This chapter deals with the various ways that children die, from miscarriages, abortion, sudden infant death syndrome, disease, accident, and murder. It describes their transition from human life back to spirit life, which differs from that of adults.



Death of children

We will begin by talking about souls before they have become infants who are looking at parents and situations and making choices about why they they would be choosing these parents and what lessons they would be learning. So as a soul is deciding that is time to reincarnate they have the opportunity to see where they best will ……now we would like to preface this by saying we are talking about human souls at this time and not any other being souls…..we would like to say that a soul looks at an environment that they will be able to move into that will help them best evolve in their spiritual journey. Once a soul has picked a family and said this is where I would like to be, they have a general overview of what's going to be happening to them and observe the experiences they will have to evolve spiritually. Once upon earth they do not recall this life preview.

 Reasons for miscarriages

As a soul chooses a family to move into in life in its new reincarnation it generally sees all of its life experiences and all the reasons it is going to be there and the lessons that it will be learning and agrees to these experiences and then moves into the realm of its process of being born as a human being. During the time of being carried in the mother's womb, there are many things that can happen. A new incarnate can say, "Oh, I made a mistake, I'm not ready to do this, this wasn't right, I need to come back", which is often the case for miscarriages. It realizes that it was just too soon for it to reincarnate and that it could not handle the experiences it would be having and so that is often the case for miscarriages. Other examples of miscarriages are souls who have seen a life with a family and see the strong spiritual side of parents and the family that it is going to be moving into and see the evolution of what their parents are going to become, but oftentimes do not see the initial struggle that the parents are going through until "Zap", it's in the womb. Then it feels all the terrible emotional struggles the mother is going through, feels them through the mother and realizes that this would not be the time for it to be here, not only for itself but for the mother in that family as well. This oftentimes again is a reason for miscarriages.

The times that these miscarriages happen can be for any socioeconomical ethnic background. Generally speaking, when a spirit soul, based upon the information that it has received once it has entered the mother's body, finds that it is going to be too difficult a time not only for itself but for the mother as well and the mother miscarries, it is because this is a soul that is coming into earth that is extremely evolved and realizes that this wouldn't be an appropriate time. Generally speaking, the mother, sometimes the father, are spirits that it will see down the road, knowing that they are highly evolved spirits but are going through some life lessons still while in their young adult life. And the new soul says "no, I think this wouldn't be appropriate" and has to come back to heaven and thus be miscarried.


What is the meaning of abortion to a spirit?

Abortion to a spirit is one of two things. Souls who are aborted by the mother are often sad souls for being returned because they see many times the love and the support that the mother could be, but the mother feels so overwhelmed by earth conditions that she doesn't feel capable of handling a child for whatever reason. So this soul accepts the mother's condition that she's in emotionally at this time and realizes that it would not be a good time to be there as well but often can feel sad for they see many times beyond the immediate struggle the mother is having. Generally it is not anything the spirit has had any control over whatsoever, because it has been the choice of the human mother to discontinue that birth. The spirit has chosen that mother to have in its life for many reasons. The mother does not have to choose to have that spirit. So that does not generally have anything to do with the spirit that has chosen to move into that mother and that family. It does not have any repercussions to that little spirit soul that wants to come and be a child at that time because it has a complete understanding that it was the mother's choice. Then there are times when a spirit soul will agree to that happening because they know that they are part of that mother's evolution and spiritual lessons. And it is an agreed upon experience for that spirit soul. And it is for the spiritual growth of both that mother and that spirit to experience that.

Is abortion considered a spiritual crime?

No, it is not.


Sudden infant death syndrome

Infants who die from sudden infant death syndrome are often infants who, once they got to earth, have said "this isn't right, I've picked the wrong family, I'm not ready to come". This is allowed but not encouraged. There can be many reasons that the soul decides not to reincarnate into a full adult life on earth and infants are given this opportunity when they die from such conditions as SIDS, because they are given the opportunity to say "no, it's not right for me to be here and I think that I will return" and because again it is to be a lesson for the family the infant has chosen. Oftentimes a soul will agree to reincarnate and return very, very quickly knowing that its purpose was to help the spiritual evolution of all involved with its earth birth and death. This is oftentimes a spiritual lesson for the little earth soul as well.

Return to heaven after infant death

When an infant and when a baby who has not been delivered yet return to heaven so quickly, they do not go through the death process as we would think of because they are still so fully connected to heaven and have not made that earth attachment. They still have full knowledge of heaven and what was up there and so their return to heaven is not as dramatic as those who have lived upon earth for any period of time. When they do return, they return back to heaven in their full spirit incarnation as spirit that they are. They are often greeted with--as we would say--counselors and spirit support teams who help them to understand what the experience was that they just went through and why they went through it and why they made the choice to return to heaven. So that this is not something that happens on a consistent basis for that particular soul. In heaven they want to be sure that you are really ready and give you that choice and sometimes you just don’t make the choice at the right time. Their return to heaven is one of love and support and in many ways is not different from one who has been upon earth for a period of time and made the cross-over. The difference between this little spirit coming back into its true mature spirit form and one who had been on earth is that it hasn’t lost its connection to heaven yet.

