if this continues you will see that, though it is difficult for you to understand, the cost of lives that were taken because of these events will have saved many, many more and those spirit souls who were involved in that will see that as the case and will be very thankful and grateful that they were able to help bring a world together.

Future terrorist incidents

Will there be more severe terrorist incidents in the future such as use of nuclear weapons or poisoning a city's water supply?

We believe that within your country right now--it has been infiltrated by many, many more individuals that do not appear upon your government records as terrorist or belonging to terrorist organizations and have been in your country for a great deal of time and have been living fairly normal American lives and will now be called upon to do what they were sent to this country to do. It can happen in many forms and we believe that you will begin to see this. Our concern with this happening is that this will create a panic against many nationalities within your country and that is our concern--that it will cause a backlash of destruction not only against you as Americans but against many of the other nationalities within your country.

You will see a time of turmoil. We do not believe it will be necessarily very immediate, depending upon the actions taken by your country and the world support, but we believe that this is the beginning of a very difficult time for your world. Not because of you as a country or the rest of the world but because the strong terrorist and evil forces that are out there are going to lash back, yet we do not think they are quite prepared for the cohesiveness and the support that has been created worldwide. And other world countries that have been covertly supporting these terrorists will be quite surprised at the amount of strength and support that is coming together and they are not quite sure they are ready to address that massive issue that would result in their participating in these events. We know that this is a bit confusing but all of the terrorists in support countries have been extremely taken back by the world support that has been brought forth because nowhere in the current time has any country seen such support as your United States are getting. And this was quite a surprise because this was not believed to be happening.

Is there anything people can do in a spiritual way to mitigate these possible future terrorists acts?

We are pleased to say that on a worldwide basis the prayers, the concern, the understanding, the reaching out has helped in mass to raise the spiritual consciousness of your entire world. We are hoping that this will continue and not be a short term but that you all as a world will see what you mean to each other and if this continues in the mass direction that it has you will be able to help remove much of what happens with negative events that could be taking place. But it is important that you as a world do not forget this so quickly and go about your business. And if you do you will see another such terrible event happen. We believe that in England, over in London, they too will experience some terrorism events.

 What are we to do in a world of hatred and suicide bombings when one feels at times that you don't want to be a part of this life because of it?

 With such dramatic events taking place upon your earth it is true that there is a lot of energy that you do not wish to be a part of. And you often feel weak in trying to overcome it-that what good could you do on such worldly issues? But by one saying that they have had enough and they want to leave the earth does not help the situation at all. One needs to continuously stay in a place of love no matter how terrible the events that are taking place are and by staying in your higher consciousness place of love that you send out to all of the world, to all of the universe, you are helping by overcoming the negative events that take place and as you do this with the collective consciousness oftentimes you will be changing events that you had no idea would be taking place. For they do not take place because the collective consciousness has overcome such events. It is not helpful again, we say, to say there is so much negativity and so many bad things happening that that you just do not want to be a part of it any more. Because by choosing suicide you truly become a part of it whereas standing your own ground and sending out universal love you are counteracting all of the other negative events taking place.

 How might these demonstrations of human evil or human expanded consciousness relate to future earth changes either in a positive or negative way?

As we have said, if this spiritual consciousness and this collectiveness and understanding that has reached across your world and is being shared continues, it is a very strong positive force and it has the ability and the energy and the power within it to stop many events that could be taking place. But it is most important for your world to understand that this not be a short term collectiveness and we believe that if it is a short-term collectiveness you will see more events take place until you as a world come to know that you are here to support each other on a worldly basis. But do not underestimate the power of what has already taken place. We are not in a position to be able to tell you how much it has affected future negative events but we know beyond a doubt that it has had a very strong and powerful force on moving and changing events in your world. And if it continues it will have an even stronger and long-lasting effect.

People who lost their lives in the attacks

What has been the response in heaven with the arrival of so many souls at one time, after these recent terrorist events?

As you know and we mentioned earlier, as you bring out rescue squads to try to help the people in your cities, we bring out rescue squads to come and help with such large masses of individuals coming. Many are very confused. They do not know what has happened. Not only have they left their bodies, they have left bodies that are torn apart and scattered within debris and they are quite confused. There are many families who have gathered in heaven just as on earth to help these people. Every individual has their own angel with them right now as well as the spirit guides who are there. It is as though they have gathered in a park. They have gathered in a place that still has very strong earth connections for them in a place of peace and beauty and anything to help their confused spirit and souls. Those who are aware they came to earth for this event are helping counsel other spirit souls who are confused as well. There were those who knew that this was their role and their reason for coming to earth, that not only would they help these spirit souls but they would be helping your earth people as well unite. We will admit that as on earth as on heaven right now it is a place of unusual circumstances and events taking place. Though we have had this happen many times before and even in greater numbers with your earthquakes and your floods it is always events such as this that change the normal routine and the way individuals would normally be crossing over.

These many people who died this last week in buildings or on airplanes--did they experience pain before passing?

We are afraid that yes, some of them did experience pain before passing. There are many within the airplanes, for this is what we are seeing at this time, who knew why they were here and were able to keep a certain peace, a certain hope going, for there were others who did suffer, who were in great fear and on each one of these individual airplanes, though there were people who knew and stayed calm and understood somehow on another level that this was their mission. And in your buildings there was not time for many people to feel pain. The events happened so quickly and with such enormous force that there was not time for many individuals to feel pain. Nor was there a tremendous amount of panic because there was absolutely no concept and no thought of these buildings collapsing as these individuals moved through the exits in trying to leave these buildings.

Were many of these deaths expected by individuals in a spiritual sense?

As we have said before, yes, there were many of these individuals that knew before they chose this life that in some way the purpose of their life and their death was to bring a collective spiritual consciousness to the world, though many of them did not have any idea of the events which would take place to create such life experience on another level, and upon choosing this life they knew this would be their mission.

Is there anything else that you feel should be added to, if you like, a description of the spiritual impact of these events?

Do not see this as all evil and do not see this as all good. Try to see a balance and understand that there was a mission in this event that took place and if your world continues in the direction it is going as collectively joining together, you will see the mission itself was fulfilled. If it does not, it will be a great sadness in heaven for we will not feel that it is the end of such missions. You as individuals have your choice and we hope that you will continue as a world to unite as you have.

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