Infant disease

Now we will talk about infants who are born with disease at the time of birth. Many times infants who at the time of birth are born with physical problems have agreed to accept this assignment to earth for many reasons. Again, one, perhaps upon its death, earth medical science will find something that will help other infants not die from whatever the disorder was that came with them when they came to earth. The example we would give you right now would be the example of John F. Kennedy's son who was born with a lung disease and unable to breathe properly and dying at birth. That little spirit soul chose to come and experience that and knew that because of the position its parents held and because of its death there would be much research and study into the condition he came with and because of him there would be many other infants that would live. And that was his sole purpose for reincarnating at such a time and with such parents. Though this is most obviously not always the condition, the reason for returning, that was the case here. Many times when an infant is born with what you on earth call a deformity, a physical deformity, or a malfunction of some part of its systems or organs, the infant has chosen to go through those experiences because it was challenges that they were to experience and lessons even as an infant that they were to learn that would help them in a future long-term life on earth.

 Child illness

Children who are in long-term suffering illnesses upon earth in this reincarnation have agreed to this and are aware of what they are going to be experiencing. And they have agreed not only for their own spiritual evolution but they have agreed because of how it will make available the energy to help those loved ones of theirs upon earth also make stronger and deeper spiritual evolution. They realize that what is happening to them can be very valuable for future children who might be suffering from the same energy malfunctions that that spirit is and will help it to move on into a healthier and full human reincarnation at that time, and knowing that they feel that this journey into human life was very important in helping all other spirit souls with the same energy malfunction that they suffered.

Infant accidents

Infants who are killed in an accident--actually we would move not only from an infant who is in an accident--but any child who dies from an accident of any sort, whether it be a car accident, a drowning, any sort of accident, knows generally that this is what is going to happen to them and that their life span on earth was to be a shortened life span. Again it has to do with not only their life lessons and challenges to venture to deeper levels of their own spiritual self but oftentimes to help not only themselves but possibly perfect strangers as well as their loved ones.

 Infant death at the hands of others

There are times in a young spirit human's life when their energy too is intersected by the energy of another individual, that is generally murder-related. Most of the time this spirit child knows that this is going to happen but there are occasions when it comes as much a surprise to them as it does to all those surrounding them. For a young child this is not too often the case as it is with adults. For spirit energy that gets in the way of another spirit energy does not usually happen except to older maturer human beings--and by older maturer ones, we would say generally those after the age of 15. Prior to about 15 there has been an agreement that this would be the way that they would move forward in their own spiritual growth as well as helping many around them in their spiritual growth by leaving earth at such a young human age. When an infant or child is dying from painful experiences, the spirit part is completely removed from the body and, though the body is feeling and having physical reaction to the events that are taking place, this spirit soul is not in the body and does not feel any of the human conditions that are taking place surrounding it.

Value of body parts

We have discussed this with you before. If you humans from earth could only understand how valuable parts of your body are to help the continued life of other bodies, you would be more willing to help participate in the continuation of another life when your loved one has died. But you all do not understand that at this time yet and we hope that the time will come when all bodies who have crossed over are immediately used to help lives that are in distress now have a future life on earth. This does not only goes for children, of course, it goes for everyone. Children are most open to being able to share a part of themselves with other beings who will be remaining on earth. The spiritual evolution of all are raised when such an event occurs.

 Children interaction with family from other side

Many times, after a child who has experienced several years as a child upon earth, they will come back and visit the parents and family of loved ones of its family. This will happen in many different ways. Many times they will come back and feel a sense of distress over the inability of their loved ones to recover from their loss and feel saddened that instead of growing from this experience they begin to lose themselves in deep sorrow and grief and depression. They will try many times to help their loved ones overcome such an experience but after a period of time realize they must move on and let their loved ones work through or not work through that challenge they are faced with on earth. No spirit soul that crosses over will feel any sense of guilt or remorse over what is taking place with their loved ones for they know that their loved ones are being given a choice and they do not take any ownership over what their loved ones are going through.

 Knowing the pain of a mother losing a child in a horrible accidental death, will this child who crossed over try and guide his mother through her suffering, helping her to move on without her losing her own life to heartbeak?

 Oh absolutely. There is a reason for that child to be upon this earth and a reason for it to leave so soon. It is not always for us to know why, but if that child and that mother connect as they are both in different worlds that in itself is enough to have an understanding of why that child came to this earth because it's helping its mother to open up to a world she didn't know existed and is willing to stop and listen and hear her son and know that if she can hear him that there is life that goes on.


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